Wednesday, April 26, 2006

A Tipping Point In The Middle East

Over the past month things have been escalating in the Middle East in a fashion that nobody could have expected. Iran's complete defiance to the world regarding it suspected nuclear program, boasting of testing new weapons and wild threats against Israel and the world from President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad have caused great rifts in the international community. Iran has stated multiple times that it will not back down to pressure and if any country attacks, mainly the U.S., that they will pay for it around the world. Such threats are quite baseless when facing the overwhelming might and fury of the combined U.S. Military, and I have doubt that if an attack took place against Iran our biggest ally would be Israel.
On the other hand Israel may have it's hands full with all that's going on in Palestine. There are reports that Israel may again occupy parts of Gaza due to repeated rocket attacks from terrorists. The Hamas led government has been in financial collapse since the denial of aid from the U.S., Israel and the EU. The U.S. and Israel both consider Hamas a Terrorist organization, and if any more proof is need to that fact all you have to do is look at the recent suicide bombing in Tel Aviv, which has celebrated the attack further fueling resentment. President Abbas has condemned the attacks which has caused major ripples between his Fatah party and the newly elected Hamas. Also stoking the fires is that Hamas has decided to set up a shadow security force and named Israel's number 2 most wanted man to lead those men. All of this of course will come to a tipping point soon and something will happen, I'm just glad I'm on the side of the greatest military force off all time, and I got to tell ya I feel pretty safe!

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Rove to Testify Again in CIA Leak Case

Senate Shifts Iraq Funds to Border Patrols

ICRC appeals to Israel, Palestinians to spare civilian lives

Rice Offers Modest U.S. Help to Turkey

Jordan Begins Trial For 12 Terrorists

Cost of U.S. Military Shuffle Stuns Japan

The IRA Continues To Demilitarize In Northern Ireland

Fatah Gunmen Say They Will Set Up New Militia In Response To Hamas

Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei Says U.S. Intrests Around The World Would Be Harmed

Rumsfeld And Rice Meet With Iraqi Leaders

U.S. Trade Deals Embitter Latin Americans

Thousands Flee The Violence in Sri Lanka

President Ilham Aliev of Azerbaijan Will Stay Out Of Iran Business

Iraqi Government Condemns al-Zarqawi

Prince Philip Visits Ireland Raises Speculation

Bush Taps Tony Snow As New Press Secretary

30 detained as Egypt probes resort bombings

2 Suicide Bombers Strike Base In Eygpt

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

UN votes sanctions on 4 Sudanese for Darfur war

Sri Lanka Military Hits Tamil Tigers After Suicide Blast Kills 9

al-Qaida In Iraq's Leader Al-Zarqawi Appears in Rare Video

Port Workers to Undergo Background Checks

New Iraqi PM Jawad al-Maliki Tells Neighbors Not To Interfere With Iraq

Arabs Question Why Muslims Are Now Targets

Abbas vows to prevent civil war among Palestinians

Hamas Threatens to End Truce With Israel

Abbas Warns Hamas He Can Remove Government

Israeli army arrests Hamas official in West Bank

Iran to shun IAEA if hit by sanctions

Jordan says Hamas leaders in Syria ordered attacks

Iran Threatens to Hide It's Nuclear Program

Fake Pregnant Bomber Kills 8 in Sri Lanka

U.S.-Led Coalition Bombs Taliban Camp

Bush To Ease Environmental Rules on Gasoline

10 Arrests Made in Egypt Resort Terrorist Attack

Israel Looks To Eygpt For Common Cause After Terrorist Bombing

Bush Calls Egypt Attack A "heinous act"

Monday, April 24, 2006

Twenty-two killed, 150 Wounded In Possible Terrorist Attack In Eygpt

Japan And The U.S. Agree On Troop Realignment

Leader If The Taliban In Pakistan Vows More Attacks

Afghanistan's Security Makes The World Safer Says Britain

Bin Laden Calls For Jihad In Dafur

Britain Warns Of The Dangers In Letting The Taliban Return

Foreign Troops Along The Border Worries Iraqi Leader

Angry Citizens And Hamas Terrorists Clash In Gaza

Bin Laden Now Says That The U.S. Is Waging A War Against Islam

Iran Hints That It May Exit Nuclear Treaty

Tensions Between Fatah And Hamas Continue

The U.S. Tasks The New Iraqi Government To Take The Fight To The Insurgency

Slain Terrorist Is Said To Be Close To Al-Zaqahri

Donald Rumsfeld Approves Of Counterterrorism Plan

China's Army Bans Snorers

Hamas Tries To Keep It's Distance From Bin Laden

The U.S. Hopes To Build Up The Iraqi Police Force

Friday, April 21, 2006

Russia Will Not Approve Sanctions On Iran Without 'concrete' Proof

U.S. Wants Russia to Stop Iran Arms Sales

Pakistani Taliban Leader Asks For Volunteers To Fight Holy War Against The U.S.

