Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Israelis Bomb Camp, Cut Power And Water In Gaza

RAFAH, Gaza Strip -
Israel turned up the pressure on Palestinian militants to release a captive soldier Wednesday, sending its warplanes to bomb a Hamas training camp after knocking out electricity and water supplies for most of the 1.3 million residents of the Gaza Strip.

The Hamas-led Palestinian government called for a prisoner swap with Israel, saying the Gaza offensive would not secure the soldier's release. Militants holding the hostage have made that demand, but this was the first time the government made such a proposal.

In a statement, the Information Ministry said it was "natural logic" to carry out an exchange.
"This has been exercised by previous Israeli governments with Hezbollah and the PLO, and this is what other countries do in conflict situations," the statement said.

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Its for the best that Israel has entered the Gaza Strip, the head cutting maniacs need to be stopped and shown the power of rifle and the bomb. These efforts to rescue Cpl. Gilad Shalit, who was captured during an attack on an Israeli military post Sunday, may or may not succeed, but more importantly it tells the Palestinians that Israel will not accept this constant bombardment of its people and there attack on the military. They must crush them before they gain to much power and that my friends is the truth!


Ebyjo said...

I wish the USA had the courage to do this...the people do, but the govt is weak...

Douglas V. Gibbs said...

I posted my own story on this two articles ago, you put a good spin on it. Good post.