Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The White House Says Haditha Details To Be Public

WASHINGTON - The White House said the details of an investigation into the killings of Iraqi civilians in Haditha in November 2005 will be released to the public when the probe is completed.
Press Secretary Tony Snow said that he has been assured by the Pentagon that "all the details" will be made available. "We'll have a picture of what happened," Snow said.
Evidence uncovered in February and March reportedly contradict the claims made by Marines that Iraqi civilians died as a result of a roadside bomb, the New York Times reported Wednesday.
Citing an unnamed senior U.S. official, the Times reported that a review of the incident by Col. Gregory Watt in Baghdad has uncovered evidence that casts doubt on initial reports by Marines involved.
"There were enough inconsistencies that things didn't add up," the unnamed official said, according to the Times. The report cites death certificates that show all the Iraqi victims had been shot, many in the head and chest.
Separate investigations seek to determine whether the Nov. 19 killings in the western Iraqi city of Haditha were criminal and whether the Marines involved and their commanding officers tried to hide the truth.
The Pentagon has said little publicly. What is known is that a military convoy hit a roadside bomb, killing one Marine. The Marine Corps had initially attributed 15 civilian deaths to the bombing and a firefight with insurgents, eight of whom the Marines reported had been killed.

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Everyone has been quick to jump on the bandwagon and blame the Marines for all wrong doing. These men have not even been charged with a crime. Yet here is John Murtha talking to anyone who will listen, claiming that there is a cover-up that goes all the way to Gen. Pace, and that the men murdered civilians in cold blood. He is doing his country and the Corps a great disservice branding these men without due process, if anyone has deserved to tell there side of the story before these kind of acquisition smears them, it is certainly those who fight to protect us. It is very obvious to me and should be obvious to all that Murtha does not care about our soldiers or our war on terror. The only thing that concerns him is his own political advancement, he is a traitor in every sense of the word, we should treat and speak to him as such. I don't care if he served, that doesn't mean he is right on every subject, he has earned an opinion but that is all.

Bush, families watch 'United 93' film

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Cities to get $740M in anti-terror grants

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Sen. Clinton kicks off re-election bid

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Defense spending in Latin America

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Timor capital calm after president takes charge

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US says fired in self defense as Afghans rioted

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Anti-war protesters return to Wash. port

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Father of Marine backs son's Iraq comrades

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UN seeks 80 percent increase in aid to Palestinians

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Passage of Abbas plan unlikely to ease sanctions: UN

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Investigation begun after reporter sneaks aboard British warship

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Pentagon: Iraq insurgency steady until '07

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U.S. cautious on new Iran diplomacy

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Hamas enforcer rails against U.S. gov't

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Palestinian rockets land in Israel

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Iraq PM vows 'iron fist' in restive Basra

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100,000 flee homes in East Timor capital

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U.S. says it's prepared to talk with Iran

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Saddam co-defendant thrown out of court

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Afghan lawmakers speak out on U.S. crash

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Palestinians struggling to pay salaries

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Violence flares again in Paris suburbs

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U.S., Vietnam remove last trade barriers

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Suspected Taliban attack Afghan town

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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid Accepted Bribe

WASHINGTON - Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid, who has criticized Republican ethics, accepted free ringside tickets to three professional boxing matches from Nevada officials who were trying to influence his federal legislation regulating the sport.

Reid, D-Nev., took the free seats for Las Vegas fights between 2003 and 2005 from the Nevada Athletic Commission as he pressed legislation to increase federal oversight of boxing, including the creation of a government commission.

Reid defended the gifts, saying they would never influence his position on the boxing bill and that he was simply trying to learn how his legislation might affect an important home state industry. "Anyone from Nevada would say I'm glad he is there taking care of the state's No. 1 businesses," he told The Associated Press.

"I love the fights anyways, so it wasn't like being punished," added the senator, a former boxer and boxing judge.
Senate ethics rules generally allow lawmakers to accept gifts from federal, state or local governments, but specifically warn against taking such gifts particularly on multiple occasions when they might be connected to efforts to influence official actions.

"Senators and Senate staff should be wary of accepting any gift where it appears that the gift is motivated by a desire to reward, influence or elicit favorable official action," the Senate ethics manual states. It cites the 1990s example of an Oregon lawmaker who took gifts for personal use from a South Carolina state university and its president while that school was trying to influence his official actions.

"Repeatedly taking gifts which the Gifts Rule otherwise permits to be accepted may, nonetheless, reflect discredit upon the institution, and should be avoided," the manual says.

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So surprise, surprise Harry Reid one of the main componets in the Democrats push to label the Republicans the "culture of corruption" has been exposed and now has his foot in his mouth. I suppose this will be covered up or blamed on someone else. It seems to me that the Democrats have there hands full with William Jefferson and now Reid. The Senate leader who has thrashed this administration and it's policies will now hopefully have to face justice for his wrong doing. I am not biased when I state this, any politician who takes bribes of any sort should face that same justice. We have to holourselveslf to a higher standard, otherwise we become like the rest of the world. Do we really want to end up like France or Mexico, we must keep our country strong.

My New Name

Your Irish Name Is...

Conor Daly

The Irish Test

You're 80% Irish

Congratulations, you're a shining example of an Irish lass (or lad).
There's hardly anyone more Irish than you!
I'm actually only about 70% Irish but what the hell.

