Wednesday, August 09, 2006

US, North Korea may be on collision course: group

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This is a country that teaches its children in school that is was the United States that started the Korean war, which we all know to be obviously false. It teaches its children that we and this country are evil, when dealing with people like these negotiations can only do so much.


jarhead john said...

I can't wait for the lefty response to our smackdown of NK. They've gone looney over Iraq, so that should be a real hoot!

Here's their talking points:

NK should be free!- free to develope their nuke program? Or free to starve their populace to death?

NK is oppressed by the west- huh? Pull your head out! They're oppressed by slim dong ill.

If NK developes nukes, we won't be able to do anything!- Not quite, but see answer number one dimwit. You can't have it both ways.

(Insert lefty loon response about "tolerance" here....._

Tom said...

Actually.. North Korea is a real problem that needs to be dealt with. They actually already have nukes - and we invaded the country without them (Iraq). Go figure.

Difference is.. the North Korean army is vastly superior to the decimated Iraq army that gave up without a fight. You want a ground war in North Korea? Well, that's some serious shit.

In other words, you've got a rogue nation with nukes, and your military options are a ground war, which will cost massive amounts of American lives (with a draft by the way so that Bushwhack and RWG will fight this time), or just massive nuclear annihilation.

Or - try and work a diplomatic route and bait them to agree to inspections and disarming through diplomacy.

Is that "lefty loon" enough for you? Those are your 3 options - pick one.

Lord Brown Mouse said...

Or...class their development of nuclear weapons and testing of (possibly nuclear) missiles over japanese airspace as an act of nuclear aggression and respond with an act of nuclear retaliation.

I reccomend we do the same with Iran.

Will set a good example to others who are thinking of developing nuclear weapons.

Tom said...

You, buddy.. are certifiably insane.

Do you have any idea what-so-ever of what happens if we pre-emptively nuke North Korea and Iran?

Holy cow that's just nuts.

There is a reason why Stephen Hawking stated last month that he doubts mankind will survive another 100 years. It's people like you, and thinking like yours, that will result in nuclear annihilation.

We can rest assured that there is zero chance of that happening.

Rightwing Guy said...

If we take on North Korea and the start a draft, it would make my job of trying to get in alot easier.

Lord Brown Mouse said...

Heya - A land war with N Korea is out of the question. They have tons of artillery and millions of soldiers just waiting to kill all 37,500 US troops and destry Seoul. Thats why I think you can justify an immediate nuclear response if and when they next fire missiles over Japan - we can only assume they carry nuclear war heads following their boasting of their willingness to use such weapons.
Tom - it would be called self defence.

jarhead john said...

I think tom is probably referring the China's response to our nuking of Korea, which is certainly a valid threat. Iran on the other hand? I'm not sure who would jump in on their side, other than Syria. We would undoubtedly be condemned in many diplomatic circles, but the nuclear threat from Iran would be removed. However, there would undoubtedly be countless civilian casualties.

Our other choice is to sit back and let Iran launch their own preemptive nuclear strike against either Israel, or us. Korea though, I don't think anybody can predict what that lunatic Kim will do.

Tom said...

At least this thread has exposed your insanity, so I know what I'm dealing with here. Nobody in their right mind is talking about pre-emptive nuclear assaults on North Korea and Iran. I guess maybe just the right fringe of the right fringe..

JJ still didn't offer a suggestion for North Korea. We know he wants to nuke Iran though.

By the way... RWG.. what was the conviction for? Was it a felony?

The standards in the Army right now are lower than ever before. In fact, they just asked Congress to raise the enlistment age to 42 because they are so desperate for soliders. You have a moral obligation to enlist - and it's sad that you've fucked up so badly that you can't even meet the same minimum standards as so many others have.. but in any case, I'm really really sure that you can get in.

I know some military people.. if you're specific with what your issue is, I can check with them to see how to work it out, and they can find the local people near you that can work with you and get you in basic in a matter of a couple weeks.

The army lowered their ASVAB requirements as well, but I doubt you really would have an issue with that one, and the "criminal conviction" issue is often waived.

But you and I both know you're just making all this shit up.. and you're not going anywhere..

Lord Brown Mouse said...

Tom...very one can doubt your a comic genius...LBM

Z said...

Holy Shit! Nukes? NUKES? FUCKING NUKES? Jesus Christ! I am well to the right of Tom and Steve (as they would attest during some other debates), but how can pre-emptive nuclear fucking attacks even come close to being an option?!

Iran on the other hand? I'm not sure who would jump in on their side, other than Syria. We would undoubtedly be condemned in many diplomatic circles

Condemned in diplomatic circles? The majority of the world hates us now as is, this would turn literally every other country against us. And they would be justified. You can't just nuke countries. That's the kind of thing the "bad guys" do.

And even if you do. Say you nuke Iran. Kill hundreds of thousands of innocent people. HOW DOES THAT HELP? You'll get even more fanatics hell-bent on destroying America the only way they can - terrorism. And that's assuming you don't start a nuclear exchange leading to millions and/or billions of lives lost.

Tom has got it right that you guys don't think this shit through at all.

Lord Brown Mouse said...

Your opinion.

Tom said...

Your opinion.

That's the best you can do? Your opinion?

You guys actually think you're making rational arguments, but I'm here arguing with people that are advocating pre-emptive nuclear strikes. You guys are really fucking insane crazy.. like waaaayy way crazy.

So... just keep that in mind as we debate these things, that I - and actually 99.5+% of the human race - think you are bat shit fucking out of your minds insane. Okay?

Lord Brown Mouse said...

Tom. On many topics debated on these pages people like me, RWG, JJ etc represent the silent majority - or at least a sizeable minority.


Tom said...

No.. that's patently false. I do agree that there are some people who do hold those views. Often they are silent because those viewpoints are crazy. That's why the Ku Klux Klan wore the bed sheets over their heads. That's why I just estimated a figure of 99.5%.

There's always going to be a certain number of people that hold any view. For example, I'm sure there are some that are sorry that Germany lost the war, and didn't get a chance to finish off the entire Jewish race.

I do commend those that hold such views for being honest about it though, even though the view itself is reprehensible. It's better to know there is that kind of insanity in the world still, and it's a good thing that we rebuke them.

The desire to preemptively use nuclear weapons in Iran is the same thing

Lord Brown Mouse said...

Please take a note of my Iranian idea, and come back to me when Iran (& N Korea) has nuclear weapons and missiles that they are capable of & willing to target at America and Europe.

It will be interesting to see if you then believe, 'maybe the mouse had a point after all!'.