Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Muslims show true colors

I've resisted talking about this issue for quite some time, I was hoping it would die away. That has not happened. The Imams won't allow it. It was they who started all of this. They are showing the world how crazy and full of hate the Muslim world really is. Now the cartoons that they are mad about may be in bad taste, I don't think anyone is debating that. Now with it being said we live in America, we have free speech and you know what, stuff gets published and showed on TV that offends people everyday. We also have the ability to turn that TV off or not buy that magazine. The thing is we actually have the ability to reason and think, which apparently is lacking in the Muslim world. They do whatever these crazy imams wants. What they are showing me the most is that we as a country have much, much more work ahead of us. With people this willing to kill and die for the will of madmen it will certainly keep our lives interesting for years to come. Yet me must never forget the enemy we face. These are the monsters who saw peoples heads off while chanting for their god. When was the last time you saw Americans chanting death to a country, burning flags and killing people rioting? I'm sure you have heard many times that not all Muslims are terrorist, but it is a sad and telling fact that all terrorists are Muslims.

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