US ending years of Gaza civic work

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Tarnished German image on World Cup eve

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EU puts Sri Lanka's Tamil Tigers on terror list

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UN Security Council may take action against Myanmar: US

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Timor gangs continue rampage

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Mayor targeted as youths fight police near Paris

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Gazans play down tensions, focus on Israel shelling

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Saddam witness says "executed" people still alive

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Australian troops plan for 6 months in Timor

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Chavez says Russia to help Venezuela make rifles

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U.S. to keep getting data on Europeans

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Arrest prompts more violence in Paris

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Marines join Indonesia quake relief effort

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OPEC nations seen maintaining oil output

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South Dakota abortion ban opponents petition for statewide vote

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Bush taps Paulson for Treasury secretary

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Murtha again charges coverup in Haditha, Iraq

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Murtha is such a traitor and should be treated as such.

U.S. says brakes to blame in Afghan crash

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Iraq probe focuses on Marines in convoy

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CBS journalist recovering at U.S. base

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White House says all Haditha facts will be made public

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Two gay people to try to sign up for military service in Twin Cities

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Been hearing about this since I live here, it's just a stunt.

49 killed in string of attacks in Iraq

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Former Marine fends off Atlanta robbers

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Japan approves US troop plan, skirts controversy over US air base

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US Court limits free speech rights of government whistleblowers

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ETimor president takes control of army

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U.N. official warns of Darfur catastrophe

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Venezuela spending billions on defense

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75 now on hunger strike at Guantanamo

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Moscow says banned gays because "cleaner" than West

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East Timor descends further into chaos

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Iran says it's ready to restart talks

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U.S. moves 1,500 reserve troops to Iraq

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Iraq says it has captured key militant

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Israelis launch Gaza ground operation

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Jordan's king meets with President Bush

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Monday, May 29, 2006

American Soldier, Honor Be Thy Name

Today many Americans will be enjoying there day off, barbecuing with the family, having a few cold drinks. Many of us I hope will be honoring those brave few who gave the ultimate sacrifice and laid down there lives so that we might be able to live free.
I am however very saddened by those who look at this day and only think of it as a day off, or as an excuse to get drunk.
I believe many people forget what this military has really done for this country and how much we owe them.

It was the Military that allowed this country to be formed and declare our independence from Great Britain.
It was the Military that freed the slaves and held this country together during our worst times. Our ground soaked with there blood saved a nation and freed a people.
It was the Military that expanded our borders from sea to sea and protected our trade oversea.
It was the Military that freed Europe from that tyrant Hitler and his Fascist lackey Mussolini and took the fight all the way to the Japanese home islands, with the Japanese signing there surrender on the deck of the battle ship Missouri.
It was the Military who tried to stem them flow of Communism in Korea and Vietnam and who held the Russians at bay for many years.
It also was the Military who liberated Kuwait and Iraq from madman Saddam Hussein and also freed Afghanistan from it's terrorist rulers.
What we must remember is that these men and women have given all of there tomorrows for your today. Those who bash the military and wish for there defeat are only able to do so because of that same military.
Today thank that brother, that uncle, that father, that grandfather, that son or whoever. Tell them what they have done for this country means something, honor them.
Visit the graves of fallen soldiers and thank them for there sacrifice.

God Bless The Troops and God Bless The Unites Sates!

Censoring “AmericA”

I was over reading at Woman Honor Thyself and i thought this post was great about Censoring "AmericA".

Go over there and read!

Iran says research on nuclear fusion progressing

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6 world powers to discuss Iran in Vienna

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Israel tightens NATO ties amid Iran nuke jitters

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Murtha: Iraqi killings worse than Abu Ghraib

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Murtha is a coward and a traitor to his own country, how he was voted in I have no clue. The people of that state better vote him out.

Pentagon seeking non-nuclear submarine missile: report

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Bush bans protests at military funerals

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It's about time

Civil War stories will bring heroes to life

Get The Whole Story At The Star Tribune.

This would be the ultra liberal paper from my home city of Minneapolis, I have stopped reading them because of there bias, but this they did well.

Hamas leader Zahar rejects Abbas referendum plan

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Israeli soldiers thwart suicide attack

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2 CBS crew members killed in Iraq bombing

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Guantanamo hunger strikers now number 75

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U.N.: Peacekeeper killed in Congo

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Darfur rebel group rejects deal as deadline nears

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Riots in Afghan capital after US troops kill four

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East Timor president appeals for end to bloodshed

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Pope: How could God 'tolerate' Holocaust?

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U.S. traffic accident sparks Afghan riot

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Memorial Day demonstrators face off

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Bush honors war dead at Arlington

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Pentagon pressing for new rapid-strike weapon: report

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Chavez says US working for coup in Bolivia

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Gen. Pace: Wait for probe of Iraq deaths

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Frist dismisses office search controversy

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Native Hawaiians seek right to self-govern

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Key rep. opposes 'path to citizenship'

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China: U.S. is in wireless 'conspiracy'

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Sunday, May 28, 2006

To The Right

Your Political Profile:
Overall: 90% Conservative, 10% Liberal
Social Issues: 100% Conservative, 0% Liberal
Personal Responsibility: 50% Conservative, 50% Liberal
Fiscal Issues: 100% Conservative, 0% Liberal
Ethics: 100% Conservative, 0% Liberal
Defense and Crime: 100% Conservative, 0% Liberal

Israel attacks militant bases in Lebanon

BEIRUT, Lebanon - Israeli warplanes attacked Palestinian militant bases in Lebanon Sunday in response to a rocket attack on northern Israel, Lebanese officials said. One militant was killed and at least five were wounded.

The Lebanese army said six rockets were fired at a base in eastern Lebanon while several others hit a base near the Mediterranean coast.

"Lebanese army anti-aircraft units opened fire at the hostile warplanes," the army said.
The jets targeted two militant command posts, one of which was used as a storage facility for weaponry and ammunition, the Israeli army said.

The planes carried three raids on a base of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command in Sultan Yacoub, a village about 3 miles from the Syrian border, Lebanese officials said on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak to the media.

