Monday, February 27, 2006

Either Way It's Bad

Dubai has been a topic of conversation the last two weeks and while there have been many arguments for and against this UAE company taking control of 30% of a few key ports. The question is not should we allow one of our allies to invest in our economy, but it is why anything as vital to our security has been out-sourced in the first place. The British have been our biggest supporters in the war against terror and one of our greastest allies since the early days of this country. That does not make it ok even for them to be running any aspect of our ports. If we are indeed the greatest country in the world than it stands to reason we should be able to run every aspect of our own ports. This is not to discredit our allies, but I see no need to take risks with something that we should be able to do ourselves. Now since we do not run every aspect of our port I see no reason to let an Arab country no matter how good of an ally they are to be running something could lead to some sort of an attack. There has been some talk that this is a sort of reward for there help in the war on terror. If that is the case I'm sure there is something that can be arranged to show our thanks that has nothing to do with the security of our nation.

The Real Truth

There has been much talk the last year and a half about the lack of armor for the troops and the vehicles. Anyone who has bothered to look at and pics of the troops and vehicles would be able to tell u they are the best trained and equipped troops in history. Never in any war were we totally ready. We never know the dangers and weapons that we will face, but that is the ability of they army and leaders to adapt to the problems we will face. Now we are facing an enemy that is unpredictable and fanatical and have no problem killing themselves for there cause. Its the job of the Iraqi and colalition forces to make sure these scum of the earth meet there maker, which they are doing effectively. Everyone in this country owes those men and women in uniform everything. Because of them we are able to live our lives like normal, fall in love, have kids, get married, do the the things that make us happy. We can never do enough to honor them, but going up to a soldier and thanking them would be a good start.

Our Real Enemy

Will all that's going on in the world its seems simple the things we have to deal with on a day to day basis. Our troops are all over the world fighting for us, and for that I'm very grateful. We now face the biggest enemy we have yet to face in islamo fascism. These are people who enjoy and chant gods name while they saw another head off. These people do not care about what race we are, what are sexual preference is or what have you. They want us dead or converted, simple as that. Now Iran is trying acquire a nuke for what they say they need to protect themselves from other powers that have them. The world rightly will not stand for this. The gov has been for some time sending radio and television signals into Iran with hope that the people of Iran will rise themselves against the madman they call a president. Our Troops will not and cannot fail, they all know the stakes and they all have signed on the dotted line. We owe our freedom and safety to these young men and women.

The Democrats Disrespect the President

Last night was the state of he union address, it was the most disrespectful display I have ever seen. The Democrats time and time again during the speech deciding that they wanted to play childish games in not applauding the president after he made profound and important points. Than when the president mentioned his failed social security plan, all the Democrats rose in animated approval. It only showed me, once again that the Democrat's do not care about the people they claim to represent. The only thing they care about is smearing, disrespecting and complaining about Bush. They do not give ideas on how to fix things, or what they really stand on. They do not care about working together to make this country better, they just want power and they are crazy they do not have it, and frankly I'm very grateful. The Democrats Senators looked as if they didn't even want to be there and were bored, that is shameful, I will never ever vote for a Democrat again.

Crazy Liberals

Today driving at work i came up behind a guy and on his car was a sticker that said "When Clinton lied no one died" and right away i thought to myself this person has no sense of history all they would have to do is think of Ruby ridge, Waco, Kosovo in Clintons own little war that wasn't even approved bye the U which is why the complaining so bad about Iraq. What about the men of the U.S.S. Cole that was bombed and he gave no response, the attacks on our embassies in Africa and still no response. After the deaths of about 20 soldiers in Somalia with the soldiers killing around 1500 Somalia militiamen and holding off thousands more Clinton tuck tail and ran away less than 2 weeks later. Just to think of the people that died huh it would be funny if it wasn't so sad.

Al Gore's Stupidity

I just love it ex vice president Al Gore was speaking in front of a crowd put together by the ultraliberal group and was ripping the president for warrentless searches. Maybe he wasn't there when Bill Clinton gave the go ahead for the programs Eschelon and Carnivore which were set up to listen to peoples electronic communications. Also every where I turn the media and papers are trying to say that the president should be brought to justice because of the warrentless wiretaps on Americans. They don't bother to tell the whole truth. The American government captured terrorists overseas and with them computers, cell phones and phone books, and in these they found numbers, American numbers, and so our government tapped these calls that all originated overseas. Normally u can go to the FISA court to get warrants, but you have to have probable cause, sometimes that's not quick enough to get warrant and we could miss something and that could be devastating to us. I would be upset if the President wasn't doing everything he could to keep us save and if he needs to bend the law a little to do that I have no problem with that. If we need to torture sometimes to get information, than we need to do it. We can ill afford to be soft and weak hearted. I would like to know why the Dems want to leave and say we lost and give up. They do not have the will and resolve to lead the country and they prove it yet again.