The U.S. Urges World Powers Not To Sell Arms To Iran

Israel Threatens Action Agains New Hamas Security Chief

Interim Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert Says Syria And Iran Were Involved In Bombing

Turkey Strengthens Forces Against Kurds

Israel Is Preparing to Reoccupy Parts of Gaza

New Hamas Security Chief Who is Israel's 2nd Most Wanted Terrorist, Vows To Fight Israel

Iran Shells Kurd Positions In Iraq

Iraqi Shi'ites Nominate Maliki for Prime Minister To Replace Ibrahim al-Jaafari

Violence In Afghanistan Will Only Stop With Negotiation With Taliban Say The Taliban's Former Ambassador To Pakistan

Hamas To Go Forward With Shadow Security Despite Presidents Veto

Abbas Cancels Hamas Security-Force Plans

Thursday, April 20, 2006

John Kerry Is 'thinking hard' About Running Again For President

Australia Warns Of Possible Terrorist Attacks On Westerners In Indonesia

China denies industrial spying against Canada

Japan Has Had 107 Alerts Because Of Suspected Chinese Spy Planes

China urges diplomatic solution to Iran

Russia Wants to Lose References to Dollar

Mexican 'Coyotes' Operate in Plain Sight

Feds Warn Of Crack Down On Companies Using Illegal Workers

Minuteman Leader Pushes Border Fence With Mexico

US military shift to the Pacific a 'hedge' against China: Pentagon

US Says New Appointment Of Hamas Terrorist Wanted By Israel Shows The Hamas Governments True Colors

Tamil Tigers Put Off Truce Talks Amid violence

Lebanon asks US to push Israel to leave Shebaa

Hamas To Appoint Top Terrorist To Sercurity Post

Pakistanis Say Terrorist Killed in Shootout Near Afghan Border

Palestinians Will Include Terrorists In Security Forces

Defense Rests in Moussaoui Sentence Trial

This Is Just Intresting

Mideast forms 'axis' against West

Saudis Think About An Electric Fence On Iraqi Border

Centre-left leader Romano Prodi Will Take Power In Italy

Iraq Parliament Session Is Cancelled After PM Steps Down

Arab funds to give Palestinians $50 million aid

UN panel urges S.E. Asia to choke off terrorist funds

Bush Welcomes Chinese President To White House

South Korea, Japan Rush To Avert Clash

Justices Reject Gitmo Detainees' Appeal

U.S. Backs Israel, But Urges Caution

Iraqi Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari May Step Down

The U.S. May Task The IAEA to Pressure Iran

Kyrgyzstan's President Threatens to Expel US Troops

Taliban Leader Warns Afghans Not To Work With The Government

Pentagon releases Extensive List of Guantanamo Bay Detainees

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

More Countries Back Iran Sanctions

Iraqi Parliament To Meet For Only Second Time

Iraq Police Deny Report of Teachers Being Killed In Front Of Students

Blair Says Hamas Must Denounce The 'wicked' Bombing In Tel Aviv

Palestinians Throw Stones at Israel Troops

Muslim And Christian Relations Strain in Egypt

Bombing To Test Israel

Hamas Says It's Not Storing Weapons In Jordan

Terrorists Behead Two Teachers While Forcing Students To Watch In Iraq

This is just sick and these people need to be eradicated

Iraqi Prime Minister Says That Quitting Is 'Out of the Question'

Saddam Signed The Death Sentence Of The Shiites'