Get Rest Of The Story At Yahoo News.

Israel has no problem taking the fight to the enemy, we might be well off to follow there example. You must strike back often and forcefully. These maggots in dirty bed sheets only respond to one thing, overwhelming force. We can provide that, not to mention the fact that we can put a bomb on your front porch if we have your address. Let's take off the gloves and do as Patton would have!

Saturday, May 27, 2006

I Passed I Passed!!

You Passed the US Citizenship Test

Congratulations - you got 10 out of 10 correct!

Hat Tip to my friend over at American And Proud Of It

Minutemen installing Ariz. border fence

PALOMINAS, Ariz. - Scores of volunteers gathered at a remote ranch Saturday to help a civilian border-patrol group start building a short security fence in hopes of reducing illegal immigration from Mexico.

The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps plans to install a combination of barbed wire, razor wire, and in some spots, steel rail barriers along the 10-mile stretch of private land in southeastern Arizona.

They hope it prompts the federal government to do the same along the entire Arizona border.

President Bush has pledged to deploy as many as 6,000 National Guard troops to strengthen enforcement at the border. The guardsmen would fill in on some behind-the-lines Border Patrol jobs while that agency's force is expanded.

But the Minutemen have said it's not enough. The group's founder, Chris Simcox, said they want a secure fence and they're starting at the site where his first patrols began in November 2002.

Get The Rest Of The Story At Yahoo News.

Well it seems that we atleast have somebody who is looking out for our best intrests, cuz it sure is not our goverment. I commend these men and woman, the media and loony left enjoy making these people out to be racists and bigots, nothign could be further from the truth, all they want to do is look out for the best intrests of our country and our way of life.

Iraqi athletes killed for wearing shorts

Get The Story At Yahoo News.

Ok this is just crazy, I know most of these Muslims have lots their minds but dear god.

Bush Says That He Will Not Relent In The War On Terror

By DEB RIECHMANN, Associated Press Writer

WEST POINT, N.Y. - The U.S. will take the fight against terrorism to every shore and outpost in pursuit of enemies like none before, not relenting until their defeat and showing the same resolve that won the Cold War, President Bush told West Point graduates Saturday.

"America will fight the terrorists on every battlefront. And we will not rest until this threat to our country has been removed," the commander in chief said in his commencement address at the U.S. Military Academy.
Bush recounted the challenges and setbacks in the early years after World War II, when the Cold War took root. He commended President Truman for laying the groundwork of success against communism and said that what was he was doing today against a more elusive enemy, global terrorists.
"By the actions he took, the institutions he built, the alliances he forged and the doctrines he set down, President Truman laid the found for America's victory in the Cold War," Bush said.
"Today at the start of a new century, we are again engaged in a war unlike any our nation has fought before. And like Americans in Truman's day, we are laying the foundations of victory," the president said.
To the 861 men and woman in West Point's 208th graduating class, Bush warned them that "the enemies we face today are in many ways different than the enemies we faced in the Cold War. The terrorists have no borders to protect of capital to defend. They cannot be deterred but they will be defeated."
The class of 2006 was the first time arrive at the academy after the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.
"The reality of war has surrounded you since your first moments at this academy," Bush told the audience. He noted that more than 50 fellow cadets already have seen combat, and 34 former cadets have died in the fight against terrorism.
"We will honor the memory of those brave souls. We will finish the task for which they gave their lives. We will complete the mission," Bush said.

There are many things that I could criticize the President for, his amnesty program and his refusal to clearly and effectively shutdown the border come to mind first. One of the things that we must give him credit on is the fact that he has yet to back down on his stance and view on how we should proceed in this deadly war on terror. Our enemy does not think in the short term and either should we, we need to take the fight to the enemy and keep them off balanced and running. These people are cowards. We will show them what happens when you wake the sleeping giant.

Hamas rejects deadline on Israel recognition plan

Hamas militia returns to streets of Gaza

Islamic militias, rivals fight in Somalia

Italy to pull 1,100 troops from Iraq

With war on, Americans have troops in mind

Pentagon clears UTX Helicopter upgrade

Bush, Blair agree on F-35 fighter technology transfer

Bush reflects on military sacrifice

Iraqi leaders clash over security posts

Attorney General prepared to quit over Jefferson probe: NYT

Lawmaker wants immigration deal before Nov.

Schwarzenegger has own immigration ideas

What a fake!

Senate confirms Hayden as CIA director

House leaders concede FBI right to search

Friday, May 26, 2006


Hastert, Justice Dept. Dispute Inquiry Story

By Howard Kurtz
Washington Post Staff WriterFriday, May 26, 2006

ABC News says federal investigators have put House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.) "in the mix" of their corruption probe centering on convicted former lobbyist Jack Abramoff.
Deputy Attorney General Paul J. McNulty says the ABC report involving Hastert -- even the "in the mix" language -- is "untrue."
Special Report

Abramoff, the once-powerful lobbyist at the center of a wide-ranging public corruption investigation, was sentenced to five years and 10 months in prison on March 29, after pleading guilty to fraud, tax evasion and conspiracy to bribe public officials in a deal that required him to provide evidence about members of Congress.
And Hastert, calling the story "absolutely" wrong, is demanding a retraction.

Who's right?

It is highly unusual for the Justice Department to confirm or deny that someone is under investigation. Department spokesman Brian Roehrkasse said that federal guidelines allow such statements in cases receiving "substantial publicity" and that the decision was based on the guidelines "combined with the inaccuracy of the information."
On "World News Tonight" Wednesday, Brian Ross, ABC's chief investigative correspondent, said the bribery probe "now includes" Hastert but cautioned that the investigation is "clearly at the very beginning. The allegations could well prove unfounded." George Stephanopoulos, the network's chief Washington correspondent, called the implications "potentially seismic."
Ross said in an interview: "I think our story is accurate. We've gone back to our sources, and they believe what we reported was accurate as they knew it. There seems to be some disconnect between what the congressman thinks, what the Justice Department thinks and what the FBI thinks. . . . There may be a semantics issue here as to what constitutes being under investigation."

