Thursday, April 06, 2006

Hamas Government Broke

The new Hamas government of Palestine, which won sweeping elections in January is broke and missed the monthly pay date for tens of thousands of public workers, Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh said Wednesday.
With the serious lack of money and foreign aid coming in, Hamas may have to think twice about it's hardline positions on the state of Israel. Hamas had been depending on aid coming from other Arab countries, but with that less likely to happen, Hamas may have to look to the U.S and Israel, which would force them to act.
The United States as well as Israel do consider Hamas a terrorist organization. Hamas is still committed in its charter to the Jewish State's destruction and they refuse to renounce violence in any way.
As part of a series of measures designed to put the squeeze on Hamas, Israel has frozen its payment of customs duties, worth around 50 million dollars a month, which it collected on behalf of the Palestinian Authority.
I have a hard time believing that any concession that Hamas makes will be truthful, they will only do so to get money. They hate Israel and the West and we must proceed in that fashion.


Bushwack said...

If the Arabs love the Palestinians so much let them give up the money to support the Muhamadnazis, I was always and still am against giving the Palestinians a damn dime, until the can uphold the cease fires and truces and treaty's and all the other "agreements" they so frequently renig on. They had their chances to fix this problem, now let the other oil bearing countries in the region support them.

Daydreamer of Oz said...

The problem is that you have Libya supporting Hamas. I totally agree with you. In fact I did a post about the Hamas charter & how it proves how full of **** people are who think that their political power will stop them from being psychotic, lunatic murderers!