Hamas Officials to Appeal Residency Ban

Iran Must Take 'Urgent' Steps Says Russia

White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan To Resign

The Saudis To Give Hamas $94.2 Million

British Officer Likens U.S. Generals To Movie Stars

Iran with atomic weapons is "unacceptable" Says French President Jacques Chirac

World Powers In Moscow To Discuss Iran

Jordan Accuses Hamas of Smuggling Weapons Into Kingdom

Many In The Arab World Favor A Nuclear Iran

The Civilian Militia In Venezuela Begins Training For Supposed U.S. Invasion

I Won't Quit Says Rumsfeld

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

US warships threaten Venezuela Says Chavez

Big Fighting In Baghdad

Pakistan Seals Western Border With Afghanistan

Russia Against Sanctions Regarding Iran

Bush Says 'All Options on the Table' Regarding Iran

Iran Issues More Idle Threats

Israel Decides To Hold Off On Strikes Against Hamas

Israel To Revoke The Jerusalem Residency Rights Of Four Hamas Lawmakers

Armed Factions demand Abbas apology For Condeming Attack

Monday, April 17, 2006

U.S. Condemns Tel Aviv Bombing

New 'Axis of Terror' Warns Israel

Criticism Of Rumsfeld Biased

Over the last week, six generals have come out in open criticism of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. The media has jumped on this with all they got hoping it will bring down the Bush administration. It will only reinforce this administrations commitment to Rumsfeld, and show that Bush will not bend to the will of what Rush calls "the drive-by media" or the liberal pundits who spew hate of the military and anything American.
These People have only hate in which to influence their world view and those around them.
I'm sorry I can't blame my country for every wrong in the world as the Liberals would have me. I tend to think of my country in a virtuous manner, I happen to believe that our young men and women around the world that are bringing freedom to millions deserve and demand our respect and should get nothing less from the American people.
If these generals have such concerns over Rumsfeld or about the plans for Iraq, would it have far more helpful to say something at the time and not wait years?
Why is the Media in this country so reluctant to bring out the generals and those top military figures who support Rumsfeld and the plan? I believe it is because the media is afraid, they know there are many who support Rumsfeld and the plan. Why not give them a voice?

China, Russia Block Sanctions In The Sudan

Somalia OKs U.S. Navy Patrols To Combat Pirates

Are Russian-U.S. Relations Slipping?

U.S. Backing Certain Somali Militants

Israel Calls Actions By Arab Countries Are A "declarations of war"

Northern Ireland Given Ultimatum

The Donaldson Murder Sparked IRA Emergency Meeting,,1750227,00.html

Pakistani Security Forces Arrest Four Al-Qaeda Suspects

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Claims Tests of New Centrifuge

100 Detained After Muslim-Christian Clashes In Egypt

Comedy Central Caves To Muslims

Kalashnikov Says Iraq Is Proof That His Rifle Is The Best

Tensions Over Iran Causes Oil Prices To Settle Above $70 A Barrel

The U.S. Urges World Powers To Act Over Iran

Rumsfeld Says 'This too will pass'

U.S. Marines Repel Coordinated Attack By Sunni Terrorists

Terrorist Are Recruiting so called "white muslims"

Rumsfeld to meet with military commentators on Iraq

Taliban Torch School In Afghanistan

Israel Launches Airstrikes In Retaliation For Bombing

Hamas Government Justifies Tel Aviv Bombings

Iraqi Interpreters Face Suspicion

Joshua Bolten, Bush's Chief Of Staff Signals He May Shake Things Up

Hamas Government Accuses Abbas Of Seeking It's Collapse

Tel Aviv Suicide Bomber Identified As 21yr Old Member Of Islamic Jihad

A Palestinian Suicide Bomber Kills 8 In Tel Aviv

Al-Jaafari's Party Stands Behind Him

Kidnapped Brother Of An Iraqi Sunni Leader Is Killed

Experts Confirm Saddam's Signature On Document

Qatar Pledges $50M To Hamas Government

Acting Israeli Premier Lays Out Plan To Redraw Israeli Border

Former Joint Chiefs Chairman Says Rumsfled Didnt't Intimidate The Military

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Afghans Take The Fight To The Taliban After Heavy Attacks

Generals' criticism of Rumsfeld 'inappropriate' says Ex top military brass

British Troops On "seek and destroy" In Afghanistan

Hundreds Of Iranians Sign Up For "martyrdom missions"
These people are out of their minds. They want to die and i believe we should grant them their wish.