Reporters for NBC, CBS, CNN, Fox News and other news organizations checked out ABC's report but were waved off by law enforcement officials. "Within 15 minutes, we had three or four basic denials saying in effect this was a complete overreach, and we chose not to run it," said John Reiss, executive producer of "NBC Nightly News."

Get the rest of the story here at the Washington Post.

So the drive-by media is lying once again to try and push thier own poltical agenda, big news right? Everyone has stated EXCEPT ABC that this is a false story, they continue to push the story and slam the House Speaker, who has publically ask for a withdrawl of that statement. No retraction has been forth coming. Is this another leak ? If so it's another strong signal that there are those in the government that would love nothing less than to bring down the GOP and the President, no matter what damage it may cause to the country in the long term. Brian Ross is a liar. ABC has a political agenda. Ross should be thrown into jail, but of course it's only the Republicans who live in "the culture of corruption". Don't suppose they are making this an issue out of nothing to cover one of thier own in William Jefferson, you remember him right, he used the National Gaurd during Katrina to retrieve money and personal belongings from his New Orleans home. You can't focus on that though the media wants you to think it's only the Republicans who do any wrong doing, but we know that's not true. Ross most likely will face some sort of action, I hope his ass gets fired!

Sadr's militia tightens grip on healthcare

Senate confirms Hayden to lead embattled CIA

Only surviving Beslan attacker gets life

Islamic Jihad vows retaliation on Israel

Galloway: Blair's death would be justified

Australian troops land in East Timor

Iran rejects U.S. offer to discuss Iraq

Bush to talk incentives if Iran halts nuclear moves

Iraq respects Iran's right to nuclear program

Iran has no nuclear ambitions: vice-president tells Pakistan

Iran says would hit back against any US attack

Iran rejects U.S. offer to discuss Iraq

Be wise, Iran cleric tells Bush and Blair

Hamas pulls private militia off streets

Hamas militia off streets after Abbas challenge

Abbas stuns Hamas with talk of referendum

Israel to allow transfer of weapons to Abbas force

Abbas sets deadline for end to deadly rivalry

Hamas militia divides Palestinians

US in talks with Iraq over Turkish Kurdish rebels: ambassador

10 Taliban, four police killed in fresh Afghan fighting

Surge in Afghan violence result of 'Al-Qaeda pressure on Taliban'

US to keep force levels in Iraq 'to win': Bush

Treasury secretary signals he may resign

Blair calls for unity, support for Iraq

Senate wants House to ease on citizenship

Hastert says he'll work with Justice Dept.

Lawmakers resist law on reporting leaks

Potential pitfalls ahead for Congress

House OKs oil drilling in Alaska refuge

Mexico's Fox praises U.S. immigration vote

Immigration foreshadows 2008 GOP contest

Feds say House Speaker not under probe

Thursday, May 25, 2006

American As Apple Pie And Baseball

You Are 87% American

You're as American as red meat and shooting ranges.
Tough and independent, you think big.
You love everything about the US, wrong or right.
And anyone who criticizes your home better not do it in front of you!
Hat Tip to my friend over at American And Proud Of It

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Rightwing Guy has gone Fishing!
I'll be back Thursday night with I hope, plenty of pics of my many catches and a belly full of fish and beer. Have a good week everyone. Liberals go victimize someone else!

The New Bill Of Rights

We The People...Of The United States

"We the sensible people of the United States, in an attempt to help everyone get along, restore some semblance of justice, avoid more riots, keep our nation safe, promote positive behavior, and secure the blessings of debt free liberty to ourselves and our great-great-great-grandchildren, hereby try one more time to ordain and establish some common sense guidelines for the terminally whiny, guilt ridden, delusional, and other liberal bed-wetters. We hold these truths to be self evident: that a whole lot of people are confused by the Bill of Rights and are so dim they require a Bill of NON-Rights."

ARTICLE I : You do not have the right to a new car, big screen TV, or any other form of wealth. More power to you if you can legally acquire them, but no one is guaranteeing anything.

ARTICLE II : You do not have the right to never be offended. This country is based on freedom, and that means freedom for everyone -- not just you! You may leave the room, turn the channel, express a different opinion, etc.; but the world is full of idiots, and probably always will be.

ARTICLE III : You do not have the right to be free from harm. If you stick a screwdriver in your eye, learn to be more careful, do not expect the tool manufacturer to make you and all your relatives independently wealthy.

ARTICLE IV : You do not have the right to free food and housing. Americans are the most charitable people to be found and will gladly help anyone in need, but we are quickly growing weary of subsidizing generation after generation of professional couch potatoes who achieve nothing more than the creation of another generation of professional couch potatoes.

ARTICLE V : You do not have the right to free health care. That would be nice, but from the looks of public housing, we're just not interested in public health care.

ARTICLE VI : You do not have the right to physically harm other people. If you kidnap, rape, intentionally maim, or kill someone, don't be surprised if the rest of us want to see you fry in the electric chair.

ARTICLE VII : You do not have the right to the possessions of others. If you rob, cheat, or coerce away the goods or services of other citizens, don't be surprised if the rest of us get together and lock you away in a place where you still won't have the right to a big screen color TV or a life of leisure.

