Monday, July 31, 2006

The IRA vs. Hezbollah/Hamas Round 3

I have listened to everyone’s point of view regarding this subject and I still come to the same conclusion that I did when I first wrote my original post.
You all can argue all you want, but I can never put the IRA on the same level as Hezbollah/Hamas. I’ve said this many times, but apparently I need to repeat myself once again, while no one questions that the IRA are terrorists, they are not religious fundamentals trying to change the world to follow their sick world view.
They do not come close to the utter barbaric behavior that seems to fester in the Muslim world, I have never once seen an Irishman cutting the head off a person and posting it on the internet while they pray to god, why not?, because that’s what savages do.
They have indeed killed innocent people and have targeted innocent people, but the vast majority of the time they actually attack and target the military and police with the civilians as collateral damage; this does not excuse the IRA’s action in any way.
Hezbollah and Hamas gleefully target civilians with no thought of the destruction that they create. They strap bombs to their children and send them into markets, ice cream shops and buses and than blow them up trying to kill as many innocent people as possible.
Ireland has been occupied by a foreign power for quite some time and the IRA has been fighting to end that. While do agree with the IRA in that the British should cede Ireland to the Irish, I cannot justify the means in which they are trying to achieve it.
The savages of the Middle East do not fight for any other reason then to oppress the world and would have everyone bow down before them or loose their heads.
Everyone is not going to like my views on this subject, but this is the way I feel. Everyone who frequents my blog knows that I am a staunch advocate of destroying terrorist where ever they are in the world, the IRA is included in this, and all I am doing is trying to demonstrate the differences between these organizations.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Rice arrives in Israel for talks on Lebanon war

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So Rice has been sent to the Middle East to broker a deal to involve a multi-national force in southern Lebanon. I seriously doubt that the Arabs will not like the idea of this.

Rove blasts journalists' role in politics

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He is right a 110%, these journalists believe they can decide what is in the best interest of this country and it has to stop.

Court blocks feds on congressman's files

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This is serious bs, Jefferson is not above the law just because he is a congressman. The laws that apply to us, should also apply to them.

Report: Sen. Clinton pushed drinking game

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Surprise, surprise I think everyone could have seen this lol.

Bolton's U.N. post sparks partisan debate

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Bolton has done a wonderful job in dealing with the UN which is always a obstruction to what we try and achieve in the world.

Al Franken getting celebrity support

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Al Franken is a joke and there is no serious way that he will challenge Coleman for his seat.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Bush cites Iran's role in Lebanon conflict

President Bush declined Thursday to criticize Israel's tactics in its continuing offensive against Hezbollah guerrillas in southern Lebanon, and gave a sharp condemnation of Iran's role in the bloody fighting.

"Hezbollah attacked Israel. I know Hezbollah is connected to Iran," Bush said tersely at the end of Oval Office meetings with Romanian President Traian Basescu. "Now is the time for the world to confront this danger," Bush said.

The president was responding to statements from top Israeli officials that fighting could continue for several weeks more. Israeli Justice Minister Haim Ramon said world leaders, in failing to call for an immediate cease-fire during a Rome summit, gave Israel a green light to push harder to wipe out Hezbollah.

Bush said he hoped to see the violence end "as quickly as possible" and repeated his call for Israel to try to limit the impact on civilians. But he suggested that the Israeli campaign has his support for as long as it takes to eliminate Hezbollah's influence in Lebanon and its ability to attack neighbor Israel.

"Now is the time to address the root cause of the problem and the root cause of the problem is terrorist groups trying to stop the advance of democracy," he said. "Our objective is to make sure that those who use terrorist tactics are not rewarded."

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The United States has given Israel the breathing room to utterly destroy Hezbollah, and that is exactly what they are doing. Israel has been battling Hezbollah in southern Lebanon in some vicious firefights and has taken casualties in the fighting.
It is my opinion that many of the so called “innocent civilians” that have been killed in the fighting and bombing in southern Lebanon, many of them are in fact Hezbollah terrorists that conceal themselves in the general population making it harder for Israel to attack and destroy said rag heads.
Iran and Syria have been deeply involved in this military action by providing much of the weapons, including the rockets that have been raining down on northern Israel killing many and wounding many, many more and by providing the money that is needed to fund this type of action, which is considerable.
The international community led by the United States must bring pressure to bear against these two terrorist funding nations and if necessary possible military action, including possible missile strikes at strategic locations where Iran is believed by many to be building nuclear weapons. Heavy bombing would also not be out of the question once our mighty Air Force cleared the skies of the inferior Iranian and Syrian forces.
These savages who claim to follow “the religion of peace” cannot be bargained with and must be stop at all costs, they do not believe in the freedom of speech, the freedom of religion or anything other freedom that we hold so dear.
Many may believe that this military action is just a localized thing, only directed towards Israel. This is very far from the truth.
They attack Israel who is our great ally, they continue to attack us everyday in Iraq, and they are one in the same. This is WWIII and anyone who does not see this is absolutely clueless. The democracies around the world are in a long vicious fight with the followers of the religion of peace.
Those countries in the Middle East who continue in their quest to destroy Israel will only find themselves at the end of our highly advanced smart bombs and with find there grave only to soon.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

The IRA vs. Hezbollah/Hamas Round 2

Well apparently some people did not understand what I was trying to say when I compared the IRA and Hezbollah/Hamas. For some reason some of you think that I support the IRA or that I am not being as hard on them as Muslim terrorists because they are white Europeans.
Both are very wrong, I do not support terrorism in any form and believe that any terrorists should be brought to justice no matter what race they are or for what cause they fight for.
What I believe is that the IRA while terrorists cannot be compared with those savages of the Middle East. Yes I know fully what the IRA has done, they have killed many innocent people, but there is a difference between these terrorist groups and that difference cannot be ignored.
Hezbollah and Hamas respectively do not fight to unite a country and they sure as hell do not fight with an honor. The IRA for the most part does not specifically target civilians, it has happened, but for the most part is come as collateral damage when they target the police or military targets.
They also do not make it a practice of strapping bombs to children then exploding them, I also do not see the IRA chopping heads off and then posting it on the internet. Not to mention that the IRA does not want to impose its religious views upon the entire world.
This does not excuse their actions in anyway; I’m just trying to explain the difference. Now take Hezbollah/Hamas, they have absolutely no problem chopping heads off and targeting children to make their point, they are gleeful in the fact that they want you to pray to their god or you they will kill chanting his name.
These crazies only fight for their religion, and have no honor, they want to take over the world and make bow before them. While I am part English my loyalties lie first and foremost to the United States and than to Ireland, the British have been more than ruthless in the dealings with the Irish over the years and while I do not hate the English in any way, I still do not like the fact that they have not left Ireland to the Irish.
I do call upon the British to cease their holdings in Northern Ireland and cede those areas back to the Irish to whom which they belong.
I do not excuse The IRA of anything and they are terrorists, but not in the same fashion as those Islamo-Fascists we also fight.
If you all cannot see the difference between these organizations than that is not my problem, I can clearly see the difference and anyone with some common sense could also come to that same conclusion.