Iran Is Reinforcing It's Atomic Sites

Iran To Give Hamas Government $50 Million

Politicians Want Ahmadinejad Banned From World Cup,2144,1970682,00.html

Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams Says Party Will Not Force Protestants Into United Ireland

Leader Of Hezbollah Says The U.S. Is Plotting Civil War In Lebanon

The Tamil Tigers Said they Will Pull Out Of Talks With Sri Lankan Goverment

Blair Will Not Back Iran Strike

Palestinian Terrorist Leaders Rally Behind Iran's Cause

Israeli Veteran Statesman Says Ahmadinejad Will End Up Like Saddam

Chinese Communist Party Chief Calls For Talks With Taiwan

Bush Pushes For His Tax Cuts To Be Permanent

Saturday, April 15, 2006

The Arab League Ask Hamas To Adopt Peace Initiative

Not All People In Iran Back President's Talk

Russians Pledge Aid To Hamas

Palestinian Police Make Serious Demands

Anti-Japanese Activism Turned Down By China

Moussaoui Desires More Death For America

2 Dead And 22 Wounded In Fighting In Western Iraq

Afghan Security Forces Hit Taliban Hideout And Kill 41

Iran Dismisses Condi's Call For Strong UN Action

Shoe-Bomber Will Not Testify At Moussaoui Trail

The US Will Push For Targeted Sanctions And Asset Freeze Regarding Iran

Armed Factions In Gaza Seizing Land

370 Rebels And Some 30 Soldiers Killed In Chad Fighting

Fears Over China Drive Arms Projects

Friday, April 14, 2006

In Afghanistan The US Buys Back Stolen Data

Senior Libyan Official Calls The US "damned" For 1986 Air Strikes

Professor To Be Deported In Terror Case

Calls For Resignation Are Shruged Off By Rumsfeld

The Palestinian Authority To Keep Office In D.C.

Japan Court Rejects Withdrawl Of Troops From Iraq

Embassy Being Built In Iraq To Be The US's Largest

Russia To Host New Talks With Iran

Iranian Commander Warns The U.S. Against Any Military Strike

Rumsfeld Gets Show Of Support From Bush

Iran Boasts That The U.S. Is A 'decaying power'

Hamas PM Says Attempts At Isolation Will Fail

Israel May Send Troops Into Gaza

Iranian President Says Israel Is "heading toward annihilation"

U.S. Bans all Money From Going to Palestinian Gov't

Hatred Of America Is Detailed By Moussaoui

air attack on Afghan Militants

Thursday, April 13, 2006

U.S. And Iraqi Troops Double Patrols To Cut Violence In Baghdad

Rebel Assault Defeated In Chad

Al-Qaida Terrorist Responsible For Kenya Embassy Bombing Killed In Pakistan

Moussaoui Takes The Stand

No Concessions Concerning Talks With U.N. Says Iran

Palestinian Gunman Take PM's Office

Wanted Al Qaeda Terrorist may be among 7 killed in Pakistan Military Attack

The US Military Says It Killed An Al Qaeda 'ambassador' In Iraq

U.S. And Japan Discuss Troop Redeployment

Saddam Trial Brings A Chance For Revenge For The Kurds

N. Korea Boasts That It Will Bolster Nukes

Iran Declares Itself a Nuclear Power

US Pushes For UN Sanctions In Sudan

Karl Rove: Iran leader is not rational

The White House denies report regarding Iraq's WMD's

Palestinians Starting To Feel Economic Pinch

North Korea boycotts nuclear talks

UN council to wait-and-see on Iran

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Experts Say Iran's Boast May Mean Little

Top Al-Qaida Leader Backs Iraqi Insurgents

Illegals Protesting Is Just Wrong

Over the last couple weeks thousands and thousands of illegal and legal citizens have protested in response to immigration reform. At first when these protests started you could see many Mexican flags waving, but somebody must have got the word out that Americans were not very happy with that, I was livid. Now all you see pretty much are American flags, to be honest that upsets me even more.
Why should we reward some 11 million people for breaking our laws? Does anyone not understand that they are illegal for a reason.
Now I am all for immigration, but through legal means, just like everyone else.
We should not be giving illegals access to schools and hospitals, that is only costing us in the long run, they are not paying the taxes that help pay for it. Now if it a serious emergency than yes of course treat them, but most go to the hospital for every little problem and we cannot afford it.
We need to build a massive wall along the border of Mexico and man it with troops. We need to not give welfare or most social services to illegals or immigrants, true Americans should be taken care of first.
The thing that upsets me the most, is that most can't even speak English, I should be able to go to a store in my country and not have to strain to understand those who are speaking.
This is our country and we need to stand up and fight for it or the illegals will take it over. With the Democrats pandering to them it may not be far off and that is very scary. What right do the illegals in the country have to protest anything they are not even citizens.

