Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Democrats Try To Ruffle Gen. Hayden's Feathers

Well today has certainly been busy, General Hayden, Bush's nomination to head the CIA, received a spirited round of interrogation courtesy of the Democrats in the Senate Intelligence Committee.
Hayden insisted that everything carried out while he ran the National Security Agency was legal and also contended that spy services had to become less of a "political football".
If the Democrats want to draw this out in front of the American people they are going to lose, we want our government to do all that they can to keep us safe, and have the tools to do so.
"There are privacy concerns with everything that we do, of course. We always balance privacy and security, and we do it within the law," said Hayden. He received some harsh words from Oregon Democratic Senator Ron Wyden about his role as architect of President Bush's spying program and his own credibility for keeping all but a handful of congressional leaders in the dark about the Terrorist surveillance program begun shortly after the September 11 attacks.
"So with all due respect, general, I can't tell now if you've simply said one thing and done another, or whether you have just parsed your words like a lawyer to intentionally mislead the public," Senator Wyden said. It bothers me some that Senators such as this clown have no problem disrespecting this highly ranked with impeccable credentials, I like his response.
Gen Hayden said, "Well, senator, you're going to have to make a judgment on my character ... I was as full and open as I possibly could be."
He got some support in the form of White House spokesman Tony Snow, "We've got a lot of confidence in General Hayden," said Snow. "This is a guy who has been appointed precisely because he's the most qualified intelligence officer in the country. The guy's got a record of trying to take on big reform tasks and carrying them out," he said.
If the Democrats and liberals hate this General so much, I got to think he is going to do a good job and maybe find something on these Democrats that they don't want him to find, we shall see!


TexasFred said...

Best line of the day

Hayden: I want the CIA out of the news, both as a source AND a story...

Daydreamer of Oz said...

Good point that if they hate him so much, he must be great ;)

jarhead john said...

doz nailed it!

If the lifer politicians hate him, he's got to be a breath of fresh air. I'm sure that they'll cite the usual reasons for not wanting to confirm him. None of them will come close to anything Slick Willy did, but they won't care.

I think he's the perfect man for the job. He's a military man, he doesn't seem to give a damn about politics, and he cares. He's got my vote.