ARTICLE VIII : You do not have the right to a job. All of us sure want you to have a job, and will gladly help you along in hard times, but we expect you to take advantage of the opportunities of education and vocational training laid before you to make yourself useful.

ARTICLE IX : You do not have the right to happiness. Being an American means that you have the right to PURSUE happiness which, by the way, is a lot easier if you are unencumbered by an over abundance of idiotic laws created by those of you who were confused by the Bill of Rights.

ARTICLE X : This is an English speaking country. We don't care where you are from, English is our language. Learn it !

( And Lastly....) ARTICLE XI : You do not have the right to change our country's history or heritage. This country was founded on the belief in one true God. And yet, you are given the freedom to believe in any religion, any faith, or no faith at all; with no fear of persecution. The phrase IN GOD WE TRUST is part of our heritage and history and if you are uncomfortable with it, TOUGH!!!!

I know I posted this last week but since I was leaving I thought it was something good that people needed to see.

French are rudest, most boring people on earth: British poll

LONDON (AFP) - The French have been voted the world's most unfriendly nation by a landslide in a new British poll published. They were also voted the most boring and most ungenerous.

A decisive 46 percent of the 6,000 people surveyed by travellers' website Where Are You Now (WAYN) said the French were the most unfriendly nation people on the planet, British newspapers reported.
The Germans have no to reason to celebrate the damning verdict. They came second on all three counts.
WAYN's French founder, Jerome Touze, told the papers he had been stunned by the thumping condemnation of his compatriots and sought to blame it on Gallic love-struck sulking.
"I had no idea that the French would emerge as such an unfriendly country," he said.

Get the rest of the story at Yahoo News.

The French are rude huh, well most people could have told you that. I would not step foot in that country that bends to the will of muslim terrorists and roiters. To think of all the American men buried in France so that country could be freed twice, makes me sick. France may be our ally, but they are not our friend.

Iraq government could bring US troop levels down: envoy

Pentagon secret spending said at post-Cold War high

Commander links Iraq insurgency, US force cuts to jobs growth

Olmert leaves Israel for first US summit

Abbas meets Israeli officials in first post-Hamas contact

Abbas warns against civil war as security chief targeted

Israel releases funds for Palestinian medicine

Israel orders probe into Gaza air raid deaths

Palestinians Foil 2nd Assassination Effort

Terrorists Strike Kashmir Political Rally

Firefights Kill 1 French, 16 Afghan Troops

Iran Rejects Reports of Gas Enrichment

Murder Attempt on Fatah Official Foiled

Palestinian Rocket Hits Israeli Classroom

Bush Praises Political Progress in Iraq

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Nagin Wins Re-Election as Big Easy Mayor

NEW ORLEANS - Mayor Ray Nagin, whose shoot-from-the-hip style was both praised and scorned after Hurricane Katrina, narrowly won re-election over Lt. Gov. Mitch Landrieu on Saturday in the race to oversee one of the biggest rebuilding projects in U.S. history.

"We are ready to take off. We have citizens around the country who want to come back to the city of New Orleans, and we're going to get them all back," Nagin said in a joyful victory speech that took on the tone of Sunday sermon.
"It's time for us to stop the bickering," he said. "It's time for us to stop measuring things in black and white and yellow and Asian. It's time for us to be one New Orleans."
Nagin won with 52.3 percent, or 59,460 votes, to Landrieu's 47.7 percent, or 54,131 votes. While the vote was split largely along racial lines, Nagin was able to get enough of a crossover in predominantly white districts to make the difference. He also won a slim majority of absentee and fax votes cast by evacuees scattered across the country.

Get the rest of the story at Yahoo News.

So Nagin won the election, hmm I didn't think the people of New Orleans were that stupid, guess I was wrong. This is the same guy who didn't do anything during Katrina and handed off his responsiblity and put all blame on the President and FEMA. He had more than enough time to save his people. Than he had the gall to say that New Orleans should become "chocolate city", he has done nothing to help his own people and made them to feel even more victimized, way to go liberals.

Bush, world leaders welcome new Iraqi government

WASHINGTON (Reuters) -
President Bush vowed on Saturday that Washington would stand by Baghdad as he joined world leaders in welcoming Iraq's new government.

"The United States and freedom-loving nations around the world will stand with Iraq as it takes its place among the world's democracies and as an ally in the war on terror," Bush said in a written statement.
Bush was the latest in a string of world leaders to welcome the formation on Saturday of the new Iraqi government -- the first full-term administration since
Saddam Husseinwas ousted in 2003 in a U.S.-led invasion.Nuri al-Maliki, who was inaugurated on Saturday as post-war Iraq's first full-time prime minister, has pledged to make security and the economy his government's top priorities.
"Iraqis now have a fully constitutional government, marking the end of a democratic transitional process in Iraq that has been both difficult and inspiring," Bush said.
Earlier British Prime Minister
Tony Blair hailed it as a crucial step forward for Iraqis, who went to the polls in December but have struggled to form a government due to sectarian wrangling between main Sunni, Shi'ite and Kurdish groups.
Hundreds of people are being killed every month in Baghdad alone and tens of thousands have fled their homes in fear of sectarian attacks since the bombing of a Shi'ite shrine in February.
"I'm obviously deeply relieved we've got a government," he told British broadcaster Sky Television. "The fact that you've got a government for the first time that is one of genuine national unity, voted for by over 12 million, I think that is a very, very crucial change in Iraq."

Get the rest of the story here Yahoo News.

It's about time they finally get something done over there. Our men have been dying for there power plays over there and it has to end. Now we should be able to start to slow process of tranfering troops out of there. The Democrats will claim that they are the reason for the draw down of troops , it has always been said that the situation on the ground would determine the amount of troops. This is a victory for Bush, nobody in the Democrat party said it could be done, now it is.