Bush team wins on power to detain, for now

Rice: Time for "strong steps" over Iran

U.S. Aircraft Carriers Head to Caribbean

Iran nuclear claim 'step in the wrong direction': Russia

Israel wary of Iran's atomic progress

Iraqi: Death Squads Not Linked to Gov't

Iran Vows to Expand Uranium Enrichment

Rumsfeld Rebuts Critics, Backs Iraq Policy

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Iran Insists Enrichment Goal Is Peaceful

I don't believe Iran for a second.

UN to limit contacts with Palestinian govt

Israel vows to intensify Gaza bombardments

US-led forces must stay 3-5 more years: Iraqi general

Iran nuclear steps in wrong direction: White House

Iran Will 'Soon Join' World Nuclear Technology Club: Ahmadinejad

Iran for the first time has enriched uranium, it has announced Tuesday, causing more concern as it rolls forward with its suspected nuclear weapons program.
On March 29, the UN Security Council called on Iran to suspend uranium enrichment program to provide a guarantee that its nuclear program is peaceful, with
International Atomic Energy Agency chief Mohamed ElBaradei asked to report on Iranian compliance after 30 days. This announcement comes only 15 days after that, which shows that Iran does not care what the international community thinks, a big mistake on there part.
"Iran has put into operation the first unit of 164 centrifuges, has injected (uranium) gas and has reached industrial production," said former Iranian President Hashemi. "We should expand the work of these machines to achieve a full industrial line. We need dozens of these units (sets of 164 centrifuges) to achieve a uranium enrichment facility," he said.
The comments by the Iranian officials came as the head of the U.N. nuclear watchdog agency, Mohammed ElBaradei, was set to visit Tehran this week for talks on the nuclear program.
"Iran will soon join the club of countries that have nuclear technology," said Iran's nut-job President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad . "The equation will change in favor of the Iranian people," Ahmadinejad said.
The international community has pursued every option peacefully and Iran has more or less given us the finger. Ahmadinejad apparently does not value the lives of his people or the will of the world.
With the new talk of a possible strike against Iran, they better start to realize that we will act and we will not allow them to have a nuclear weapon, which I have no doubt they would hand , over to terrorists and that we can not allow under any circumstances.

Army surpassing year's retention goal by 15%

Army Meets Recruiting Goals for March

Iran won't back down 'one iota': Ahmadinejad

Something needs to be done.

Iran Dismisses Reports of U.S. Plans

Monday, April 10, 2006

U.S. Rejects Idea That Iraq Near Civil War

Israeli Moves 'a declaration of war'

Very intresting.,5478,18780331%255E1702,00.html

Iraq's WMD's Secreted In Syria, Sada Says

How come knowone is talking about this? Michael Savage had him on his show to interview him, that's all I have heard.

Israel Suspends Security Ties With Palestinians

This is good news.

EU Reviews Possible Iran Sanctions

This is exactly what I want to see.

Bush Calls Iran Talk 'Wild Speculation'

Whatever it takes to get the job done I guess, but that plan still needs to stay on the table.

EU Foreign Ministers Endorse Aid Freeze

Monday in Luxembourg the European Union foreign ministers endorsed a freeze of EU aid to the Hamas-led government. The Palestinian PM Ismail Haniyeh, has said that his country will not back down to what he calls "blackmail".
"There will be no aid to (Hamas) government organizations, but we will maintain humanitarian aid," said Dutch Foreign Minister Ben Bot . "The Palestinian people have opted for this government, so they will have to bear the consequences."
"It is right we attach consequences to the fact the Palestinian government is not responding to our expectations," said German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier.
If Hamas truly want to helps it people and become legitiment in the eyes of the world it will do what it needs to do and renounce violence and recognize Israel.
The United States, Canada and Norway have also cut off payments. The cut in foreign aid comes on top of the decision by Israel to withhold some $50 million a month in tax revenues it collects on behalf of the Palestinians.
The only realistic option they have is to comply, but when they do we must watch them closely. Hamas will still want to destroy Israel and will still use violence, but they will be very careful about how they go about it, not trying to incite the world and the wrath of Israel.

