Monday, August 07, 2006

Iran insists it will not freeze nuclear work

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If Iran continues on the path they have taken and ignores the international then they will reap what they sow.


WomanHonorThyself said...

Iran listen to International pressure?..Never!..great posting RWG!..:)

Rightwing Guy said...

Thanks hun

jarhead john said...

With the way things have been going here, you're going to be decried as all manner of evil buzzwords by the moonbats RWG.

Tom said...

Actually... the moonbats will wonder what "reap what they sow" means exactly because the "Christian holy warriors" typicaly speak in very vague terms in order to conceal the obvious nature of their total lunacy.

But here, I think he's referring to bombing nuclear facilities - but we're not really clear on what that would achieve, are we? The presumption is that "we" know where all the facilities are located, and given the historic incompetence in the current administration, we're not very confident it will be done correctly. The important point though, is that moonbats think, in theory, it would be a smart thing to do (bomb the facilities that is).

And then the moonbats are going to wonder if the 101st fighting keyboard brigade will finally sign up to go fight in the Iranian ground campaign.

I think that's about it..

Z said...

101st fighting keyboard brigade

I lol'd.