Thursday, November 30, 2006

Why Have We Yet To Take Out al-Sadr?

We have made mistakes in Iraq and I will be the first to admit that, but what I cannot understand is how we left the insane anti-American radical cleric Muqtada al-Sadr alive to cause the types of troubles that have constantly bogged down our military and public relation operations.

This pudgy moron has prospered inside of the new Iraqi country and set up his own militia, the Mahdi Army, which at the height of its power had an estimated 10,000 militia fighters under his command.

Also the NY Times reported that Hezbollah has trained at least 1,000 and up to 2,000 members of al-Sadr’s militia and that there are small numbers of Hezbollah military advisors in Iraq training members of the Mahdi Army.

Also an anonymous government official has said that Iran has facilitated that link between Hezbollah and the Shiite militias in Iraq, which has lead to increased violence and death to American soldiers.

He also says that Syrian officials have also cooperated, though there is some debate about whether it has the blessing of the senior leaders in Syria and about how much involvement they actually have.

This man and his army have fought viciously against our forces in the past and has a brutal history of kidnappings that included torture and beheadings, which those savages published on the internet.

He has fought battles big battles against our forces, most notably at Fallujah, where our forces wiped those savages from the earth in close quarters street to street fighting.

They have increasingly hampered our ability to strengthen Iraq’s government as its followers have infiltrated Iraq’s security forces and weakened its ability to fight and police its own country.

This is a man who should have been taken out as soon as he attacked American troops along with our allies, he should not have been allowed to grow to the status that he now claims because it only makes it harder for him to be taken out.

One of the other problems with taking him out is that the weak Iraqi governments Prime Minister draws much of his support from al-Sadr and his followers and even lifted a blockade that was imposed on Sadr city by American forces as they where searching for a missing soldier.

I firmly believe that taking this radical cleric out is the right answer, but it should not be done by American forces, as his large base of followers would be overly enraged.

He should be taken out by the Iraqi government as a message to those who are fighting it and its ability to govern and protect its population, for that is one of the most basic responsibilities of an honest and fair government.

As long he remains an influential figure in Iraq there will be increased violence against the government of Iraq, its population and American and allied forces that are trying to protect and destroy the resistance.

It might have negative short term affects, but overwhelming good will come from it and make no mistakes my friends we are in it for the long run and nothing is going to change that unless our enemies just leave, which we all know is not going to happen.

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Ahh we all love Kofi, but it looks like he's giving us all the bird.

Well do your best I'm sure you don't want Neo-Con*Tastic to win them all!

Winner will be picked Friday morning!

Bush tells Abdullah time not ripe for dialogue with Syria

Get The Story At Yahoo News.

Why should we talk to Syria when they fund terrorists?

US still hopes for broader NATO role in Afghanistan

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It would be really nice if our allies actually fought the enemy with us.

Kerry says it's time to move on

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Ahh to bad that "botched" joke is hurting him.

Atrocities daily in Sudan's Darfur: U.N. rights chief

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We have all been saying this, but still no one have done anything.

Al-Qaida denounces pope visit to Turkey

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Big surprise here.

Rice seeks wide Middle East truce to restart talks

Get The Story At Yahoo News.

Don't expect to much from the savages.

Bush agrees to speedy turnover in Iraq

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I believe that has been the idea the entire time.

Vilsack to seek 2008 Dem. nomination

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He does not even have a shot.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

What Makes Me Rightwing

On Sunday I was watching the Vikings game with my Uncle and Aunt and she asked me a question, what makes me Rightwing? I thought about it for a second and than spent the next half an hour chatting her ear off informing her of the things that I believed.

I first and foremost believe in the infinite greatness of this country and those who serve it, irregardless of if they serve in the military or as a fireman or police officer, they are all valuable and do a great service for this country.

I firmly believe in small government and lower taxes, but unfortunately President Bush and fellow Republicans have not been so good at smaller government, although they have come through on the lower taxes part.

I firmly believe in a strong national defense as a way to keep the peace because I have always believed that the best way to keep the peace is to prepare for war.

We must continually train and retrain our troops as new weapons and tactics come along and we travel to different climates and regions to wage war against the enemies of this country.

I believe that we cannot continue to allow rouge countries with madmen’s at the helm to threaten us, our allies and our interests, to do so would only encourage others to take advantage of that weakness.