Guard Stint to Last 2 Years

President Bush's planned deployment of National Guard troops to the Mexican border would last at least two years with no clear end date, according to a Pentagon memo obtained Friday by The Associated Press.

The one-page "initial guidance" memo to National Guard leaders in border states does not address the estimated cost of the mission or when soldiers would be deployed. But high-ranking officials in the California National Guard said they were told Friday that deployments would not begin before early June.
While the military document makes clear the troops would remain under the command of their governors, it also indicates a high degree of federal control over operations. It states that the National Guard Bureau's Army and Air Directories "will serve as the states' focal points for force-planning, training, organizing and equipping their forces."
Guardsmen in "all other states, territories and the District of Columbia" will serve a supportive role, according to the memo.

Get the rest of the story here at Yahoo News.

There will be hell to catch over this I suspect, the Democrats and Illegal Alien groups have already tried to undermine the President. Mexico has already said they will sue. Maybe if we had a open conflicy it would settle a few things.

Pakistan Set to Hang Acquitted British Man

Israeli airstrike kills senior militant in Gaza

Iraq Swears in Cabinet After 5 Months

Gaza Blast Stokes Hamas-Fatah Tensions

Iran Rejects U.N. Plan Before It's Offered

Iraqis Split on Government's Effectiveness

Iran's Draft Law on Dress Has Many Worried

Afghan Hunger Strike Ends in Ireland

Irish police remove protesting Afghans from Dublin cathedral

Four years after independence, unrest again threatens East Timor

Bush Presses for Immigration Legislation

Israeli Plan Divides U.S. Conservatives

Hayden Would Inherit a CIA in Transition

Saudi Foreign Minister Backs Bush Approach

National Guard Unit Split on Border Duty

English Language Debate Renews Questions

Analysis: Immigration Bill Moving Through

Friday, May 19, 2006

This was stolen from Ace In The Hole

It Is The Soldier, Not The Preacher, Who Has Given Us Freedom Of Religion.

It Is The Soldier, Not The Reporter, Who Has Given Us Freedom Of The Press.

It Is The Soldier, Not The Poet, Who Has Given Us Freedom Of Speech.

It Is The Soldier, Not The Protester Who Burns The Flag, Who Has Given Us The Freedom To Demonstrate.

It Is The Soldier, Not Lawyer Or Judge, Who Has Given Us The Right To A Free Trial.It Is The Soldier, Not The Politician, Who Has Given Us The Right To Vote.

It Is The Soldier Who Salutes The Flag ... Who Serves Under The Flag...And Whose Coffin Is Draped By That Same Beloved Flag When His Tour Of Duty On Earth Is Over.


God Bless America.

Bush Wants Newcomers to Know English

By SUZANNE GAMBOA, Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON - The White House took both sides in a dispute over English being the national language Friday as a broad immigration bill moved toward a final Senate vote next week with one conservative predicting it will never become law.
Bush's support for the dueling sides doesn't stray from his long-held view on learning English, said White House press secretary Tony Snow.
"What the president has said all along is that he wants to make sure that people who become American citizens have a command of the English language," Snow said. "It's as simple as that."
The Senate on Thursday approved an amendment sponsored by Sen. James Inhofe, R-Okla., that would declare English the national language. But it also approved an alternative proposal sponsored by Sen. Ken Salazar, D-Colo., designating English the nation's "common and unifying language." Before the vote on the alternative, Inhofe warned his colleagues, "You can't have it both ways."
The White House seemed to. "We have supported both of these," Snow said of the two amendments.
Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, speaking Friday in Houston, added to the confusion.
"The president has never supported making English the national language," Gonzales said, adding, "I don't see the need to have legislation or a law that says English is going to be the national language."
As governor of Texas and a presidential candidate in 2000, Bush supported bilingual education programs. He sprinkles Spanish into his presidential speeches and has released political commercials in Spanish. But he also has said the national anthem should be sung in English.
The president plans to address immigration reform in his weekly radio address Saturday. He has generally favored a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants and a guest worker program that would bring more foreigners to the U.S. to fill jobs. Both are central elements of the bill before the Senate.
Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., an ardent opponent of the bill conceded Friday it is likely to pass next week. "The Senate should be ashamed of itself," he said. But he also predicted to reporters that it won't become law unless House and Senate negotiators rewrite it.
The adoption of Inhofe's amendment drew a heated protest Friday from Latinos.
John Trasvina, president and general counsel of the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund, said the amendment could be misinterpreted and lead to a cutback in services for those not proficient in English.
"Latinos don't need a law passed to say we ought to learn English. There are long waiting lists for adult English classes," Trasvina said. "It's false patriotism to pass an amendment to say you ought to learn English and not fulfill your responsibility of providing the opportunities."
New Mexico Sen. Pete Domenici, the only Republican to reject the Inhofe proposal, said the country should "move beyond the notion that English, and English only, will ensure the future of the United States.

English only should be the only option and the only way, we are Americans not Mexicans, our ancestors all learned ENGLISH when they came here. I don't think it's that hard to expect it now.

Immigration Measure Said Likely to Pass

Democrats Ask Bush for Iran Intel Update

New Iranian law to require Jews to wear yellow band

This was Very disturbing.

