Monday, May 29, 2006

American Soldier, Honor Be Thy Name

Today many Americans will be enjoying there day off, barbecuing with the family, having a few cold drinks. Many of us I hope will be honoring those brave few who gave the ultimate sacrifice and laid down there lives so that we might be able to live free.
I am however very saddened by those who look at this day and only think of it as a day off, or as an excuse to get drunk.
I believe many people forget what this military has really done for this country and how much we owe them.

It was the Military that allowed this country to be formed and declare our independence from Great Britain.
It was the Military that freed the slaves and held this country together during our worst times. Our ground soaked with there blood saved a nation and freed a people.
It was the Military that expanded our borders from sea to sea and protected our trade oversea.
It was the Military that freed Europe from that tyrant Hitler and his Fascist lackey Mussolini and took the fight all the way to the Japanese home islands, with the Japanese signing there surrender on the deck of the battle ship Missouri.
It was the Military who tried to stem them flow of Communism in Korea and Vietnam and who held the Russians at bay for many years.
It also was the Military who liberated Kuwait and Iraq from madman Saddam Hussein and also freed Afghanistan from it's terrorist rulers.
What we must remember is that these men and women have given all of there tomorrows for your today. Those who bash the military and wish for there defeat are only able to do so because of that same military.
Today thank that brother, that uncle, that father, that grandfather, that son or whoever. Tell them what they have done for this country means something, honor them.
Visit the graves of fallen soldiers and thank them for there sacrifice.

God Bless The Troops and God Bless The Unites Sates!


Bushwack said...

Very good post T, I hope as well that the people of this nation recognize the facts you have stated so eloquently.
HAVE A GREAT DAY and thank the milbloggers when you get a chance.

Daydreamer of Oz said...

Great post! And it's so true....these people are so hypocritical...They don't recognize that if it weren't for our military, they wouldn't have the right to bitch about them!

The Drunken Samurai said...

Well done, Bro

Pamela Reece said...

Excellent post, so much so that I have no words to add. God bless those of our fallen wariors and may he watch over those who in harms way.