Monday, February 27, 2006

Either Way It's Bad

Dubai has been a topic of conversation the last two weeks and while there have been many arguments for and against this UAE company taking control of 30% of a few key ports. The question is not should we allow one of our allies to invest in our economy, but it is why anything as vital to our security has been out-sourced in the first place. The British have been our biggest supporters in the war against terror and one of our greastest allies since the early days of this country. That does not make it ok even for them to be running any aspect of our ports. If we are indeed the greatest country in the world than it stands to reason we should be able to run every aspect of our own ports. This is not to discredit our allies, but I see no need to take risks with something that we should be able to do ourselves. Now since we do not run every aspect of our port I see no reason to let an Arab country no matter how good of an ally they are to be running something could lead to some sort of an attack. There has been some talk that this is a sort of reward for there help in the war on terror. If that is the case I'm sure there is something that can be arranged to show our thanks that has nothing to do with the security of our nation.

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