I believe that abortion is most forms to be ethically and morally wrong, I do believe that in certain extreme cases such as rape and medical emergencies that abortion should be allowed.

I believe that we as a decent society have the obligation to help others who do not have the ability to throw off evil dictators and obtain freedom for themselves.

I believe that the outrageous minority groups such as the fema-nazi’s and extreme gay rights groups and their ilk have entirely too much power and have been forcing their radical agenda down the throats of our innocent children in the schools.

Even the ultra insane ACLU has gotten into the act with its little war on Christmas which has gotten to the point where kids cannot sing Christmas songs in school anymore and they can’t even play Christmas music because it might offend some minority.

I also firmly believe in the institution of Marriage and I believe it is worth protecting and that a marriage between a man and women is the only real marriage in my view.

I absolutely believe that liberals/progressives/Democrats have undermined this country and have sided with its enemies, its quite clear when our enemies such as Bin Laden recite the Democrat talking points as their views and agree with our Democrats about a total withdrawal.

I will continue to call Democrats and liberals traitors until the actually show this country that they are not its enemy, but a friend and someone who can be counted on to support our troops and their mission.

You cannot support our troops if you do not support their mission, its crystal clear to me that the left does not fully support our armed forces and it’s a shame, all you ever hear is the Democrat leadership call our troops stupid and uneducated and it makes me sick!

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Sharpton's stature rises amid shooting

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I still don't care for him to much.

Frist will not run for president in '08

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Like he had a chance anyways.

US, NKorea meetings fail to yield new date for full nuclear talks

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Big shocker there.

Judge orders US to redesign dollar notes for the blind

The Story At Yahoo News.

This should be intresting.

Top Bush aide raises doubts about Maliki: NY Times

Get The Story At Yahoo News.

I have serious doubts about his ablility to run that country, but I am more than pissed about another classified leak by the NY Times.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Retreat Is Not An Option

Apparently we are the problem and all the Democrats and liberals are correct because there is still violence in Iraq and it has to be our fault because according to the Dems and libs it’s always our fault no matter the problem, but either way retreat is not an option.

Of course they have been saying this for quite some time and it never fails to enrage me as our troops are trying to secure this country and train its soldiers so they can defend themselves and all the left can do is attack them and call them killers.

All you have to do is look to John Kerry, John Murtha and Charlie Rangel to see what the Democrats really think about our brave boys fighting overseas as they have time and time again insulted our troops and questioned their intelligence.

Soon enough I will be able to fulfill my dream of serving in the military. I am obsessed with Military history and have a very extensive collection of documentaries (over 1000’s hours on DVD) and hope one day to be a military historian and serving in that military to me is of the utmost importance.

To those who ask why I am not over there I will tell you now, I was in the Army and volunteered when I was 18 and was sent to Ft. Leonard Wood for basic training, I was subsequently discharged as the doctors on base thought I had asthma after a couple of months, but at least I had the balls to try unlike you cowardly lefties.

Now for those of you who think you know everything I am on schedule to enter the Navy as I will be joining at the end of next fall, after my child is born and my upcoming wedding next August is concluded.

For any of you who try and discredit what I have to say know this, my family has given more to the service of this country than you could ever dream as members of my family have fought in every war this country has faced back to the beginning of this country as members of my family came over on the Mayflower and helped start this country.

I have friends and family fighting now and soon enough I will be doing my part and it disgusts me that you disrespect their memory and honor, but those of you who criticize me what have you done for your country except dishonor the fallen soldiers in this war with talk of retreat.

Retreat is not an option even though the left is pushing for nothing else, we cannot turn to Iran and Syria for help as the left would like as they are the ones who continually send weapons, money and materials for IED’s which are constantly being used to kill our troops and innocent Iraqi people.

Even Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Tuesday accused the United States of destabilizing Iraq through hired terrorists and former members of Saddam’s regime, which I find myself quite amusing.

"Those (the Americans) who plotted against Iraq, and whose plans have not materialized, are intent on destabilizing the situation. Their agents on the ground are terrorists, the excommunicated and former Baathists," the television quoted Khamenei as saying.

If these are the type of people the left would like us to get help from than we might as well just hand over our country to the Muslim hordes and start oppressing all of our women and treat them like shit, like the Muslims do.

