Monday, February 27, 2006

Al Gore's Stupidity

I just love it ex vice president Al Gore was speaking in front of a crowd put together by the ultraliberal group and was ripping the president for warrentless searches. Maybe he wasn't there when Bill Clinton gave the go ahead for the programs Eschelon and Carnivore which were set up to listen to peoples electronic communications. Also every where I turn the media and papers are trying to say that the president should be brought to justice because of the warrentless wiretaps on Americans. They don't bother to tell the whole truth. The American government captured terrorists overseas and with them computers, cell phones and phone books, and in these they found numbers, American numbers, and so our government tapped these calls that all originated overseas. Normally u can go to the FISA court to get warrants, but you have to have probable cause, sometimes that's not quick enough to get warrant and we could miss something and that could be devastating to us. I would be upset if the President wasn't doing everything he could to keep us save and if he needs to bend the law a little to do that I have no problem with that. If we need to torture sometimes to get information, than we need to do it. We can ill afford to be soft and weak hearted. I would like to know why the Dems want to leave and say we lost and give up. They do not have the will and resolve to lead the country and they prove it yet again.

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