Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Bush gives Iran an ultimatum on uranium

President Bush told Iran on Monday that nations worldwide won't back down from their demand that Tehran suspend uranium enrichment.

"Iran's leaders have a clear choice. We hope they will accept our offer and voluntarily suspend these activities so we can work out an agreement that will bring Iran real benefits," Bush said a day before leaving for Vienna, Austria, where he will talk with European Union officials who are leading efforts to resolve the nuclear dispute.

If Iran's leaders reject the offer, they will face action before the U.N. Security Council and progressively stronger political and economic sanctions, Bush said during a commencement speech at the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy.

Bush discussed Iran with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday during an 18-minute phone call Putin placed to Bush. "The presidents agreed on the importance of remaining united in their efforts to press Iran to suspend all enrichment activities and begin negotiations on the incentives package," said Kate Starr, a spokeswoman for the National Security Council.

On Sunday, Iran accused the United States of trying to sway European nations from a possible compromise. The Iranian foreign ministry said U.S. insistence that negotiations be conditioned on Tehran's suspension of uranium enrichment has narrowed the scope of possible solutions, and made it more difficult for all parties to reach an accord.

Bush made it clear he would not budge. He said allowing Iran to enrich uranium, a process that can make nuclear fuel for a power plant or fissile material for an atomic bomb, would present a grave threat to the world.

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It seems that President Bush is riding the wave of success after the killing of the terrorist mastermind Abu Mussab Al-Zarqawi and his surprise visit to Iraq. As he should he is in a position of power backed bye the house and senate passing resolutions backing the Presidents war policy. Of course the Democrats came out in force making themselves easy targets for those of us who have heard there stupid comments. They have made it very clear that they would rather cut and run, admit defeat than stand and fight. If this is the message they are trying convey, than the Democrat will have a very depressing election night coming soon!
I don't know anyone who truly believes that Iran will fully comply with the international request, we should exhaust every avenue before war is contemplated but Iran has made it very clear that they want to destroy Israel, a close ally of ours. If they continue to threaten our ally they will act and than we will be forced to do so aswell. It should worry Iran that we are only next door and it would be no problem to kick the shit out of them too!


Gunz said...

18 minute phone call with Putin? What a crock...what the h*** to you talk about in 18 mins except how are you doing? and the Mrs? Yeah, we have to go through that worthless security council unfortunately, in the end I hope Bush has a grand plan to take Iran's threat out. Like you stated he is riding on success, so I hope he's planning on taking care of business with or without the U.N.s approval. They are anti Bush to begin with. Give Iran incentives? A package of deals? They would take them and still try to make a nuke behind our backs...We have to take it out one way or another.

Bushwack said...

I say let Israel do it, they don't have to deal with the Democrats as much as we do.
They know their existence lies in the hands of Iran if they get a nuke.

jarhead john said...

Guess I'd better pack my bags...

Iran has a worse record of defying international agreements than Iraq did.