What greater disgrace could befall this country than being beaten by smelly savages in bed sheets who for the most part don’t even have running water?

We are the United States of America and we should act like it!

Those of you who decry me will most likely be the first ones beheaded by these savages as they are less tolerant of other ideas and views than anyone on this earth, but you would rather side with them, that is fine with me because I could never go against my country as I actually believe it IS the greatest country in the world.

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Pelosi decides against Hastings

Get The Story At Yahoo News.

Ahh the Democrats are in fighting.

Bush says U.S. won't withdraw from Iraq

Get The Story At Yahoo News.

I am glad he is standing so firm on this issue.

Poisoned spy blames Putin for his death

Get The Story At Yahoo News.

Some odd things have been happening over there lately.

US urges NATO allies to drop limits on forces in Afghanistan

Get The Story At Yahoo News.

It would be nice for our allies to get in the fight more.

Police, protesters clash in Mexican city

Get The Story At Yahoo News.

This has been happening for over the past month, you would figure they would have it under control by now.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Freedom Is Not Free

Most Americans take it for granted everyday and millions of people around the world yearn for it, but is fighting for the freedom of others worth the money, the blood and the tears? I think so.

While I have an underlying suspicion that many Democrats and liberals would say no to that question, I do believe that the overwhelming majority of Americans would have a different answer.

This country has been fighting for freedom from its inception and continued this tradition in Cuba fighting the Spanish and freeing the Cuban people.

Our troops have been on the front line of the fight for freedom as they went to France in 1917 to fight the onslaught of German troops and to protect the freedom of Europe.

They again went into Europe in the 1940’s to combat the evil Nazi Germany led by Hitler and into the South Pacific to fight the vaunted Japanese Military.

Than under the banner of the United Nations our troops went into South Korea to face the onslaught from the juggernaut Army of Communist North Korea and battled them and the Chinese to a very frustrating draw.

Vietnam was the next battlefield where our troops laid down their lives for the cause of freedom, but that war was hindered by mismanagement from Washington and non-action against the North Vietnam and was ultimately undermined by the Democrats cutting funding for the war effort.

Which is quite odd considering that in every major battle, including the Tet offensive, our troops devastated the Vietcong and the North Vietnam Army in battle after battle.

Next in line is the first Gulf War in 1990 as tyrannical dictator Saddam Hussein invaded the oil-rich country of Kuwait and our country led a coalition to force the removal of Saddam by military force and that’s exactly what they did.

In 2003 George W. Bush had to once again invade the country of Iraq and remove the hated and murderous Saddam Hussein from power believing that he was obtaining and producing biological and chemicals weapons, which he had used in the past and at the same time free the oppressed people of Iraq.

While it is no question that this fight is not easy, the importance cannot be overlooked and the enemy we now face is unlike anything we have ever fought or encountered.

It is extremely vital and important for the world that we succeed in the war in Iraq and any of our future fights that might take place against North Korea and Iran.

I believe fighting for freedom is a worthy and noble cause and I applaud and commend all those who undertake this burden for they are the truly in our country and we owe them everything.

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US, NKorea set for Beijing nuclear talks: report

Get The Story At Yahoo News.

Yeah this should be good for a laugh, North Korea will lie to us once again.

Iran offers U.S. tentative help on Iraq

Get The Story At Yahoo News.

They are the ones stoking the fire of violence in Iraq.

US welcomes Palestinian, Israel ceasefire

Get The Story At Yahoo News.

We all know this is not going to last, the savages have already broken it.

US, Iraqi forces kill more than 50 insurgents

Get The Story At Yahoo News.

Every little bit helps.

Despite truce, Palestinian attacks go on

Get The Story At Yahoo News.

This trouble my friends, it will continue to go on and on.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

North Korea's Little Madman

In North Korea they believe and teach that the Americans started they Korean War, now as any educated person can tell you North Korea attacked South Korea on June 25th 1950, but that's just an inconvenience to the midget.

The problem with North Korea is the nukes, and with them they can keep their neighbors hostage. Which is why we are so bent on not having Iran have the same capabilities.

The communist state has long claimed the United States is bent on invading the country, condemning annual joint military exercises with South Korean troops as a "rehearsal" for an attack.

North Korea of course believes otherwise and nothing will convince them of the truth. They hate us and consider us the enemy.

Far as I'm concerned they can think anything they want because they don't have the power to do anything.