By staff

A new dress-code law passed this past week mandates the government to make sure that religious minorities - Christians, Jews and Zoroastrians - will have to adopt distinct colour schemes to make them identifiable in public, the Canadian National Post reported on Friday.
Under the new law, which still awaits final approval from Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Jews will have to wear a yellow band on their exterior in public, while Christians will be required to don red ones.
If the law is approved, it is scheduled to go into effect at the beginning of next year.
Internal Security Minister Avi Dichter responded to the new law Friday night, saying, "Whoever makes Jews anywhere wear the yellow star again, will find themselves in a coffin draped in black."
Furthermore, according to the law, the Iranian government has envisioned that all Iranians wear "standard Islamic garments" designed to remove ethnic and class distinctions.
The purpose for the law was to prevent Muslims from becoming najis "unclean" by accidentally shaking the hands of non-Muslims in public.
Ophir Paz-Pines, minister-without-portfolio responsible for culture, sports, science and technology, who is also a member of the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee in the Knesset, called on the government's secretary to ensure the issue be immediately addressed during the next Cabinet meeting.
"The State of Israel was created after the Holocaust in order to ensure it would not be repeated. The yellow star is a bright red warning sign that obligates us to muster the entire world in the face of events there [Iran]."
Paz-Pines also called on Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to make the issue his top priority when he visits Washington D.C. next week to meet US President George W. Bush.
Meretz Chairman Yossi Beilin said, "Israel could no longer be satisfied with warnings, and that the moment Jews are forced to wear the yellow band, Israel must act to evacuate all Jews from Iran." He added that, "Israel must stand at the forefront of efforts to separate Iran's crazy and Hitlerite regime from government control."
"The new law resembles the Holocaust," said head of the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles, Rabbi Marvin Heir, and warned that, "Iran was nearing Nazi Ideology."
According to Army Radio, Wiesenthal Center officials sent a letter to United Nations Director General Kofi Annan urging him "not to ignore" the new law, and reminded him that, "The world ignored Hitler for many years."
The new law was drafted during the presidency of Muhammad Khatami in 2004, but was blocked. That blockage, however, has been removed under pressure from current President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.
According to Ahmadinejad, reported the National Post, the new Islamic uniforms will establish "visual equality" for Iranians as they prepare for the return of the Hidden Imam.
The final shape of the uniforms is yet to be established but there is consensus on a number of points.
The Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations released a statement saying, "We have been seeking to clarify these reports but do not yet have confirmation. There are clear indications that various Iranian government agencies, including the Ministry of Commerce and Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, are working on new uniforms to be introduced in the fall.

Get the rest at Jerusalem Post.

Say hello to Hitler folks, Michael Savage has been saying it for along time now. It's time we finally do something.

Abbas Orders Probe Into Cash Smuggling

Migrants Forgo Smugglers to Enter U.S.

NATO: Alliance to Continue Afghan Mission

General: Militant May Be Taliban Leader

Jordan Plays Hardball With Hamas

Olmert Denies Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza

U.S. Proposes New Nuclear Weapons Treaty

Report: N. Korea Preparing to Fire Missile

Guantanamo Prison Guards, Inmates Clash

U.N. Urges U.S. to Shut Guantanamo Prison

Skepticism Abounds in 'Da Vinci Code'

Senate Votes Twice for English Language

Hayden Says CIA Must Look Past Controversy

House Votes to Keep Offshore Drilling Ban
These are the same people who are yelling and screaming about the gas prices

Feingold, Specter Clash Over Gay Marriage

Senate Sends Mixed Signals on English

Some Immigrants Fear Guest Worker Program

Rice: Rival Palestinian Forces Dangerous

Letters: GOP Constituents Want NAACP Probe

San Diego Border Reopens After Shooting

Taliban death toll from Afghan battle rises to 100

Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Democrats Try To Ruffle Gen. Hayden's Feathers

Well today has certainly been busy, General Hayden, Bush's nomination to head the CIA, received a spirited round of interrogation courtesy of the Democrats in the Senate Intelligence Committee.
Hayden insisted that everything carried out while he ran the National Security Agency was legal and also contended that spy services had to become less of a "political football".
If the Democrats want to draw this out in front of the American people they are going to lose, we want our government to do all that they can to keep us safe, and have the tools to do so.
"There are privacy concerns with everything that we do, of course. We always balance privacy and security, and we do it within the law," said Hayden. He received some harsh words from Oregon Democratic Senator Ron Wyden about his role as architect of President Bush's spying program and his own credibility for keeping all but a handful of congressional leaders in the dark about the Terrorist surveillance program begun shortly after the September 11 attacks.
"So with all due respect, general, I can't tell now if you've simply said one thing and done another, or whether you have just parsed your words like a lawyer to intentionally mislead the public," Senator Wyden said. It bothers me some that Senators such as this clown have no problem disrespecting this highly ranked with impeccable credentials, I like his response.
Gen Hayden said, "Well, senator, you're going to have to make a judgment on my character ... I was as full and open as I possibly could be."
He got some support in the form of White House spokesman Tony Snow, "We've got a lot of confidence in General Hayden," said Snow. "This is a guy who has been appointed precisely because he's the most qualified intelligence officer in the country. The guy's got a record of trying to take on big reform tasks and carrying them out," he said.
If the Democrats and liberals hate this General so much, I got to think he is going to do a good job and maybe find something on these Democrats that they don't want him to find, we shall see!

Mexico protests military and new walls on border
If Mexico didn't push all these people upon us maybe we wouldnt have had to do this, SCREW EM

Rival Palestinian forces parade through Gaza

Iran wants accord but will enrich regardless

West Bank Fence Provides Example for U.S.

