Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Lieberman loses Connecticut primary bid

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The absolute crazies have taken over the Democratic party.


Tom said...

Actually.. a majority of Americans oppose the Iraq war.. the Presidents approval rating is in the mid 30's, Congress in the low 20's. By contrast, Clinton left office with a 68% approval rating - after - being impeached.

Ned Lamont represents those views. So you tell me - who are the crazies.. your bunch, or the majority of Americans?

Now Lieberman is running as an independent.. which means he doesn't care much about the view of the CT democrats, does he? He doesn't respect democracy does he? In an election, there's a winner and a loser - and Lieberman lost.. which means he lost the election, and the people that lose the elections lose.. duh

I didn't bother to look up the links for the polls.. they're all over the place..

It's quite amazing to me how virtually every post on your blog has the completely wrong view point about current events.

Rightwing Guy said...

acording to you, but that doesn't say alot.

Tom said...

You mean my information is incorrect? The polls are incorrect? The voters of CT are "crazies" because they exercised democracy and picked a candidate that reflects the majority view of America?

How is that crazy? Which part of my statement "doesn't say alot"?

By the way.. this is a pet peeve of mine, because it reflects total ignorance.. but there is no such word as "alot". There is "a lot". A "lot" is - a number of associated people or things, if you look it up in a dictionary.

If you take that to heart, and remember my chastising you for using that term, and never do it again, people reading you are not as apt to think you've never had an English class.

jarhead john said...

Reflects the "majority view of America?" You're nuts. The majority of Americans certainly are NOT liberals, regardless of what Hollywood would have you believe.

jarhead john said...

Oh, one other tiny point; tom claims that Lieberman "lost" the election. I think he actually failed to get the Democratic Party's nomination. The election is still a bit down the road. He could still win the actual election as an independant. The REAL majority may indeed vote for him in that venue. However, the far left may indeed be the majority in CT.

Tom said...

Reflects the "majority view of America?" You're nuts.

No - sorry.. I'm not..

From today's National Journal;

Though Lieberman and the Bush administration maintain that the U.S. can help Iraq become a peaceful democracy, most Americans would beg to differ, a new CNN poll finds.

Sixty percent of respondents said they now oppose the war, a jump from the 54 percent who were against the war in June. The poll was conducted the day before and the day of a Senate hearing in which the two top generals overseeing the war said sectarian violence in Iraq could transition to full-blown civil war.

More Americans are also unwilling to keep American soldiers on the front lines there. Just 34 percent said troop levels should stay the remainder of the year, compared with 47 percent in January who told CNN/Gallup/USA Today pollsters that troops should remain in Iraq until the job was done. Sixty-one percent said they wanted some kind of drawdown this year, including 26 percent who wanted all troops home by 2007.

The Pentagon's decision to send homebound troops back to Iraq after President Bush promised more of them could start coming home also doesn't likely sit well with most Americans. Nearly three in five want to see a timetable for bringing the troops home.

As for Lieberman, we have a 2 party system in this country.. which means we have primaries. It's possible that Lieberman could win in a 3 way election, but he would be doing nothing more than what Nader did in 2000.

So why do we have primaries at all? Lieberman is just a joke of his former self. He should just go Republican and run for election that way. He'd be better than the current Republican nominee.. what's the latest scandal with that guy? Is it gambling or something like that?