Iran nuke strike 'nuts', says UK

The British are our friends, but we don't always have to do what our friends want.,5478,18773804%255E663,00.html

U.S. Spokesman Blames Al-Zarqawi Group

US Military Denies It Hyped Up Zarqawi Threat

If he is blowing up bombs and killing our soldiers than he is our enemy, no matter what the papers say.

Iraqi Troops Start Rolling Out In Ramadi

This is what I like to see.

Israeli Panel Advises Cutting Hamas Ties

This is a very good thing.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Venezuela's Chavez Threatens To Boot US Envoy

If this guy doesn't shut his mouth soon, he will be getting his people in alot of trouble.

Mubarak Questions Loyalty Of Iraq Shiites

Maybe it is better if they just duke it out over there.

U.S. Tries To Dampen Talk Of Iran Strike

It never stops lol.

Iran Says US Military Strikes 'psychological warfare'

It gets more intense.

US Steps Up Plans For Possible Iran Attack: Report

Very interesting news.

EU To Stand Firm On Palestinian Aid Suspension

Another story to go with that last one.

Palestinian PM Defiant Despite Aid Cuts

Here is another story I've been following.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Israeli Strike Kills 8 Terrorists In Gaza

Sorry on the weekends I usually do not have the time to post or write anything because of work, but I saw this story and it caught my eye.

Friday, April 07, 2006

EU Suspends Aid To Hamas

Bad gets to worse for newly elected Hamas as the European Union announced the halting of all direct funding to the Palestinian Authority, substantially increasing the pressure put on the terrorist group to renounce violence and recognize the state of Israel.
"For the time being the are no payments to or through the Palestinian Authority," said Emma Udwin, a spokeswoman for EU External Relations Commissioner Benita Ferrero-Waldner.
The European Commission, which has confirmed the suspension, said it does expect the EU foreign ministers to discuss what to do next when meetings take place next Monday in Luxembourg.
"We will not accept such a blackmail," said Hamas government spokesman Ghazi Hamad. "Hamas was elected democratically and the Palestinian people are punished for their choice."
The Palestine people will only suffer because their leadership will not act. It has been said repeatedly what Hamas must do, recognize the right of Israel to exist, renounce violence and commit itself to the peace process, all of which are not unreasonable request.
The European Union, which is the biggest donor to the Palestinian Authority, with member states and the European Commission putting aside around 500 million euros a year since 2003.
All of this means that Hamas better take the EU seriously if it wants to deal in the real world and actually make a better future for it's people.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Hamas Government Broke

The new Hamas government of Palestine, which won sweeping elections in January is broke and missed the monthly pay date for tens of thousands of public workers, Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh said Wednesday.
With the serious lack of money and foreign aid coming in, Hamas may have to think twice about it's hardline positions on the state of Israel. Hamas had been depending on aid coming from other Arab countries, but with that less likely to happen, Hamas may have to look to the U.S and Israel, which would force them to act.
The United States as well as Israel do consider Hamas a terrorist organization. Hamas is still committed in its charter to the Jewish State's destruction and they refuse to renounce violence in any way.
As part of a series of measures designed to put the squeeze on Hamas, Israel has frozen its payment of customs duties, worth around 50 million dollars a month, which it collected on behalf of the Palestinian Authority.
I have a hard time believing that any concession that Hamas makes will be truthful, they will only do so to get money. They hate Israel and the West and we must proceed in that fashion.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Questions About New Iranian Weapons

Iran has over the last week unveiled with great fanfare a series of sophisticated and what they call "homegrown" weapons aimed to intimidate the west. Now there are claims that these weapons may have been supplied by others.
Tuesday experts said the believe that much of the technology came from Russia and that the high-speed torpedoes tested by Iran this week were likely Russian-built weapons that may have been acquired from from China or Kyrgyzston. They also questioned Iran's claims about all of the weapons capabilities.
They weapons they tested have impressive claims including:

- A missile, the Fajr-3, that is invisible to radar and able to strike several targets with multiple warheads.

- A high-speed torpedo, the Hoot, able to move at some 223 mph, up to four times faster than a normal torpedo, and fired by ships cloaked to radar.

- A surface-to-sea missile, the Kowsar, with remote-control and searching systems that cannot be scrambled.

