Monday, February 27, 2006

The Real Truth

There has been much talk the last year and a half about the lack of armor for the troops and the vehicles. Anyone who has bothered to look at and pics of the troops and vehicles would be able to tell u they are the best trained and equipped troops in history. Never in any war were we totally ready. We never know the dangers and weapons that we will face, but that is the ability of they army and leaders to adapt to the problems we will face. Now we are facing an enemy that is unpredictable and fanatical and have no problem killing themselves for there cause. Its the job of the Iraqi and colalition forces to make sure these scum of the earth meet there maker, which they are doing effectively. Everyone in this country owes those men and women in uniform everything. Because of them we are able to live our lives like normal, fall in love, have kids, get married, do the the things that make us happy. We can never do enough to honor them, but going up to a soldier and thanking them would be a good start.

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