North Korea's Minju Joson newspaper cited planned drills with South Korea and other U.S. military activity in the Asia-Pacific region as evidence Washington was preparing to invade.

"The U.S. strengthening military moves on and around the Korean Peninsula is nothing but a premeditated maneuver to realize its hostile policy aimed at militarily stifling our republic," the North Korean newspaper said in a commentary carried by the official Korean Central News Agency.

"Under the current tense situation, the nuclear deterrent force of our republic effectively contributes to guaranteeing peace and safety of our republic ... (We) will make every effort to solidify our self-defense force".

If we wanted to invade that country we would do so with ease, but one step at a time first we must deal with Iran.

This little madman can hate us all he wants, he doesn't have the most advanced and strongest armed force's in the world.

This insane little man keeps pushing and pushing and sooner than later he is going to push to hard and we are going to push back and put this midget in his place.

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"Theresa, where's my allowance?"

From Neo-Con*Tastic

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25,000 protest pope's visit to Turkey

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When they chant "death to the pope" it just proves they are a religion of peace.

Massive rally backs Chavez opponent

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I really hope he loses.

Belfast militant held on murder attempt

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Can they just kill him this time?

Rumsfeld okayed abuses says former U.S. general

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"The methods consisted of making prisoners stand for long periods, sleep deprivation ... playing music at full volume, having to sit uncomfortably ... Rumsfeld authorized these specific techniques."

That is not torture, give me a fucking break.

Hoyer: U.S. commitment to Iraq is finite

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Did I not tell you they would cut and run!

Italy's Berlusconi slumps during speech

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Hope he is ok.

Israel, Palestinians OK Gaza cease-fire

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This will not last my friends, they hate the Jewish people to much.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Could the partitioning of Iraq be the answer?

Could the partitioning of Iraq be the answer? It may not seem like it, but this might be the easiest way to end the violence and major military involvement on our part and bring this military endeavor to an end.

Not everywhere in Iraq is there unchecked violence and slaughter; in the Kurdish north they have been spared the deaths that have plagued the capitol Baghdad and the surrounding communities.

The Kurds have been our great allies in Iraq and pretty much our only friends; they allowed us to just walk through the north of Iraq during our invasion and aided us in the fight as the Kurdish Peshmerga, Iraq’s only reliable indigenous military force worked with our Special Forces to take control.

Kurdistan in the north is effectively independent from Iraq as a whole and the Iraqi Army is more or less barred from the region, in fact even the Iraqi flag is prohibited.

The Kurdish people voted nearly unanimously for independence in an informal referendum in January 2005 which the Drive-by Media has largely ignored and actually hold our military in high regards.

Since the Kurds in the north are already operating autonomous from Iraq it would not be that hard to than separate the rest of the country into a Sunni section in the middle and a Shiite section in the south.

The Bush administration in the past has opposed this prospect, but they still regard the north as largely independent and splitting the country as to taboo, but with the growing violence between the Sunni’s and Shiite’s, President Bush might be pushed into that situation regardless of if he wants to or not.

Of course the plan of action in the short term most likely will be the increase of troops to help control Baghdad because the theory is, that if you can get the capitol under control and keep the violence to a minimum than the rest of the country will follow suit.

I believe that if the increase in troops fails to bring the violence under control than a partitioning of Iraq is probably the only other thing possible to help quell the violence.

We would not be able to withdraw all of our troops as we would need to leave some in the Kurdish north to ease the tensions with Turkey and to also provide a rapid reactionary force if local government were not able to hold firm and to also make sure that Al-Qaida is not able to set up shop in Iraq.

Time will tell of course, but the options are running thin and something needs to happen and it needs to happen soon.

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Shiites burn six Sunni worshippers alive

Get The Story At Yahoo News.

Just refer to main post for today, thats all I have to say about this.

Attack on Baghdad Shiite slum kills 161

Get The Story At Yahoo News.

Once again the savages strike.

Grandmother blows herself up in Gaza

Get The Story At Yahoo News.

Haven't I been telling you these people are savages?

China's military development 'outsized', Rice says

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That is an understatement to say the least.

Moscow out to harm NATO with release of files: Latvia

Get The Story At Yahoo News.

Sure seems like it.

Israel rejects Palestinian peace offer

Get The Story At Yahoo News.