Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Illegals Protesting Is Just Wrong

Over the last couple weeks thousands and thousands of illegal and legal citizens have protested in response to immigration reform. At first when these protests started you could see many Mexican flags waving, but somebody must have got the word out that Americans were not very happy with that, I was livid. Now all you see pretty much are American flags, to be honest that upsets me even more.
Why should we reward some 11 million people for breaking our laws? Does anyone not understand that they are illegal for a reason.
Now I am all for immigration, but through legal means, just like everyone else.
We should not be giving illegals access to schools and hospitals, that is only costing us in the long run, they are not paying the taxes that help pay for it. Now if it a serious emergency than yes of course treat them, but most go to the hospital for every little problem and we cannot afford it.
We need to build a massive wall along the border of Mexico and man it with troops. We need to not give welfare or most social services to illegals or immigrants, true Americans should be taken care of first.
The thing that upsets me the most, is that most can't even speak English, I should be able to go to a store in my country and not have to strain to understand those who are speaking.
This is our country and we need to stand up and fight for it or the illegals will take it over. With the Democrats pandering to them it may not be far off and that is very scary. What right do the illegals in the country have to protest anything they are not even citizens.

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