- A "super-modern flying boat", undetectable by radar and able to launch missiles with precise targeting while skimming the surface of the water at a top speed of 100 nautical mph.

There are some questions over the Iran's claims. In Washington, Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whiteman said "the Iranians have been known to boast and exaggerate" their weapons capabilities.
"The question here is, what radar did they test their own weapons against? If it's the radar they've been using for all these years, then that's not saying 100 percent that these things are undetectable," said Meir Javedanfar, an Iranian-born, Israel-based analyst.
The Hoot torpedo closely resembles the Russian-made VA-111 Shkval, the world's fastest known underwater missile, developed in 1995, said Ruslan Pukhov of Moscow's Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies.
Pukhov said that the former Soviet republic of Kyrgyzstan once had a Soviet torpedo testing center on the mountain lake of Issyk-Kul. And he said that in the turmoil that followed the Soviet breakup, Kyrgyz authorities sold Shkvals to the Chinese, who is a major importer of Iranian oil.
All these weapons, no matter if they were supplied by another country or "homegrown" as Iran claims are meant to deter action over the nuclear enrichment activities that Iran has refused to shutdown. If these weapons were supplied by others we do need to find that information out, we need to know who are enemies are so that we may be able to confront them.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Saddam Faces New Charges

On Tuesday while still on trail for the killing of 140 Shiites in a town north of Baghdad, ousted dictator Saddam Hussein found out that he would also be facing new charges of genocide against the Kurds in the 1980s.
Saddam who has tried to make a mockery and a circus of this court will be joined by his cousin Ali hassan al-Majeed, known as "chemical Ali" for his roles in the poison gas attack against the village of Halabja in 1988 that cost the lives of some 5,000 civilians.
"We declare the investigations are completed in the case called the Anfal campaign in which thousands of women, children and men were killed. The accused are being transferred to the criminal court," said Raid Jouhi, court spokesman.
"They will be tried according to the Iraqi law for charges of genocide and crimes against humanity."
This new case involves Saddams role in Operation Anfal, a three-phase move against the Kurds in the north of Iraq. Anfal included the March 16 gas attack on the village of Halabja in which 5,000 died, including women and children and 10,000 became blinded, maimed, disfigured of debilitated by the chemical attacks.
In December, a Dutch court sentenced chemicals merchant Frans van Anraat to 15 years in prison for selling Saddam's regime the chemicals used in the gas attacks. The ruling concluded that the attacks constituted genocide. One document was a government decree said to have been signed by Saddam on June 20, 1987, ordering "special artillery bombs to kill as many people as possible" in the Kurdish area. Special artillery, Dutch prosecutors said, meant chemical weapons.
"Chemical Ali" was heard in an April 21, 1988, audio clip ordering that people caught in Kurdish areas "have to be destroyed ... Must have their heads shot off." In another radio fragment, he said: "I will attack them with chemical weapons and kill them all."

Monday, April 03, 2006

Iran Try's To Intimidate The West

Intimidation can be a powerful tool as Iran is trying to prove, but they better think twice about who they try and bully.
As of last Friday the Iranian military along with the the police force have been conducting massive exercise or what they call the ' Great Prophet ' war games.
They have already test-fired a missile that can avoid radar and now have tested a new torpedo. Iran claims its new torpedo dubbed the "whale" or "Hoot", can travel at 360km/h, evade radar, aswell as destroy large ships and submarines.
" It has a very powerful warhead designed to hit big submarines," Iranian General Ali Fadavi said. "Even if enemy warship sensors identify the missile, no warships can escape from this missile because of its high speed."
Iran also plans on testing more missiles during the war games and said it would test a "powerful" new torpedo later Monday, that was developed by its elite Revolutionary Guards.
General Mohammad Hejazi, the head of Iran's Islamist militia, the Basij, stated on state television, " if the region is not to be safe, the ones responsible for it will pay a high price... The enemies must know they should not be playing with fire."
It is quite clear that Iran is trying to accomplish what Hitler and Germany did in the 30's to France and England. Iran needs to understand that we will not appease them and give in little by little, we will fight them and we will win.
If you need any more clues to the intentions of Iran look at the statement from Rear Admiral Mohammad Ebrahim Dehqani and it will tell you all you need to know. " One of the messages of the war games for the enemies is that if they slightly violate the Islamic republic's interest in the Persian Gulf, we will firmly confront them."