Engineer among new arrests in Mumbai rail blasts

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India must do all that is needed to end this terrorist threat to it's country, I'm sure our president has given his full support to this effort.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Hizbollah bombards northern Israel

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Israel will stand strong and not be defeated by these savages who claim to follow the religion of peace.

Chavez hails Russia for defying US with arms sale

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Chavez believes that he can control that country in any fashion he so chooses, soon his people will realize the error of there ways.

Hezbollah fighters kill 9 Israeli soldiers

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Israel knew that this military operation was going to cost lives, but just think if Hezbollah was able to run unchecked.

Israeli strikes kill 23 in Gaza Strip

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See what happens when ya mess with Israel. Don't those in the PA understand that Israel will not stop until they are crushed.

Saddam prefers firing squad to gallows

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Saddam deserves the firing squad, it is far more humane than the thousands of people that he has killed.

U.S. could face a showdown with al-Sadr

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If he really wants to come after us, he knows where we are to be found, but he better be ready to met his end.

Prodi: Italy will join Mideast force

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So Italy will send troops under the UN huh? We all know how well the UN has worked in the region in past years havent we. Israel has stated that they are in favor of a NATO force over the UN banner.

Dean calls Iraqi PM an 'anti-Semite'

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Well while i do agree that the Iraqi PM needs to be supportive of Israel and denounce Hezbollah I wouldn't go so far as to call him a "anti-Semite".

22 Taliban killed in Afghanistan fighting

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The Taliban now has to deal with NATO forces that will be entering the country soon. These crazy savages will be crushed, have no doubt.

What's NATO, Afghans ask ahead of historic takeover

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The NATO forces are more than capable of handling any problem they run into in that country. These forces are well trained and will make a big difference in the battles.

Missile defense plan seen ready by fall

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When this program is up and running it will be a great day. We will finally have the protection that we need.

US laments 'horrible' UN deaths but defends Israel

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What i'm wondering is why the UN forces where so close to Hezbollah terrorists, but the UN has been known to hang out with such undesirables.

US Senate backs extending sanctions on Myanmar

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This country has got to get its human rights issues under control, and bring the people into the real world.

Rumsfeld circulates proposal for 'war on terror' trials

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We can not allow these scum to enter into our legal system and allow them any of the rights you or I enjoy. The president must get something passed to take care of this problem.

Specter proposes challenge of Bush's power on laws

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Specter is a RINO for sure, he is always finding ways to make himself more important.

Intelligence chiefs urge easing of spy rules

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We need to allow those who are fighting for us all the tools they need to get the job done, if the Democrats want to hinder those operations that will fall upon them and thier records.

Britain complains to US over Israel bomb transit

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Cry me a river, the British can either help or stand aside.

US welcomes China's 'affirmative steps' on N Korea

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It's about time China has done something to help us out, they always seem to be on opposing sides about everything.

Iraqi PM calls for more money and troops

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We do need to get that city and country under control so than we are able to draw down our own forces. The Iraqi PM needs to get the job done or move out of the way.

Senate passes interstate abortion bill

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The Democrats once again show us why they are the party of death.

Judges delay investigation of congressman

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William Jefferson is dirty and the Democrats are trying to make it all hush hush by saying that they are above the law, talk about the culture of corruption.

Wash. court upholds gay marriage ban

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The court actually does something right? your kidding right?

Bush: New plan to help end Iraq violence

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The President needs to do whatever it takes to get that city under control, if the Iraqi troops are unable to do so yet, than our forces are more than capable.

U.S., allies divided over cease-fire terms

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There should be no cease-fire until those savages release the soldiers and disarm.

The IRA vs. Hamas/Hezbollah

Well someone had to bring up the IRA or the Irish Republican Army. For those of you who have no idea what the IRA is let me give you a little back round.
The Ira was created with the formation of the Irish Republic in the late 1910’s and became the Irish Republican Army, when Northern Ireland was officially created in 1920, those members of the IRA who where not happy with the treaty split and continued its efforts at creating a unified and free Ireland, without England. Yes they have killed innocent people, and yes I don’t exactly agree with it, but I do understand it.
All Ireland has wanted was to govern herself and be a united country without the influence from outside forces that has plagued most of the history, that’s not asking too much I believe.
If you want to compare them with the terrorists we fight today, its’ going to be quite hard. First of all Israel has given lands back to the Palestinians such as in the Gaza Strip, and has moved from other areas that they had been previously occupying, such as southern Lebanon.

Now Israel received many attacks because of the occupation of said territories and when she decided to gives those areas back, as a way to further the peace process, what did they get except for more attacks?
If England had or in the future gives back Northern Ireland to the people of Ireland, the IRA would for the most part not bother England, it would have no reason. What they are fighting for is much different than what those savages in the Middle East are fighting for.
If you want to compare the two go ahead you will only embarrass yourself. The IRA fights for Irish unity and independence. Hamas and Hezbollah say they fight for their own people, but yet they are only for the destruction of Israel and the subjugation and death of all who do not view the world in their extreme and screwed up view.
The IRA also does not make it a practice of chopping the heads off of people and strapping bombs to innocent children. The Irish at least have some honor, not like these savages in the Middle East.
The IRA has committed acts of murder, it has killed innocent people, it has set off bombs, and I do not debate this at all, but when was the last time you heard about the IRA exploding a massive bomb in an ice cream shop, or pulling teachers out of school and executing them right in front of their students. Do you hear the IRA killing people just because they wear shorts? Do you hear about them? NO? Guess what, that’s because it is NOT happening.
Do not take this as me supporting the IRA, I’m just saying I can understand what they are doing opposed to say Hezbollah or Hamas. Also the IRA is not trying oppressing all those who do not think the same way as them.
Ultimately terrorism in all its forms should be fought and defeated, I am just a little more worried about those savages in dirty sheets than I am about the IRA.

