Thursday, August 17, 2006

W.House: NKorea counterfeiting supports terrorism

Get The Story At Yahoo News.

Oh I hate the midget of North Korea.

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Lord Brown Mouse said...

The World should stop all aid - food, medical and economic to North Korea.

Without this aid the country would collapse.
(OK - the people would starve - but they are partially responsible for the dictator they have. They need to realise that no democracy in the world came into being without sacrifice and struggle.)

Any firing of any missiles over Japan should be regarded as an act of Nuclear aggression and responded to in kind.

North Korea sets an example to every tim-pot dictator in the World, that acquiring nuclear weapons makes them 'untouchable' and gets the world pandering to your whims.

No wonder there are several other countries following the same path.

We will pay for our weakness.