Monday, July 24, 2006

Israel faces fierce battles with Hezbollah

SIDON, Lebanon - Mideast diplomats were pressing Syria to stop backing Hezbollah as the guerrillas fired more deadly rockets onto Israel's third-largest city Sunday. Israel faced tougher-than-expected ground battles and bombarded targets in southern Lebanon, hitting a convoy of refugees.

Israel's defense minister said his country would accept an international force, preferably
NATO, on its border after it drives back or weakens Hezbollah. But his troops described the militants they encountered as a smart, well-organized and ruthless guerrilla force whose fighters do not seem afraid to die.

With Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice arriving in Israel on Monday, both the Arabs and Israelis appeared to be trying to set out positions ahead of Washington's first diplomatic mission to the region since the fighting began.

The United States backs Israel's refusal to talk about a cease-fire until it completes the military campaign against Hezbollah, but is under increasing pressure to foster a plan to end the growing suffering and destruction in Lebanon.

Still, daily casualty figures appeared to be falling — about nine confirmed Sunday by Lebanese security officials, compared with dozens each day earlier in the week. The decrease could be a result of the exodus from the hardest-hit areas or because of the difficulty for authorities in getting figures from the war zone.

In the 12th day of fighting, guerrillas launched more than a dozen rockets at the Israeli city of Haifa, killing two people. Israeli missiles struck a convoy of fleeing Lebanese, killing four people, including a journalist.

In the far south, fighting with Hezbollah raged around the Israeli military's foothold in Lebanon — the border village of Maroun al-Ras, where the Israeli army has maintained a significant presence since Saturday. But so far they were not advancing. Hezbollah reported three of its fighters killed.

Israeli military officials said their forces captured two Hezbollah guerrillas on Sunday. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to talk to reporters. Israel Army Radio reported the two were the first prisoners Israel has taken in this offensive.

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All these Arab countries are calling for a cease-fire is nothing more than a joke, what reason should Israel even contemplate a cease-fire? They are the ones being attacked on a regular basis from these savages. Hezbollah and Hamas respectively have not freed the soldiers that they have taken captive, and they have not stopped the attacks against Israel. The only reason other countries in the Arab world have been seeking a cease-fire is because that if Israel is allowed to continue in its military campaign against these terrorist organizations and destroy them in a very effective manner than a pathway to peace is able to be found, and that is something the hard-line Muslims will never allow. President Bush cannot allow Hezbollah and Hamas to be able to run free in the Middle East and than be taken seriously regarding the war against terror. Iraq and Afghanistan are battlefields in this war, and we need to be taking it to our enemies wherever they are, and they just happen to be fighting our great allies, and we cannot let them down in their time of need.


WomanHonorThyself said...

All these Arab countries are calling for a cease-fire is nothing more than a fooling ..Youre so on spot with this one RWG!...good post!..:)

Rightwing Guy said...

thank you, those Arab countries could have prevened such attacks but did not do so. So Israel must now whoop some ass!

Anonymous said...

Hezbolla remind me of the IRA in Britain several years ago. The IRA kept bombing the UK despite enjoying full democratic rights.

Would you have sanctioned Britain bombing IRA targets in Ireland and crossing the border as required? Just like the Israeli's are currently doing?

Rightwing Guy said...

you cannot put the IRA on the same level with those savages who follow Islam. Its not like the IRA is chopping heads off. Plus England has not given back northern Ireland, your example doesnt work at all

Sage said...

Good post as usual RWG.
I might have to tune up my site as your "gematriculator" rating is slightly more evil than mine...rofl.

Bushwack said...

RWG, Leave this up a while, I'd like to see the Anonymouse guy come back and answer that.
IRA, Fighting for independence, or whatever was a far classier outfit than these freakin Muslim fascists we are dealing with now.
They're thugs and cowards and the like but they are chior boys and saints compared to Muslim Horde arrayed against the world today.
Perception is based on actions and the IRA did not expect EVERYONE to convert or die as is mandated in the Koran.
Fly anonymouse fly back to your fairy world and hug a tree or something.

Sorry RWG, these assholes love to throw out the IRA when trying to justify the Muslim atrocities.

Tom said...

Nobody is justifying "atrocities" you moron. The only reason you could possibly say the IRA was "classier" is because they are/were white Christians. Dead is dead, whether you get beheaded in Iraq, or blown up by an IRA bomb in London. It's all the same.

The really amusing part to me is that you would even call them "cowards". Call them terrorists (they think they are freedom fighters), or call them Muslim holy warriors, but it's a complete farce that all you warriors in the 101st fighting keyboardist brigade have the gall to call Hezbollah "soldiers" cowards. They are actually fighting a vastly better equipped enemy and dying. You guys are sitting in your mother's basement, eating cheetos and masturbating to Sean Hannity.

You nutzoids think it's a holy war.. Go sign up and fight the holy war. If the Muslims are such cowards, it should be real easy for you.

Wow.. look at the "right wing guy" there.. 25 years old.. looks prime for the infantry. Why does your profile say "driver" instead of Marine?

How about "Bushwack".. looking all tough in your 'do rag and sunglasses and effete mustache.. Why aren't you fighting the Muslims if they are such a threat to all that is holy?