White House has draft bill on terror trials - report

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This is an issue that needs to be figured out, we can not allow these scum to have anything close to the rights we have.

Senate to vote on drilling, House talks loom

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Well it's only right that we use and search for resources in our own waters, not doing so has made us dependent on others for oil.

US Senate passes NKorea sanctions bill

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North Korea and the midget have asked to get thier nose bloodied, they are ever defiant and show no intrest in peace talks.

US urges Russia to reconsider arms sale to Venezuela

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Once again Russia is doing this just to piss us off, and what the hell does Venezuela need with 30 jet fighters?

US, Iraq, agree to tackle Kurdish rebel issue

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If the Iraqi government is unable to act than me might have to before Turkey sends troops into northern Iraq.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Four UN observers killed by Israel bomb in Lebanon

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Hmm guess you shouldnt be hanging around Hezbollah than as UN people in that region are known to do.

Israel used "disproportionate force" in Gaza: UN

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Why the hell should Israel care what the UN says. Israel is the most condemned country in the history of the UN.

Israel says killed senior Hizbollah commander

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Ya see what happens when ya mess with Israel. Haha

Israel hits Hezbollah stronghold in Beirut

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Hezbollah will soon be crushed, as it is all they can do is fire a couple rockets here and there.

Israel would prefer NATO-led coalition over UN led force

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This might be what it takes to keep the peace over there, it is at least an option that needs to be looked at and see what it's going to take to make it happen.

6 'death squad' members caught in Iraq

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Hopefully this will help things some, don't count on it too much though, there are way more than these 6 people who are screwed up in the head.

Afghan operation 'kills 600 militants in 45 days': US

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Well less bad people in the world. The Afghan troops are getting more capable and that is a very good thing.

Rice leaves Mideast with no ceasefire in sight

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There should be no cease-fire until Hezbollah is crushed and the soldiers are returned to Israel.

14,000 Americans evacuated from Lebanon; final ship to set sail

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Well I am very grateful that all of our American citizens have been taken out of harms way from that dung heap of a country.

Lawmakers offer immigration alternative

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This bill actually seems like it could be promising, but we will have to wait and see of course. There should be enforcement first with NO amnesty.

Some Democrats say they will shun Maliki speech over Israel

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I have to say I'm kinda scared, I actually agree with the dems on this one. If he does not support Israel in it's fight against the same savages who plague Iraq than I sure as hell don't want him addressing a joint session.

Religious left gears up to face right counterpart

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The religious left huh? No offense, but this is a joke right?

Hillary Clinton: "It's the American dream, stupid"

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How is it even possible that some people seriously consider her to be a possible president, the thought itself is just scary. Could you even imagine having to hear the voice even more, good god I think I would go insane.

Democrats seek changes to abortion bill

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I don't care what the Democrats say, if the daughter is under 18 than the parents have a right to know whats going on.

Bush frees up flag displays

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Its about time something was done about this, I myself was told I could not hang a flag at my last apt so i'm very glad.

Gore makes personal environmental appeal

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If he is so damned worried than maybe he should stop flying all over the world in his personel jet eating up gas like crazy.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Israel faces fierce battles with Hezbollah

SIDON, Lebanon - Mideast diplomats were pressing Syria to stop backing Hezbollah as the guerrillas fired more deadly rockets onto Israel's third-largest city Sunday. Israel faced tougher-than-expected ground battles and bombarded targets in southern Lebanon, hitting a convoy of refugees.

Israel's defense minister said his country would accept an international force, preferably
NATO, on its border after it drives back or weakens Hezbollah. But his troops described the militants they encountered as a smart, well-organized and ruthless guerrilla force whose fighters do not seem afraid to die.

With Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice arriving in Israel on Monday, both the Arabs and Israelis appeared to be trying to set out positions ahead of Washington's first diplomatic mission to the region since the fighting began.

The United States backs Israel's refusal to talk about a cease-fire until it completes the military campaign against Hezbollah, but is under increasing pressure to foster a plan to end the growing suffering and destruction in Lebanon.

Still, daily casualty figures appeared to be falling — about nine confirmed Sunday by Lebanese security officials, compared with dozens each day earlier in the week. The decrease could be a result of the exodus from the hardest-hit areas or because of the difficulty for authorities in getting figures from the war zone.

In the 12th day of fighting, guerrillas launched more than a dozen rockets at the Israeli city of Haifa, killing two people. Israeli missiles struck a convoy of fleeing Lebanese, killing four people, including a journalist.

In the far south, fighting with Hezbollah raged around the Israeli military's foothold in Lebanon — the border village of Maroun al-Ras, where the Israeli army has maintained a significant presence since Saturday. But so far they were not advancing. Hezbollah reported three of its fighters killed.

Israeli military officials said their forces captured two Hezbollah guerrillas on Sunday. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to talk to reporters. Israel Army Radio reported the two were the first prisoners Israel has taken in this offensive.

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All these Arab countries are calling for a cease-fire is nothing more than a joke, what reason should Israel even contemplate a cease-fire? They are the ones being attacked on a regular basis from these savages. Hezbollah and Hamas respectively have not freed the soldiers that they have taken captive, and they have not stopped the attacks against Israel. The only reason other countries in the Arab world have been seeking a cease-fire is because that if Israel is allowed to continue in its military campaign against these terrorist organizations and destroy them in a very effective manner than a pathway to peace is able to be found, and that is something the hard-line Muslims will never allow. President Bush cannot allow Hezbollah and Hamas to be able to run free in the Middle East and than be taken seriously regarding the war against terror. Iraq and Afghanistan are battlefields in this war, and we need to be taking it to our enemies wherever they are, and they just happen to be fighting our great allies, and we cannot let them down in their time of need.

Israel using cluster munitions in Lebanon: rights group

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So what? If the Israeli army feels that's what is necessary at the time than so be it. It is just another attack on Israel by Human Right Watch. They say that the un-bias rocket attacks on Israeli cities "may" constitute war crimes. This is insane, who gave them this authority to say whats right and wrong?

