Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Saudis, Mexico pledge help on US oil: White House

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With all the money that Mexico owes to our country they should be paying it off with payments of oil, that country would not exist if it was what we had wanted. We could have taken all over Mexico after our little war in which we whooped there ass, but people were worried about all that land becoming part of the slave owning south and would have tilted favor of the south in Washington. Not to mention, if that had happened I doubt the north would have won the civil war.


Tom said...

Uh.. that's bizzare.. 'nuff said.

By the way.. do you know how much money the United States "owes" other foriegn nations? Do you know what that debt is called? Do you know how that debt is carried?

Are you going to go "whoop there" ass?

Tom said...

I guess I erred there.. I said "'nuff said" and then went on to say more.. Oh well.

Rightwing Guy said...

And you call me the uneducated and stupid one.

Tom said...