Monday, April 17, 2006

Criticism Of Rumsfeld Biased

Over the last week, six generals have come out in open criticism of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. The media has jumped on this with all they got hoping it will bring down the Bush administration. It will only reinforce this administrations commitment to Rumsfeld, and show that Bush will not bend to the will of what Rush calls "the drive-by media" or the liberal pundits who spew hate of the military and anything American.
These People have only hate in which to influence their world view and those around them.
I'm sorry I can't blame my country for every wrong in the world as the Liberals would have me. I tend to think of my country in a virtuous manner, I happen to believe that our young men and women around the world that are bringing freedom to millions deserve and demand our respect and should get nothing less from the American people.
If these generals have such concerns over Rumsfeld or about the plans for Iraq, would it have far more helpful to say something at the time and not wait years?
Why is the Media in this country so reluctant to bring out the generals and those top military figures who support Rumsfeld and the plan? I believe it is because the media is afraid, they know there are many who support Rumsfeld and the plan. Why not give them a voice?

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