Syria says it will press for cease-fire

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It will press for a cease-fire huh? They are the ones funding them and arming them, if they truly wanted this over it could be over today.

Palestinian PM wants Rice to stop Israel

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Well the Palestinian PM could also control his own people and not allow any further military action against Israel. Besides they have not even offered to release the soldier that was the start to all of this.

Battle for Lebanese town takes its toll

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From the sound of this article the fight for this town is going to be vicious and bloody, but it is must in this fight to clear out these savage Hezbollah fighters. There will be more dead, that's just the way it is in war.

Israel diplomats warned over Hizbollah 'sleepers'

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It might be wise for us to take an higher alert, even here in Minneapolis there was protest in support of Israel's enemies. While I have some faith in the system, I don't think many people would have a problem if we error on the side of caution with this one.

NKorea hits out at Rice ahead of ASEAN meet

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You know the midget can have his little people tell the world whatever he wants, we will not back down and let him have missiles capable of hitting our country with a nuclear, sorry just not going to happen. I think our president is not worried about pissing anyone else off.

Ethiopian soldiers enter 2nd Somali town

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Well I'm very glad to hear this because if the Ethiopian troops are able to stem the tide of these Islamists than there will be no need for other outside forces to be involved.

Somali Islamists say told by God to fight Ethiopia

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I just think there has to be something wrong with a religion that can be taken so out of proportion all the time. Its called the religion of peace , but all they do is kill people what the hell is going on?

South Lebanon caught in cross-fire

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If the innocent people of south Lebanon are truly that upset with the deaths around them then they direct the anger and grieve towards Hezbollah which has brought them down this path.

Fierce fighting rages deeper into Lebanon

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Well it seems that Israel is taking it right to these bed sheet wearin fucks. All I have to say is bout fucking time that someone finally does what needs to be done.

Annan: Mideast deal should include troops

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Ok he says the deal should include troops, but at the same time he says Hezbollah cannot be disarmed by force, that is the most obvious case of mental retardation on the part of Annan that I have heard for quite sometime.

Indian police arrest 4th suspect in blast

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I am very glad that India has been able to go after people and have the intelligence to do so. I wish India the best of luck.

Hezbollah envoy: War on Israel to widen

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If Hezbollah truly wants to widen this war than all that will widen is the amount of death to be brought upon the people who they say they are fighting for. If they widen this war Israel will respond with even more force.

Group accuses Jordan of torturing for U.S.

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If Amnesty International hated the United States anymore they would have a military wing hell bent on our destruction. I dont believe this at all and I believe its just another way to make the United States look bad.

US rules out talks with Hezbollah

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Why should we have any talks at all? When did we start talking to terrorist orginazations? We should in no way be involved in any type of talks with these savages.

Born-again allies, France and US unite over Lebanon

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It's about time France regains some of the balls of its former self. This country has beend pushed around for quite some time, and it nice that atleast some are concerned about these crazy rag heads.

Bush orders humanitarian aid to Lebanon

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This is the right thing to do, no doubt, but we must make sure it is getting to the people who are actually in need.

Maliki insists Iraq will not slide into civil war

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Well the Democrats would like nothing better than a full out civil war i'm sure, thats what they want more than anything.

Bush presides over soldiers' citizenship

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I thank these brave men for putting on the uniform and taking it upon themselves to fight and show much they want to be a part of this country.

Hunger-striking Saddam boycotts court hearing

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Can't he just die yet and get it over with, he somehow believes that he once again rule over Iraq. That's a joke, the only thing he is ruling over is his little tiny cell.

Dodd promises "bruising" fight over Bolton

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Of course the Democrats don't like him, he doesn't treat the UN a some sacred organization like the lefties do. He actually tells it how it is and the left has never liked hearing the truth we all know that.

Pa. Guardsman cleared in Iraqi's death

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You will never see this reported on the front page of any newspapers, but when its even reported to take place the media jumps all over it saying that we are killing lots of innocent people. Go figure.

More US troops for Baghdad as Iraq PM seeks support

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Well if the Iraqi Pm wants his country to be in peace than he must ensure every action is taken to accomplish that. They have not cleaned up Baghdad in the manner they should, it is the capitol and they should act like it.

US sees Lebanon conflict through 'war on terror' context

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This is as it should be, this is a part of the greater war on terror. These terrorists fester and collect in countries as this that are very weak and lack the power and will to inpose the law of the land.

US, Israel ready to back NATO-led force in Lebanon

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It about time action is taken in that dung heap of a country. Maybe NATO can actually disarm those savages and bring thing conflict to a resolution.

U.S. won't push for immediate cease-fire

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They better not be pushing Rice to force some cease-fire. Let Israel handle it's own problems and if they need our help they will ask.

Moderates: Dems should talk about religion

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They hav eonly been talking about this for the last couple years lol... The Democrats dont' like religon because I believe that they do not want to face morality.

Hastert may challenge FBI document search

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This is just plain wrong, that dirty Democrat is on tape taking money but yet he is still serving. Can anyone tell me what the works?

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Israel seizes Hizbollah stronghold in Lebanon

MARJAYOUN, Lebanon (Reuters) -
Israel ousted Hizbollah guerillas from a stronghold just inside Lebanon on Saturday after several days of fierce fighting, the army said, as it bombarded targets across the south of the country.

Ground forces commander Major-General Benny Gantz said Israeli soldiers took control of Maroun al-Ras, a hilltop village overlooking both sides of the border, where six Israeli commandos have been killed this week.

Israel said it planned no full-scale invasion of Lebanon for now, but warned villagers near the border to leave.

In the town of Marjayoun, about eight km (5 miles) from the border, cars packed with people waving white flags fled north fearing Israel will step up an 11-day-old war which has killed 354 people, mostly civilians.

Gantz said Israeli soldiers inflicted dozens of casualties on Hizbollah. The Shi'ite Muslim group said on Saturday one guerrilla had been killed but did not say where.

An Israeli army spokesman had said troops backed by around a dozen tanks and armored vehicles had been fighting in Maroun al-Ras, one km inside Lebanese territory, and found Hizbollah bunkers and weapons stores.

