Friday, August 25, 2006

Iran nuclear issue may head next to U.N.

WASHINGTON - The United States is working with European allies and other governments over a possible U.N. response to what the Bush administration characterizes as
Iran's inadequate answer to demands that it cease uranium enrichment.

Iran maintains it has offered "positive and clear signals" to resolve the dispute over its nuclear program, but could face U.N. sanctions unless it reverses course and agrees to a verifiable halt to enrichment activities that can be a precursor to the manufacture of nuclear weapons.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Thursday that Iran's response is missing a "decisive sentence" on whether Tehran will suspend uranium enrichment and appears unsatisfactory.

"We are still examining it, but from everything that I hear we cannot be satisfied," Merkel said in an interview with N24 television.

French Foreign Minister Philippe Douste-Blazy saids Iran must suspend uranium enrichment if it wants to return to negotiations, but Russia's foreign ministry said it would continue to seek a negotiated solution and China appealed for patience and more dialogue.

The State Department acknowledged that Iran considered its proposal to be a serious one and promised to "review it."

But the U.S. statement issued Wednesday went on to say that Iran's response to a joint offer of U.S, and European trade and other benefits if the enrichment program was halted "falls short of the conditions set by the Security Council" — full and verifiable suspension of all uranium-enrichment activity.

"We are consulting closely, including with other members of the Security Council, on next steps," it said.

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The Iranian regime has long stated that they will not roll back the enrichment programs that they have established and that their nuclear ambitions are of god’s will.

With the 5 major world powers on the UN Security Council, The United States, China, Russia, France and Britain with Germany signing up as well, providing a incentives program to Iran to suspend nuclear enrichment, it now plainly obvious that they have no intentions whatsoever to commit to this incentives program and put a end to this standoff.

Iran has said that they have a natural right to nuclear energy and no one can dissuade them of this theory, this of course very incorrect.

No country has a right to this kind of energy, only those who will not use this technology to harm the masses should be allowed to use and develop nuclear energy.

The halting of nuclear enrichment has been the sticking point for the United States in moving forward with negations and if it is not suspended by the 31st the United States said that they will move forward swiftly to enact sanctions against the Iranian regime.

If sanctions are the rout that is left to us by Iran, Russia and China are the ones that we have to worry about; they are the ones who opposed bringing Iran in front of the Security Council in the first place.

I’m sure Russia does not want to lose all the money they are making by selling weapons and munitions to Iran to supply its army and indirectly Hezbollah.

Iran must be held responsible for their actions in funding and supplying Hezbollah, if they are not other across the region will try the same actions and tactics to get what they want.

If the United Nations is incapable of action, it falls to us as the most powerful country in the world to assert our presence and force to remind the Iranians what will happen if they push to hard.


Anonymous said...

It is clear that Iran is buying CRITICAL time. The funny thing though, is that the world keeps on falling to the same pattern: we focus on Iran's nuclear program - "something" happens in the world that diverts attention - we slowly start refocusing on Iran - they come out with statements about their 'readiness to negotiate' - it takes a long time to digest and realize that these declarations are just 'time buyers' - we threaten them with sanctions - "something happens in the world that diverts attention - we slowly start refocusing on Iran - they come out with statements about their 'readiness to negotiate' - it takes a long time to digest and realize that these declarations are just 'time buyers' - we threaten them with sanctions - etc.
You get the picture...
My hope is that sooner or later the world will wake up!
But the longer it takes...the more lives will be lost.
Also, it would be interesting to predict when Iran will use their 'secret weapon'. Check it out at

Lord Brown Mouse said...

The sooner we deal with Iran the better.

Just like it would have been better if the UK and world had woken up to Nazi Germany earlier - and gone to war in the 1930's.

Earlier war will mean less lives lost.

WomanHonorThyself said...

Israel may be steppin up to the plate hun..hold onto yer baseball cap!..:) great post.:)

jarhead john said...

You mean the way they stepped up to the plate with Hezbollah, and then caved in to the lefty pressure? They're certainly sending a clear message with the new subs, but Olmert's half assed efforts in Lebanon also send a message.

The prevailing winds seem to be blowing in the direction of diplomacy. We all know how much Muslims value dipomacy.