Prodi Restates Call for Iraq Withdrawal
This guy is a coward

Iran Official Warns Against Iraq Crisis

Security Forces Seek Control of Gaza Strip

Bush Requests $1.9B to Bolster Borders

Bush Backs Plan for 370-Mile Border Fence

3rd Armored Cav. troopers continue to serve

By Sgt. 1st Class Donald Sparks Army News Service

Cavalry troopers from the 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment raise their right hand to repeat the Oath of Reenlistment during the unit's Mass Reenlistment ceremony held at Fort Carson, Colo. on May 5. A total of 640 Soldiers participated in the event. (Photo, SFC Donald Sparks)
Soon after his arrival back home from Operation Iraqi Freedom, Spc. Aaron Ziegler knew exactly what he wanted to do – stay in the Army and continue to serve.
A food service specialist assigned to Headquarters, Headquarters Troop, 2nd Squadron, 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment, Ziegler recently reenlisted.
Ziegler and 639 other Soldiers of the 3rd ACR recited the Oath of Reenlistment during a mass reenlistment ceremony at Fort Carson, Colo.
"For me, I wanted to continue the lineage of men in my family who have served in the military for our country," Ziegler said. "Also, when I look back at what the 3rd ACR accomplished in Iraq, I'm just extremely proud to be a part of something special."
Both Ziegler's father and grandfather served in the U.S. Army.
Maj. Gen. Robert Mixon, 7th Infantry Division and Fort Carson commanding general, gave remarks and specifically thanked the family members, "because without families none of this would be possible," he said.
Col. H.R. McMaster, 3rd ACR commander, said that since the regiment's existence, cavalry troopers have continually answered the call to serve, as they today amidst the demands of the Global War on Terrorism.
"It is difficult to understand the less tangible rewards of service – knowing that you are making a difference in an endeavor greater than yourself and knowing that you are part of a team in which the Soldier next to you is willing to give everything, including his or her own life for you," McMaster added.
According to Master Sgt. William Koke, 3rd ACR senior career counselor, the regiment has already achieved 135 percent of its annual reenlistment goal.
"Of that number, 358 were first-term reenlistees and in one week alone, 280 Soldiers reenlisted to continue service to the nation," Koke said.
Koke mentioned 95 percent of the Soldiers who reenlisted served in Operation Iraqi Freedom III. More than 280 reenlisted to stay at Fort Carson, 55 for stateside assignments and 38 for overseas assignments.
Ziegler reenlisted for an assignment to Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe, Belgium.
"The decision was easy for me to stay," Ziegler said. "I'm proud to be a Soldier."

Mexicans Denounce Senate Border Plan

By WILL WEISSERT, Associated Press Writer Thu May 18

NUEVO LAREDO, Mexico - Mexican lawmakers angrily denounced a measure approved by the U.S. Senate to build new border fences, and illegal immigrants vowed to skirt them and cross into U.S. territory anyway.
But the administration of Mexican President
Vicente Fox' , which had called the fence proposal "shameful" and "stupid" as recently as December, was conspicuously silent after the Senate bill passed Wednesday — perhaps because the measure also opens the door for millions of undocumented Mexicans to achieve some legal status in the United States.
"There are so many of us, most with families and roots in the United States. They are never going to stop us from crossing," said Julio Cesar Gutierrez, a 21-year-old from the western city of Guadalajara who was planning to swim across the Rio Grande into Texas from the border city of Nuevo Laredo. "We will dig under a wall, go over one. If the authorities over there want a war, we will fight."
Gutierrez, who was wearing a Washington Nationals baseball cap and a backpack carrying bottled water, said he had crossed three previous times and worked as a cook in Houston but was deported each time.
"They want to treat migrants like criminals," he said. "All we want to do is work."
The Senate agreed to give many illegal immigrants a shot at U.S. citizenship, but also backed construction of 370 miles of triple-layered fencing along the southern border. It is unclear where the new barriers would be built, though some have speculated they could go up in an area that includes Nuevo Laredo, across from Laredo, Texas.
The measure, which has yet to clear the House, comes as
President Bush continues to flesh out his plans to deploy 6,000 National Guard soldiers along the border to support the Border Patrol.
In Mexico City, lawmakers from Fox's conservative National Action Party and both major opposition parties denounced the initiative.
"It's a lamentable development and more evidence of a step backward in bilateral relations between Mexico and the United States," said Inti Munoz, a spokesman for House lawmakers from the leftist Democratic Revolution Party. "The construction of a wall and the militarization of the border are signs that speak of the absolute failure and lack of Mexican foreign policy."
Mexican Foreign Secretary Luis Ernesto Derbez said late Wednesday that the government would not immediately comment on the Senate bill. Just days earlier, the Fox administration was quick to express concern that Bush's National Guard plan could "militarize" the border region.
In December, the Mexican president said extending border walls was "shameful," and Derbez called a U.S. House proposal to do so "stupid."
Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador — a fiery Fox critic and the Democratic Revolution Party's presidential candidate in July 2 elections — called the president's silence on the Senate bill a sign of weakness.
"The truth is the federal government and the president have no authority," Lopez Obrador said Wednesday. "And for that reason, Mexicans who cross the border out of necessity are being humiliated."
Migrants preparing to cross the border in Nuevo Laredo said they would prefer to climb walls than make dangerous trips through the desert into Arizona and New Mexico, routes that have become popular since U.S. authorities fortified barriers separating San Diego and Tijuana.
"In the desert, smoke rises from the ground and you can die while you're walking," Gutierrez said. "The river here, even with a wall, is easier."
Jose Antonio Maldonado, a 16-year-old from Honduras who was trying to make it into the United States illegally for the first time, said he had no family or friends across the border and was unsure where to find work if he succeeded in crossing.
"We have withstood days of train rides, risking our lives without eating, without sleeping, to get to the border," he said, detailing the trip from his homeland. Central Americans traveling without proper documents in Mexico face deportation and often complain of being beaten or extorted by corrupt authorities.
"If there were a wall here, or any other obstacle, we'd overcome it," he said.

Normally I wouldnt use this much space on an article but, but it kinda made me mad.

Palestinian Security Deploys in Force