He said Israel might widen its military action, but was still looking at "limited operations." "We're not talking about massive forces going inside at this point," he said.

Resisting growing calls for a ceasefire, the United States stressed the need to tackle what it sees as the root cause of the conflict -- Hizbollah's armed presence on Israel's border and the role of its allies, Syria and Iran.

"Resolving the crisis demands confronting the terrorist group that launched the attacks and the nations that support it," U.S President George W. Bush said, one day before Secretary of State
Condoleezza Rice was to head to Israel.

Get The Story At Yahoo News.

Stupid rag heads have been dying well deserved deaths in southern Lebanon this past week and with the capture of this stronghold Israel has put itself in a very good position to take the fight right into Hezbollah’s backyard and cause as much damage to it’s infrastructure as possible. If Hezbollah continues to fire rockets into northern Israel, Israel will have no other alternative than to reoccupy territory to ensure the safety of its own people. On another note Hamas has offered a cease-fire, this has got to be a joke right? Who the hell do they think they are to call a cease-fire; they are the ones who initiated this military action with constant rocket attacks and the abduction of an Israeli soldier. They now say that a cease-fire has not been offered and that attacks are coming to repay Israel for its transgression. These two terrorist organizations have decided that they can hit Israel with rockets, kill its soldiers and Israel should be able to do nothing, and when Israel finally acts to protect its own, the coward UN condemns Israel again. The weak European nations want Israel to stop, and of course the media is only showing pictures of civilians who have died, why do they refuse to show what these savages are doing to totally innocent people. Israel must do everything in its power to crush them without mercy, there is a time and place for compassion and mercy, but war is not that time. Hezbollah and Hamas will show no mercy and are brutal killers who would not hesitate to chop each and every one of your heads clean off and post it on the internet for everyone to see. Those who do not understand the enemy we face will be sadly mistaken when you realize that those savages will not show you mercy because you didn’t support Bush or where against our war effort or Israel’s for that matter. They just plain want you dead or to be converted, it’s that simple.

Somali Islamists and government clash

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I've been following this for some time now and it seems to me that if we are truly fighting to free people around the world than we need to have some type of military presence in Somalia. If nothing else an elite fight force, perhaps Delta or the Seals, but something to help stem the flow of this hardline Islamic regime.

Israel battles Hezbollah, takes village

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Israel is taking it to those scum suckers in the best way possible, lethal force. That is the only way in which this will be solved, have no doubt of that my friends.

White House moves to confirm Bolton to UN post

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This is a very sound decision on part of the Bush administration. Bolton has done an outstanding job at the UN. He says it as plain as can be and is very straight to the point, I eagerly look forward to his appointment.

Bush: Rice trip will focus on Hezbollah

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I really have doubts about this trip, what does Bush expect Rice to do? She is a very smart and capable person and I do support her, but these Arab savages do not think highly of women. We need to be forceful and stand behind Israel's decisions all the way.

U.S. Threatened with more isolation over Israel

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The international community is always busting our balls so what else is new, but when they have a problem who do they call? It sure is hell isn't the Ghostbusters.

Palestinian militants deny cease-fire deal

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If this is the course in which they choose to conduct this little operation than they will face the certain destruction that awaits them. I seriously doubt that Hamas will ever stop until they are utterly and forcefully destroyed.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Israel troops massing on Lebanese border

BEIRUT, Lebanon -
Israel massed tanks and troops on the border, called up reserves and warned civilians to flee Hezbollah-controlled southern Lebanon as it prepared Friday for a likely ground invasion to set up a deep buffer zone.

The army's chief of staff said forces would conduct ground operations as needed in Lebanon, but they would be "limited." Lt. Gen. Dan Halutz also said nearly 100 Hezbollah guerrillas have been killed in the offensive in Lebanon.

"We will fight terror wherever it is because if we do not fight it, it will fight us. If we don't reach it, it will reach us," Halutz said in a nationally televised news conference. "We will also conduct limited ground operations as much as needed in order to harm the terror that harms us."

An Israeli envoy said the nation will allow aid supplies into Lebanon, a day after the
United Nations warned of a growing humanitarian crisis in the country.

Hezbollah militants fired at least 11 rockets at Israel's port city of Haifa, wounding five people. Israeli warplanes pounded Lebanon's main road link to Syria, collapsing part of Lebanon's longest bridge. A U.N.-run observation post near the border was hit, but no one was hurt.

Ships lined up at Beirut's port as a massive evacuation of Americans and other foreigners picked up speed. U.S. officials said more than 8,000 of the roughly 25,000 Americans in Lebanon will be evacuated by the weekend.

After 10 days of the heaviest bombardment of Lebanon in 24 years, Israel appears to have decided that a large-scale incursion is the only way to push Hezbollah back.

As sunset approached, long lines of tanks, troops, armored personnel carriers and bulldozers lined up on a two-lane highway in northern Israel. In one area, the soldiers were close enough to see Lebanese villages and homes.

Get The Story At Yahoo News

This has been escalating for quite some time now, with the endless rocket attacks against the northern towns of Israel. Everything Israel has done has been to free their soldiers and guarantee that the citizens of their country do not have to worry about constant attacks from savages in dirty bed sheets. Hezbollah has provoked this attack upon Lebanon for no other reason but to kill innocent people. Israel has long sued for peace, but it has gone on deaf ears in the Muslim world. While they all not do actively support terrorism they sure as hell do not condemn it or protest it. The Muslims sure do know how to protest, remember when those cartoons where publishes and they went around torching buildings and killing innocent people, and this is suppose to be the religion of peace. They state that many in the Muslim would want peace, well show them to us. I want to see Muslims openly and fully condemn these terrorists, I want to see Muslims protest them in the same fashion they do us.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Israel hints at a full-scale invasion

BEIRUT, Lebanon - Israeli troops met fierce resistance from Hezbollah guerrillas Thursday as they crossed into Lebanon to seek tunnels and weapons for a second straight day, and
Israel hinted at a full-scale invasion.

Israeli warplanes also launched new airstrikes on Beirut's southern suburbs, a Hezbollah stronghold, shortly after daybreak, followed by strikes in the guerrillas' heartland in the south and eastern Bekaa Valley.

The strikes followed bombings Wednesday that killed as many as 70 people, according to Lebanese television, making it the deadliest day since the fighting began July 12.

Russia sharply criticized Israel over its onslaught against Lebanon, now in its ninth day, sparked when Hezbollah militants captured two Israeli soldiers. The Russian Foreign Ministry said Israel's actions have gone "far beyond the boundaries of an anti-terrorist operation" and repeating calls for an immediate cease-fire.

At least 306 people have been killed in Lebanon since the Israeli campaign began, according to the security forces control room that collates casualties. In Israel, 29 people have been killed, including 14 soldiers. The U.N. has said at least a half- million people have been displaced in Lebanon.

About 40 U.S. Marines landed in Beirut to help Americans onto the USS Nashville, which will carry 1,200 evacuees bound for Cyprus in the second mass U.S. exodus from Lebanon.

Thousands of Europeans also fled on ships — continuing one of the largest evacuation operations since World War II. An estimated 13,000 foreign nationals have been evacuated.

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The entire world has pushed for Israel to engage in the peace process and try to work to some compromise with its Arab Muslim neighbors. It had tried giving land back and pushing for a Palestine state next to it, it left Lebanon years ago, all for the same purpose, to try and show some goodwill towards it neighbors and enemies. With this goodwill act Hamas and Hezbollah used those lands given back to attack Israel and kill innocent people. There has been billions of dollars funneled into the poor Muslim countries, and they have done nothing good with it, only funding and training terrorists. If Israel decides that they need to enter for a prolonged period we should support them in any way that they need. This might draw in Syria which in the long run wouldn’t be that bad of a thing, we need to make the regime responsible for its actions. No matter how long this takes Israel must always think first about the welfare of its own citizens and that means taking strong action to prevent further attacks.

Sen. Reid: Iraq devolves into 'civil war'

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This is exactly what the Democrats want, they want you all to be victims in need of there help.

Syrians defiant, outraged at Lebanon's destruction

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Syria has a hell of a nerve to cry out against this action considering they are partly behind it and have funded Hezbollah with money and weapons. If they truly wanted this over they could make those savages withdraw from the border.

Somali Islamists vow holy war on Ethiopia troops

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This could escalate very quickly adn engulf other border nations. I am hopefull that the Ethiopian troops will be able to stop them.

France, UK, Germany produce new UN Iran resolution

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Its about damn time that France and Germany got off there asses and did something about this crazy man in control of Iran.

Hardened Hizbollah no pushover on Lebanon border

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Israel will not back down from these savages and they will not be listening to the likes of Russia and the weak EU.

Japan, U.S. to deploy missile interceptors

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North Korea better gets it shit straight otherwise when they decide to attack Japan is gonna give the a swift kick in the ass.

Israeli troops battle Hezbollah

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This is a true struggle and they are taking causualties but I have no doubt that they will press on to complete victory.

Russia criticizes Israel for offensive

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Russia is hardly one to talk about going over certain boundries, I think we allhave a good enough memory.

New Israeli-Hezbollah fighting breaks out

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This is what happens when you take on terrorists, people die. People die in every war and not just soldiers. Israel has tried to limit itself but can only do so much.

Ethiopia rushes to Somali government's aid

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It's nice to see a border country take on the fight for its neighbor and try to stem the flow of those crazy people.

Annan: Mideast hostilities 'must stop'

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Why should anyone take the UN seriously. They have been a utter failure with almost everything they have donein the Middle East.

U.S. lawmakers examine Pakistan jet sale

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Time will tell if this was the smart thing to do. If they don't attack India than it's all good pretty much.

Shiite cleric warns sectarian rift could destroy Iraq

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Just more examples of how these savages want to kill everyone who do not think as they do.

US forces surround Iraq towns in Qaeda operation

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We will get all those cowards, and of course they will continue to try and hide behind the civilian population making it more likely that more civilians will die.

Iran's Ahmadinejad to visit Turkmenistan, Tajikistan

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I know we are capable of hitting this sick sucker at anytime what better time than when he is out of Iran!

US warns citizens of travel to Lebanon

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I would have thought this was obvious to anyone with a brain!

US voices 'grave concern' over Somalia

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Well I should fucking hope so!

Bush considering renominating Bolton to UN post

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He has done a very effective job for us at the UN. While many including myself consider the UN weak and not capable of action, he has done his best to work hard for our intrests.

Bush addresses NAACP convention

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This could be a good thing or it could turn out very badly we shall see.

Congress to voice support for Israel

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This is the very least that we should be doing to support one of our greatest allies.

Marines in Beirut to evacuate Americans

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I just hope these savages will not start to attack Americans in the country.

Search on for illegal immigrants in Ariz.

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It's about time we hear some of the actions our government is taking to control and seal the border.

Somali Islamists pull back from govt seat, say no attack planned

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As if I needed another thing to prove my point. Most of you already know the evil we face all over the world.

Six killed in shootout in Thailand's Muslim south

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Once again this shows the true nature of the Muslims around the world, by there silence they condone these acts and that can not be accepted.

Israeli censor wielding great power

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I think that in the type of battle the Israel is in this is a very sane and effective measure.

US weapons, know-how fuel Israel's military

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I am very glad that we provide the weapons in which to kill those savages and to protect the the Holy Land.

Military analysts question Israeli bombing

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While these people may be smart, they show thier utter stupidity saying that Israel is only targeting civilians.

US Navy ship anchors off coast of Lebanon

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I thank our Navy for protecting out people. If need be that ship is more than capable than taking forceful action against any terrorist scum.

Israeli troops clash with Hezbollah fighters

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Israel has some of the best trained and most highly motavated troops in the world and will mop the floor with these dirty bed sheet wearing scum.

Russia backs UN deadline on Iran: Lavrov

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It's about time they actually get on board with the rest of the world on the Iran issue.

Taiwan stages live military drills to deter China

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We must help our friend in ally if China makes any moves. We helped our Nationalist friends during WWII and we need to do so now.

N.Korea talks may resume next week: Malaysia

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If the midget really wants to talk than he needs to prove it to the world.

Iran's Ahmadinejad sends letter to Germany's Merkel

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This guy just simply nuts and needs to be put out of his misery.

Taliban vows to intensify attacks in Afghan south

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They will not win and we can not be defeated. They will realize this sooner or later.

Media group says Chavez silencing critics

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Here is another piece of crap that needs dealing with.

Presidential dispute splits Mexico City

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The lefty lost and can't accept it and its only hurting his own country not to admit defeat.

Rift between U.S., EU emerges on Israel

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If Europe continues to view the world in such drab terms and think that if they appease the enemy that they wil not be attacked, they should look to thier own history.

Israeli troops push into south Lebanon

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It looks like Israel is in it for the long haul with the use of ground troops to attack Hezbollah. We must support them all we can.

Turkey moves forward on push into Iraq

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A terrorist is still a terrorist, so I have no problem with Turkey defending it's country, they have that right and should, otherwise it is not performing its most vital function as a government.

NATO leaders visit Afghanistan to finalise move into south

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Its always a good thing when our allies help us out with some of the heavy lifting.

US to deploy missile interceptors at Japan base

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The will be very effective if North Korea trys anything funny. If the midget wants to play we can play.

US Congress voices support for India following bombings

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I'm sure our allies will take all steps to protect its people and fight the terrorists tooth and nail.

House fails to override stem cell veto

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It's nice that we have people who can stand for life ever once and awhile.

House OKs bill guarding Pledge from courts

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The Senate must do the right thing and protect the Pledge from the loony lefties.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


It has come to my attention that there are those in the blogosphere who do not like the format of my blog and believe that I have chosen this format as a way to screw over the system or somehow get over on everyone else.. Now others are trying to pressure friends from removing my blogrolls from their pages. I find this very childish and immature. If any blogger has a problem with than come to me! You put other people in a position they do not want. I will not change my blog to appease anyone, and if you don't get that, than you are not a true right winger. I will not be a pawn and told what to do to make those of you happy. If you don't like my blog it is your right not to come. I have been using this format for about 3 months and this is the first anyone has had a problem, why is that? It appears I know who my true friends are in this arena. Those who wish to bash me go ahead, I will not fall to that level and I will not be deterred, I will continue to operate my blog with or without your support!
Those of you who are my friends know who you are and I thank you for your support.

Lebanese PM: 300 killed in offensive

BEIRUT, Lebanon - Lebanon's prime minister said Wednesday that 300 people have been killed, 1,000 have been wounded and a half-million displaced in
Israel's week-old onslaught on Lebanon.

Speaking to a gathering of foreign ambassadors, Prime Minister Fuad Saniora said he would seek compensation from Israel for the "unimaginable losses" to the nation's infrastructure.

He also made an urgent appeal for an end to the fighting, saying Lebanon "has been torn to shreds."

"Is the value of human life in Lebanon less than that of the citizens of other countries?" he asked.

In a swipe at the international community, particularly the United States, which said Israel was acting in self-defense, Saniora asked: "Is this what the international community calls self defense? Is this the price we pay for aspiring to build our democratic institutions?"
"Can the international community stand by while such callous retribution by the State of Israel is inflicted on us?" he added.

"We will spare no avenue to make Israel compensate the Lebanese people for the barbaric destruction" inflicted on the country, he told the gathering, which included U.S. Ambassador Jeffrey Feltman.

Get The Rest Of The Story At Yahoo News

The Lebanese Prime Minister has said that he will seek reparations for the damage caused by Israel in their attack on the terrorist organization Hezbollah. This must be a joke because I have been laughing the whole way threw the story. Let me see if I get this right, Lebanon has not yet restrained Hezbollah or deterred them from taking any action against Israel and than Israel is just suppose to take the attacks on its country and people without doing anything? Israel has rightly and justly attacked Hezbollah and its ability to wage any effective terrorist campaign against it. If Lebanon had done its job and enforced laws and didn’t give Hezbollah free reign, Israel would not have had to make such an attack to defend its people. There are hundreds of thousands of people who want to destroy that country and every Jewish person around the world. It would not stop there as they would have you believe, no, they will try to subjugate everyone who will not fall to Islamic rule and of this you can be assured.

Coalition soldiers reclaim second Afghan town

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This once again just proves how much better our troops are and that they will not be beaten.

Ethiopia prepared to invade Somalia

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I hope they will be able to stem the flow of the radical Islamic fighters bent on taking control of the capitol city.

First US ship leaves Beirut as Westerners battle for passage out

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I pray for every American still in that country and on the ground fighting for freedom all over the world.

US draws parallel between Lebanon conflict, 'war on terror'

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While this might be the case, we have been ever vigilant to prevent another such attach on our country. If a Muslim country was right next to ours we would face the same problem as Israel.

North Korean refugees tell of gulag horror

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I think we all knew this was going on in the midgets country, but maybe others around the world will start to realize the truth about North Korea.

GOP agenda aims to motivate loyal voters

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While the lefties will say this is just a stunt to energize the base, the issues that are being brought up are valid and very worthy of discussion.

Bush vetoes stem cell bill as promised

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I am very proud of President Bush for his stance on this issue.

House takes up 'pledge' protection

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I said the pledge everyday at school when I was a kid, and I hope that when my daughter comes to that age that she will as well.

Judge allows Jefferson probe to continue

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This scumbag is as dirty as they come and should be in jail!

3 heavy explosions heard in Beirut

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Israel is taking it to those stupid ragheads!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Is Al Qaeda setting up shop in Kashmir?

SRINAGAR, INDIAN KASHMIR - Last Wednesday, barely 18 hours after the railway blasts in Mumbai (Bombay) that claimed some 200 lives, a mysterious caller phoned up local journalist Rashid Rahi to praise the attacks and to proclaim the arrival of a new militant group, Jammu and Kashmir Al Qaeda.

With its call for Indian Muslims to join the struggle for "complete liberation and dominance of the religion of Islam," the caller hinted darkly of a heightened confrontation with America's chief ally in South Asia, India.

"I'm Abu al-Hadeed, spokesperson of Al Qaeda Jammu and Kashmir and Abu Abdur Rehman Ansari is our chief commander here," the caller said, according to Mr. Rahi's report. "Soon we will make public our organizational structure and motives."

Get The Rest Of The Story At Yahoo News

I do not have a hard time believing that they are doing so. They wish to kill all free people of all nations that do not uphold a strict Islamic Rule. Well they can kiss my ass. India will not sit by and let it's people be killed, of this you can be assured.

Israel says Hizbollah smuggling weapons from Syria

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It comes as no surprise to me at least that this is going on. I remember that speech quite some time ago by president Bush calling certain nations “the axis of evil”, what he forgot to do was include Syria in that axis. They have been a thorn in the side of Middle East peace for many years and are no friends to the western world. If they choose to draw themselves into this conflict and make the divisions worse, they will have sealed their own fate.

Iran's Hizbollah says ready to attack US, Israel

TEHRAN (Reuters) -
Iran's Hizbollah, which claims links to the Lebanese group of the same name, said on Tuesday it stood ready to attack Israeli and U.S. interests worldwide.

"We have 2,000 volunteers who have registered since last year," said Iranian Hizbollah's spokesman Mojtaba Bigdeli, speaking by telephone from the central seminary city of Qom.

"They have been trained and they can become fully armed. We are ready to dispatch them to every corner of the world to jeopardise Israel and America's interests. We are only waiting for the Supreme Leader's green light to take action. If America wants to ignite World War Three ... we welcome it," he said.

Iranian religious organisations have made great public show of recruiting volunteers for "martyrdom-seeking operations" in recent years, usually threatening U.S. interests in case of any attack against the Islamic Republic's nuclear programme.

Get The Story At Yahoo News

From everything I have heard and read, I have come to the conclusion that Iran has orchestrated this entire military action in Lebanon to deflect attention from themselves at the G8 Summit and to see who is on there side and who was against them. They wish to deter the international from taking serious and united action against them and it’s every capable weapons program. If they wish to take on the might of the United States military, than they will crushed with no hope. The Iranian military in no way could stand up to our weapons and soldiers, even despite there supposed military advances. If Iran wished to start a war and than deprive us and the world of its oil reserves, we would be more than capable of seizing said oil fields for ourselves. Yes I am sure that if Iran provoked an attack by us, the world community would of course condemn us once again. Lucky for us we have a president who is undeterred by the weak feeble United Nations, and will take actions that he and this administration feels are in the interests of our national security. If Iran continues to attack Israel, we will be forced to act. While we have tried every avenue to resolve this in a peaceful manner, Iran has resisted every step of the way. Iran is supplying weapons to Hezbollah in Lebanon right now, which in turn is killing innocent Israeli citizens as I type this. I do now, and will continue to fully support Israel!

Turkey signals it's prepared to enter Iraq

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This could make this really intresting over there.

Japan completes troop withdrawal from Iraq

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Well I thank our allies for there help in this conflict and hope Japan continues to be stronger supporter of our country!

US wants new Iraq oil law so foreign firms can take part

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One of two 'Taliban-held' Afghan districts freed

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Forces vow to reclaim Afghan territory

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Rumsfeld sends letter of support to Afghans

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Pakistan arrests scores of Taliban in crackdown

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African, US militaries try to talk

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US defends pace of Lebanese evacuation

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White House stalls on date for Rice Middle East mission

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China's top general visits the Pentagon

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US attorney general asks Congress to keep terrorism tribunals

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It's about time!

Bush forced to adjust 'war on terror' tactics

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US blacklists 2 Iranian firms over missiles programme

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US missile site delegation arrives in Prague

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Bush blocked review of spy program: Gonzales

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Republicans try to stave off Bush veto

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Bush to address NAACP meeting for 1st time

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Gay marriage amendment faces uphill battle

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Monday, July 17, 2006

Olmert sets conditions for end to fighting

JERUSALEM - Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said Monday the fighting in Lebanon would end when the two Israeli soldiers captured by Hezbollah guerrillas were freed, rocket attacks on
Israel were stopped, and the Lebanese army was deployed along the border.

Delivering an impassioned speech to parliament after six days of fighting with Lebanon, Olmert said Israel would have no mercy on militants who attack its cities with rockets, and he pledged to destroy terrorist infrastructure.

"We shall seek out every installation, hit every terrorist helping to attack Israeli citizens, destroy all the terrorist infrastructure, in every place. We shall continue this until Hezbollah does the basic and fair things required of it by every civilized person," he said in his first major address since the fighting in Lebanon began last week.

"Israel will not agree to live in the shadow of the threat of missiles or rockets against its residents."

Israeli officials have said publicly that Israel would not stop fighting until Hezbollah, a Shiite militia that controls much of south Lebanon, is dismantled. But Olmert's comments Monday — seeking the release of the soldiers, the end of Hezbollah attacks on Israel, and the deployment of Lebanese troops in south Lebanon — seemed to be a softening of that position.

In the past six days, 24 Israelis, half of them civilians, were killed in the fighting with Lebanon, while nearly 200 Lebanese, many of them civilians, were killed on the other side. The fighting began when Hezbollah kidnapped the soldiers in a cross-border raid. Since then, Israel has pounded Lebanon with airstrikes and Hezbollah has fired barrages of rockets and missiles into Israeli towns and cities.

"We are not looking for war or direct conflict, but if necessary we will not be frightened by it," Olmert said.

Meanwhile, an Israeli airstrike in Lebanon on Monday destroyed at least one long-range Iranian missile capable of hitting Tel Aviv, military officials said.

Israeli aircraft targeted a truck carrying the weapons before they could be launched, the officials said, speaking on condition of anonymity because of military regulations. The force of the blast sent at least one missile flying into the air, but it fell nearby.

During nearly a week of fighting, Hezbollah militants have fired missiles up to 25 miles into Israel. But officials have raised concerns the guerrilla group could strike Tel Aviv, about 80 miles south of the border with Lebanon.

Get The Rest Of The Story At Yahoo News

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has laid out what must happen to put this violence to rest. These terrorists have continued to attack Israel and her people with constant rocket attacks, forcing people into there bomb-shelters and forcing Israel to attack back. There are those among the bloggers who believe that Israel doesn’t matter, and that we should not defend her at all. They also are the ones who have preached that this is all Israelis fault, because of her occupation of Arab lands. There is no more simple truth than this; the Muslim world will never stop as long as Jerusalem is in Jewish control and the state of Israel exists. The holy land means much to Americans and we cannot see it under the control of these savages who would do harm to our holy places, and decapitate those who do not submit to there rule. If need be I will fully support any American intervention on the behalf of Israel, we cannot continue to let them fight alone, we are fighting the same forces of evil in Iraq that our good friends are now. This is our enemy and we must be prepared, if we do not stand and fight these savages of Islam will behead us all!