God damn bunch of uneducated red neck trailer trash unthinking simplistic cowards.. Maybe if you had actually finished 8th grade, you'd have learned that real world geopolitics and religion are far more complex than your inferior intellects can grasp.

Rightwing Guy said...

well actually if you knew me like other that come to my page, you would know why i'm not there and it's not because of my choosing.
and yes the IRA has more class, do you see them chopping heads off or straping bombs to kids? no didnt think so

Anonymous said...

Bushwack & RWG, do not misunderstand me, I am a supporter of Israel's actions in the Lebanon. They have been suffering from continuous missile attacks from Hezbollah for years, despite withdrawing from Lebanon six years ago.

Lebanon is 50% Christian and 50% Muslim. Of these Muslims half are Shia (the same as Iran and the rulers of Syria) and the other half are Sunni (Arab states).

There is a natural animosity between Shia and Sunni.

Israel should try and target their attacks on specifically the Shia targets and areas - therefore not alienating the Christians & Sunni Muslims.

This will help Israel's interests and security in the longer term.

Ultimately I believe Israel and the USA will have to deal with Iran and Syria head on. These are the supporters and controllers of Hezbollah. We cannot allow Iran to have Nuclear weapons. We should never have allowed Pakistan or North Korea to have them either. These are all major mistakes.

I am also a supporter of the USA and am a supporter of Britain's alliance with the USA in Iraq & Afghanistan.

I also believe the 'West' should stick together. (That includes Ireland, Britain, USA.)

When I criticise the IRA, I am not citicising the Irish people - the vast majority of whom did not support the IRA. The IRA for many was a cover for organised crime, that still blights communities in Norther Ireland today - even in peaceful times. The same can be said of the Loyalist Paramilitary's as well.

The IRA killed many innocent Irish and British people. The IRA used to raise alot of it's money from the USA and New York for operations in Northern Ireland. 9/11 gave the Americans a taste of what it is like to be on the receiving end of terrorism and since then the financial support for the IRA has dried up.

The Irish and British should be on the same side and not fighting each other.

Please remain open to seeing the weaknesses - as well as the strengths of your conutry. Remember it was The Republic of Ireland that shamefully refrained from joining the war against NAZI Germany in WWII. Remember also, it took the USA over two years to join the war against the NAZI's also.

My analogy of Britain bombing Ireland in a similar way that Israel bombs Lebanon today - was my method of opening your eyes.

The majority of the population in Northern Ireland support their position of remaining part of the UK. When the majority decide otherwise they are free to vote to leave the UK.

Instead of using bombs and guns to try and make this happen, the members of the IRA should have taken the political route instead.

RWG - and Bushwack. One other thing before I go. It worries me, that the USA, is fighting wars abroad at the very moment that you are being invaded by a bigger threat. One that will transform your country entirely.
The invasion from the South - the Hispanic invasion will ruin your country. As they build a bigger voting block your politicians will pander to them more and more, and your country will be changed forever. Your Grandchildren may even end up speaking Spainish.

What do you think?

Tom said...

well actually if you knew me like other that come to my page, you would know why i'm not there and it's not because of my choosing.
and yes the IRA has more class, do you see them chopping heads off or straping bombs to kids? no didnt think so

Despite the grammatical horror, I think I get what you're saying.. so do enlighten me. You are not in the military, why?

I don't know why I debate those clearly motivated by broad themes, and completely lacking any real knowledge of the topic. Yet, here I am..

"La Mon house" Petrol Fire-Bomb Massacre
February 17th 1978
Twelve people were "Incinerated" when the Provisional IRA/Sinn Fein left a fire-bomb at "La Mon House", Gransha, a country hotel outside Belfast. Of the twelve people killed seven of the victims were women. All who died were attending the Annual dinner dance of the Irish Collie Club and were Protestant Civilians.

"The Claudy Day Massacre" - Bloody Monday
31st July 1972 - 9 people dead
The first person to die, on what became known as Bloody Monday, was eight-year-old Kathryn Eakin .
She was killed when the first bomb exploded outside McElhinney's Pub at Main Street at 10.15am. Kathryn was struck by shrapnel as she helped out at her father's grocery shop.

"Bloody Friday" Friday 21st July 1972 -
Massacre of Innocent Civilians in Belfast
Nine people were killed when the Provisional IRA/Sinn Fein detonated twenty bombs in just an hour, 130 people were injured some seriously. Four Ulsterbus employees were killed. There was wide spread panic as the bombs went off one after another all over Belfast City.

"The Omagh Bomb Massacre"
15th August 1998 - 29 people dead and two unborn children dead
"The Omagh Bomb Massacre"
15th August 1998 - 29 people dead and two unborn children dead
"All Civilians "

At 3.10pm on Saturday, August 15th, 1998, a 500Ib car bomb exploded in Market Street, Omagh. It caused carnage on a scale never before seen in Northern Ireland. A total of 29 people were killed, as well as two unborn children, and hundreds were injured in the IRA atrocity. At the time, many felt it was the outrage to end all killings. Sadly, this has not been the case.

I could go on and on.. endlessly, but you really aren't interested in opposition to "white terrorists". Only Muslims are the evil ones that need to be destroyed in a holy war.

Tom said...

The invasion from the South - the Hispanic invasion will ruin your country. As they build a bigger voting block your politicians will pander to them more and more, and your country will be changed forever. