Sunday, December 31, 2006

Why I Will Fight

Since I have made my decision to enter the Army I have actually been met with very different responses than I had planed, but at the same time I knew I would garner the support of most, but what I did not expect is the level of hate directed towards me by the left.

I have been called a “war monger”, been told that all I want to do is murder innocent children, that I am a monster, an atrocity and that if I had any moral fiber I would not sell my soul to the devil.

I think it’s safe to say that this is an accurate portrayal of the mind set of your average lefty and to think I’ll be fighting for their right to insult me, most ironic.

Now, there’s a fundamental difference in the way we see things, we are not going to come eye to eye on this, just not going to happen, most Democrats and Republicans see military service in two distinct and opposite lights.

Republicans usually see military service as an honor and something to be very proud of, most Democrats feel that only the stupid and poor go into the military and that all soldiers in our army are murderers.

I will fight because I believe in the inherent greatness of this country and the power of this country to do great powerful things to help the world.

I will serve because I believe that those with the power and ability to do something to help others have the responsibility to do so.

I do not want another 9/11 to occur when I am in a position to help make sure it never happens again.

More than anything I feel that it is my duty and it is a supreme honor to fight and defend this country, no matter the cost and no matter the enemy.

Not everyone is able to serve in the military and I feel it is my privilege to enter the greatest fighting force the world has ever known.

This great nation of ours moves forward facing many enemies from all over the globe, from the midget in North Korea, to the insanity of Iran and its president Ahmadinejad and we can never forget the evil and contempt that festers in the Muslim community regarding our this country.

We must be ever vigilant and we must never surrender as the Democrats would want us to do, we must stand strong even in the face of utter stupidity.

We are the greatest and more powerful nation on the world and we should not hesitate a second to act in such a manner when our people and our way of life is threatened.

We should make everyone very aware that if you mess with this country that you will get a rain of ruin from the sky and that no matter where you are in the world that we can and will strike and smite our enemies.

The best words to describe this have already been said in my favorite movie, Boondock Saints,” Destroy all that which is evil, so that which is good may flourish”.

Also I think I have chosen the postion for me, a 96 bravo or Intelligence Analyst, it shouldn't be a problem considering my test scores.

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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Saddam Is Dead!

Get The Story At Yahoo News.

He got off light if you ask me. He should have been killed in the way he killed so many.

Britain to pay off WWII debts to US and Canada at last

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Hey an infusion of money is always a good thing.

Bush taking more time to craft Iraq plan

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It better be one hell of a good plan.

Obama intern linked to fundraiser

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I doubt that this will seriously hurt his chances to run.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Somali Capitol Of Mogadishu Falls

The crumbling of the Islamic militias across the swath of territory of Somalia is now almost complete with the attack and utter collapse of those forces in and around the main stronghold of Mogadishu, the capitol of Somalia.

To my knowledge, there have not been many bloggers talking about this issue before now, but I have been and I’ve been telling you all what could happen if the entire region went to war.

Government forces backed with Ethiopian allies took effective control of Mogadishu on Thursday after a 10-day offensive to reclaim much of the territory seized by the Somalia Islamic Courts Council (SICC) since June.

Ethiopia's Prime Minister Meles Zenawi vowed not to give up the fight until extremists and foreign fighters supporting the Islamic movement had been crushed, predicting it would take a few weeks longer.

Speaking in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, he added that between 2,000 and 3,000 Islamic militia had been killed and 4,000 to 5,000 wounded.

Ethiopia suffered a few hundred casualties, Meles told reporters.

Ethiopian troops and air strikes were very critical to the government's assault and there is some question what will happen when Addis Ababa finally withdraws its forces.

With neighboring country of Eritrea accused of backing the Islamists, many feared the conflict could engulf the Horn of Africa. Ethiopia, like the United States, says the Islamists are supported by al-Qaeda.

Sheik Sharif Sheik Ahmed, the executive leader of the Council of Islamic Courts, told The Associated Press Friday that his fighters would not be pushed out of Somalia, but it seems that they will be just that.

"We will not run away from our enemies. We will never depart from Somalia. We will stay in our homeland," he said from the southern coastal port of Kismayo, where his forces retreated from Mogadishu.

Until now, Somali Prime Minister Mohamed Ali Gedi has ruled from Baidoa, the single Somali town the government held before Ethiopian troops came to its aid, spearheading the complete rout of the Islamist militias that threatened to take control of the country less than two weeks ago.

This is a great victory against our enemies in Islam as they have tried and failed to make Somalia an Islamic State and we must continue to fight them and push them back, not just in Somalia, but all over the world.

This is just the first step in defeating these Islamic fighters and I continue to wish for good news and word on the next defeat of those savages.

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Edwards charts new course with candidacy

Get The Story At Yahoo News.

This guy will not even make it out of the first round, another worthless Democrat.

Sen. Biden touts experience in 2008 bid

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Yet another Democrat who doesn't have a shot to win, but for some reason he is still trying.

Annan hopes Darfur ceasefire can stand

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Kofi Annan has had plenty of time to do something about the Darfur genocide and has done nothing!

U.S. says U.N. Iran resolution not enough

Get The Story At Yahoo News.

It's not if Russia continues to do arm and trade with Iran like they have always done.

Hijack attempt on Russian plane thwarted

Get The Story At Yahoo News.

Well it certainly is nice to see that this attepmt was not fufilled.

US holding two Iranians in Iraq

Get The Story At Yahoo News.

We all know that Iran is sending people into Iraq to create violence.

Johnson remains in critical condition

Get The Story At Yahoo News.

He is not recovering as the Democrats hoped.

Absence of US diplomacy blamed for Somalia flare-up

Get The Story At Yahoo News.

Of course we are always getting blamed for everything, its nothing new.

Abbas proposes closed talks with Israel

Get The Story At Yahoo News.

We will be getting the support of others for any struggly between Fatah and Hamas.

Saddam may face hanging as soon as Saturday: White House

Get The Story AtYahoo News

I'd pull the lever if I could.

US calls for resumption of negotiations in Somalia

Get The Story At Yahoo News.

We need to back the government.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

A Decision Thats Right

There are those who state that you cannot talk about the military, the actions taken or about to be taken about the military unless you have served in said military in some fashion and of course we know which side of the line tends to use this argument.

I have never believed in that argument and believe that it is nothing but a scapegoat used by the left to keep down those who disagree with their feelings of overwhelming hate that they constantly direct towards the war effort.

Now, for those of you who don’t know I signed up to be a Combat Engineer for the Army when I was 18 and left for basic in Fort Leonard Wood Missouri, January 2nd of 2001.

After a little more than a month of training I came down with what I later found out was severe bronchitis, which the doctors mistakenly identified as “Exercise induce Asthma”, after which I was subsequently discharged from the Army.

When I returned I continued to work out and keep in shape and while playing basketball at the local YMCA I totally destroyed my ACL in my right knee, putting me out of action for some time.

Now after 5 long years I will once again be able to pursue my dream and serve as a soldier in the greatest fighting force in the world, the United States Military.

I had recently been able to talk my beautiful fiancée Tracey, to let me rejoin the military, but in doing so I was restricted to the Navy or Air Force and I’m sure there are those liberals who will ask why I didn’t join one of the other branches, but those questions would only show that they have never had a fiancée or a wife and don’t understand what that entails.

I have been blessed with a great and supportive fiancée who has backed me ever bit of the way and she has given her approval to join the Army with the utmost haste.

I spent the better part of 2 hours yesterday afternoon speaking with one of the local recruiters about my options for re-entry into the armed forces and what I would have to do to realize my dream.

I have but one obstacle, I need to lose a doable 5 inches from my waist and my fiancée has given me a membership at a local fitness center for just that purpose.

So god willing and with your support I will be leaving for basic within the next 3 months. I have targeted 2 months for entry, but my recruiter wanted to be on the cautious side he chose 3 months.

I still have not decided which MOS or job that I will be choosing, but I will be checking them out over the next few days and because of my previous test scores I pretty much have my choice of occupations and will let you all know as soon as I decide.

If you have any suggestions please feel free to drop me a line and I thank you all for the support I know you will show me in my decision.

I believe in this country and I have no problem putting my life on the line to defend our flag, our way of life and the future of my daughter Caitlyn and my soon to be born son Aidan and every other innocent person in this country.

If you liberals don’t like, you can kiss my white Irish ass!

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US warns Iran over 'downward spiral' with UN nuclear watchdog

Get The Story At Yahoo News.

Iran has no intention of complying with any of the demands of the weak UN security council.

Doctor says Castro doesn't have cancer

Get The Story At Yahoo News.

We are all waiting for him to die.

SKorea says US must be more flexible on NKorea

Get The Story At Yahoo News.

Thats crap, we cannot backdown and cave to the midget.

Iraq prepares for rapid Saddam execution

Get The Story At Yahoo News.

There is going to be one hell of a celebration thats for sure.

Muslim pilgrims say safety in God's hands at haj

Get The Story At Yahoo News.

How many more are going to die this year?

Government troops enter Somalia capital

Get The Story At Yahoo News.

Its time to party my friends! I love seeing the rollback of the Islamic forces.

Egypt sends weapons through Israel

Get The Story At Yahoo News.

Well its nice to see that Israel backs Abbas of Fatah, but these weapons could come back and be used against them.

John Edwards joins presidential race

Get The Story At Yahoo News.

How many loser Democrats are going to join this race?

Pope gets letter from Ahmadinejad

Get The Story At Yahoo News.

This is nothing more than a political stunt.

Farewell letter urges Iraqis not to hate

Get The Story At Yahoo News.

Thats all Saddam ever did when he ruled Iraq with an Iron fist, this letter is total BS.

Islamic forces abandon Somalia's capital

Get The Story At Yahoo News.

This is great news! This is what I have been hoping for.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Ira vs. Hezbollah/Hamas Round 4

There are still some of you who class the IRA, or Irish Republican Army, with those savage towel heads in the Middle East and it boggles my mind at how the comparison starkly contrasts the struggle of the six counties of Northern Ireland who actually have a legitimate gripe over the continued occupation of Ireland by the British.

While I agree with the IRA in what they are fighting for, there can be no excuse, at all to kill mass innocents, people who conduct such activities should be brought to justice and put to death by all means necessary.

The biggest difference is that the IRA last July laid down its weapons and made permanent their 1997 cease-fire agreement and then proceeded to back that commitment by handing its weapons stockpiles to disarmament chiefs.

Compare that with the savages of Hezbollah in Lebanon whose leader Hassan Nasrallah has openly and defiantly said that they will not disarm as per the United Nations agreement to stop the fighting with Israel.

Hezbollah does not want peace and they have no interests of becoming a solely political entity, they are a proxy of Iran and used to disrupt the region as Iran sees fit, trying to spread their influence over neighboring countries and counter Americas growing influence.

Hamas is still killing people brutally on a regular basis in Gaza and their outright refusal to work with rival faction Fatah and to recognize Israel is causing the slow death of many of its innocent people.

The governments of Britain and Ireland released a report that confirmed that the Irish Republican Army is no longer a threat to Northern Ireland, a finding they hope will help revive a Catholic-Protestant administration that has been stalled.

While I also wish for a free and united Ireland I do not believe killing innocent people is the best way to achieve this goal, which is why I have been eager to see what Sinn Fein, the IRA linked party that represents most of the Catholic minority in Northern Ireland, can do to achieve this through political ends.

When those savages in the Middle East show that they are capable of peace and keeping their word than maybe, just maybe the world and myself will have a different opinion.

The world has seen the violence in the Middle East everyday carried out by people who have no respect for life and no respect for anything other than overwhelming force.

While many of you have said the IRA is just as bad or worse than Hezbollah and Hamas ask yourself this, when was the last time you saw the IRA beheading an innocent person while chanting for god and than post it on the internet?

Or when do you see crazy Irish guys strapping bombs to themselves and blowing up schools, buses, ice cream parlors and markets killing themselves and anyone else unlucky enough to be there.

You don’t and that’s my point.

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Wed Hero

Every once and awhile I'll do a Wednesday Hero that doesn't profile a single soldier. Sometimes it's been two or three from the same unit, sometimes it's been an entire group of soldiers like the Navajo Code Talkers. I even did an organization once, Operation Iraqi Children. This weeks Wednesday Hero is one of those sometimes. This weeks Wednesday Heroes are the parents of soldiers.

These people sacrifice just as much, if not more, than the soldiers themselves. They, in many cases, are having their babies leave home for the first time in their lives. While most parents only have to adjust to them moving a few miles away or going off to college, these Blue Star Parents have to watch their children go off to a very dangerous situation and can only hope and pray that everything will turn out okay. I don't have children of my own, so I can't even imagine what that is like. We have a few Blue Star Parents in the blogroll, so to them, and every parent of a Hero, I tell you we all stand with and support you and your family.
There's a site that everyone should check out if they haven't already. Blue Star Mothers Of America.

These brave men and women sacrifice so much in their lives so that others may enjoy the freedoms we get to enjoy everyday. For that, I am proud to call them Hero.
We Have Every Right To Dream Heroic Dreams.
Those Who Say That We're In A Time When There Are No Heroes, They Just Don't Know Where To Look

This post is part of the Wednesday Hero Blogroll. If you would like to participate in honoring the brave men and women who serve this great country, you can find out how by clicking here.

3 sides prepare for battle in Somalia

Get The Story At Yahoo News.

Well it seem that the Ethiopian-backed government troops are beating the hell out of those savage Islamists, I hope they are able to capture the capitol.

U.S. highlights Iran-meddling charge in Iraq

Get The Story At Yahoo News.

We have all known for some time that Iran has been trying to fight us in Iraq.

Rice: U.S. ready for black president

Get The Story At Yahoo News.

I would have no problem with it, but I don't know how it would go down in the south.