Thursday, July 27, 2006

The IRA vs. Hezbollah/Hamas Round 2

Well apparently some people did not understand what I was trying to say when I compared the IRA and Hezbollah/Hamas. For some reason some of you think that I support the IRA or that I am not being as hard on them as Muslim terrorists because they are white Europeans.
Both are very wrong, I do not support terrorism in any form and believe that any terrorists should be brought to justice no matter what race they are or for what cause they fight for.
What I believe is that the IRA while terrorists cannot be compared with those savages of the Middle East. Yes I know fully what the IRA has done, they have killed many innocent people, but there is a difference between these terrorist groups and that difference cannot be ignored.
Hezbollah and Hamas respectively do not fight to unite a country and they sure as hell do not fight with an honor. The IRA for the most part does not specifically target civilians, it has happened, but for the most part is come as collateral damage when they target the police or military targets.
They also do not make it a practice of strapping bombs to children then exploding them, I also do not see the IRA chopping heads off and then posting it on the internet. Not to mention that the IRA does not want to impose its religious views upon the entire world.
This does not excuse their actions in anyway; I’m just trying to explain the difference. Now take Hezbollah/Hamas, they have absolutely no problem chopping heads off and targeting children to make their point, they are gleeful in the fact that they want you to pray to their god or you they will kill chanting his name.
These crazies only fight for their religion, and have no honor, they want to take over the world and make bow before them. While I am part English my loyalties lie first and foremost to the United States and than to Ireland, the British have been more than ruthless in the dealings with the Irish over the years and while I do not hate the English in any way, I still do not like the fact that they have not left Ireland to the Irish.
I do call upon the British to cease their holdings in Northern Ireland and cede those areas back to the Irish to whom which they belong.
I do not excuse The IRA of anything and they are terrorists, but not in the same fashion as those Islamo-Fascists we also fight.
If you all cannot see the difference between these organizations than that is not my problem, I can clearly see the difference and anyone with some common sense could also come to that same conclusion.


Lord Brown Mouse said...

Hey RWG - I accept you don't support terrorism of any type.

The IRA did bomb shopping centres and other civilian targets etc though - not only police stations and the army.

Also remember that the majority of the Northern Irish population wishes to be part of the UK - they are not all republicans.

I understand though what you are saying - the Muslims do have the aim of forcing their religion on the whole world and are exceptionally brutal and fanatical in their actions. The best way of understanding their bloodthirsty ways is to read the Koran itself.

The 'islamic radicals' and 'islamic terrorists' are the ones who actually interpret the Koran most accurately.

It does say kill all jews and christians wherever you may find them, and it does say if you die fighting for ALLAH you will go to heaven and enjoy so many Virgins etc.

The Koran is also anti democratic and it's interpretation requires that ALLAH's rules should not be over ruled my mere mortals through elections etc This would be an infringement of ALLAHs will (ie the Koran) and the rules for life laid down in it's pages.

The Koran also does not treat women equally; encourages the persecution of homosexuals and supports under age sexual relations.

I believe that this makes Islam an unacceptable religion and doctrine and incompatable with Western values. The West should reject the followers of such a doctrine and return them to the Islamic nations.

Islam is a religion based on war and conquest. Remember that at one time the majority of the Mediterranean coastline was populated by Christians until Islamic aggression erradicated them.


Lucyp said...

I understand what you are saying but it still comes across as you saying that the IRA are not as bad as Hizbullah, i am sure that many of the families of people maimed and killed by the IRA would disagree. I think you are never going to get your point across because in most eyes, a terrorist is a terrorist regardless of their mode of operation.

jarhead john said...

I fully concur with lord brown mouse. It's absolutely idiotic to continue to allow followers of the cult of Islam to enter our country. Gee, let me take a wild guess at how terrorist organisations gather intelligence in our nation.....

Jen said...

The IRA can be seperated into two different periods. Remember that IRA was once considered an legitimate military of the UDI Irish Republic. It wasn't the first group used to 'protect' Catholics, there were the Defenders (1700s), Ribbonmen (1800s). The uprising after WWI, the brutality can be generally led back to the Black and Tans, an group of WWI veterans. The Black and Tans were the first ones to start executing IRA prisoners, in return the IRA started to excute British prisoners.

This group of the IRA is the first out of 6 IRA groups. The one Ireland has now is called the Real Irish Republic Army. They've killed civilians in England. December 2004, they led 15 attacks against Irish and British police and civlians.

Rightwing Guy said...

Jen you always have very good input and you are right.

Night Bogey said...

It's a shame you edit out any comments that differ from yours. This is fairly typical of men and women who believe the "D" in democracy stands for Dictator. We who fought for democracy want to hear what people have to say.

We posted our comments about the IRA, but we see, based on the chilly-willy posts of your respondents, that you fear anything that might spark of truth, wisdom and reality.

Were you, RWG, ever in Northern Ireland? The IRA is as bad or even worse than any Middle East terrorist organization and much more sadistic than the Mafia.

The IRA is a wave of Irish hoodlums--mostly unbathed and scummy. To breathe the air of an Irish R.A. is like breathing the very stench of death.

I know this, because I was once sent there to scope out and terminate a view IRA Micks, as they prepared to fight little children. Much easier than whacking the Asians in VN.

Anyway, if you cannot take the heat, do what Gen. Tommy Franks did, and get out of the kitchen and AWOL yourself to a happy life where everyone can agree with you--in time, you'll get bored and fade away.

PS: Maybe you don't want negative comments about the IRA because you may have had a family member in it.

Thank you. Mostly, I enjoy your blog.

Rightwing Guy said...

i dont delete any commments from this page

SniperSays said...

Good. I like the way you've done this blog and you have a decent style. I don't disagree with all that you have here, but, hey, democracy is a great thing.