Tuesday, August 08, 2006

DeLay to make way for write-in candidate

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Well the Democrats may not get what they want now. They have tried to block the GOP from putting another candidate on the ballot, but now the GOP will have a chance with the write-in campaign.


Tom said...

There's always room for a write in candidate - the issue is getting DeLay's name taken off the ballot. We shall see..

Wasn't he the majority leader until recent? Then I think he's been accused of corruption, resigned in disgrace, and then moved out of Texas? Seems he's had a lot of dealings with Jack Abramoff.. hmmmm

Rightwing Guy said...

The Democrats are only using that to gain control of the house by keeping his name on the ballot.

Tom said...

Uh.. ya.. but the courts have upheld it by legal standing. DeLay is the candidate - and he well represents the Republican party, and should stay on the ballot.

I find it all terribly amusing.