Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Bush says US using 'all assets' against terrorists

WASHINGTON (AFP) - US President George W. Bush, touting national security issues three months before congressional elections, assured Americans he was using "all assets" to protect them from terrorists.

"We live in troubled times, but I'm confident in our capacity to not only protect the homeland, but I'm confident in our capacity to leave behind a better world," he said during a visit to the

Bush met with Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and was to have lunch with what the White House described as experts on Iraq before heading to the US State Department for talks with US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

"It's very important for the American people to know that we're constantly thinking about how to secure the homeland, protect our interests and use all assets available to do our jobs," said the president.

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I have no doubt that our President is doing all he can to preserve our way of life and safeguard our freedoms in a world that is filled with people who want to kill us for no other reason than being not Muslim.

There are many Democrats who feel that the President is taking away their civil rights and that he is a war criminal and should be impeached. Let me ask you a very simple question, what rights have you had to give up?

I personally have not had to give up any of my rights; my life has not been changed in away way by the changes made by this administration in it’s’ war on terror.

We in the United States have a far less encompassing system than our allies the British, they do not have to worry about the same problems we do, and they are able to go after the terrorists much more effectively.

There are those who still do not realize the enemy we face and the seriousness of their resolve, they continue to bicker and complain about what they feel this administration has yet to do, but they offer nothing except criticism, they offer no ideas and no solutions.

These savages will not and can not restrain themselves from killing the innocent. I believe history and time have shown this to be true.

There is an inherent brutal savagery that pervades in the Islamic culture that can not be denied, it has been there far longer than many would like to admit, that savagery has been there even before the crusades, our support for Israel and the war in Iraq.

It is foolish and naïve to believe that if we removed our troops from Iraq and Afghanistan that terrorists would leave us alone and not try to kill us once again.

They hate us for what we stand for, they hate us because we will not bow to their false god, they hate us because we believe it is morally wrong to support and condone honor killings, beheadings, strapping bombs to children, executions of openly gay people and the brutal oppression and subjugation of women.

They will not spare you because you are against this President or the war in Iraq, they will not spare you because you are a Democrat, and they certainly will not spare you because you are tolerant, because they find that to be a weakness which they will hope to exploit.

We as a people are their enemy, we must all soon come to realize that fact or we will not survive.


Aakash said...

This is not about "the Democrats."

Many of us on the Republican Right recognize that this administration has messed up greatly on foreign policy matters. It has abandoned the true-blue conservative priniciples upon which President Bush was first elected, and has adopted the left-wing vision that most conservatives and Republicans rebuked during the Clinton years.

As conservative student leader James Lawrence pointed out at my weblog, the future of our country will be determined not by whether "the Democrats" or "the Republicans" are in power, but rather, whether true 'republican' Republicans take control of our national policy - both foreign and domestic.

If this does not happen, things will continue to go sharply downhill.

Rightwing Guy said...

I totally Agree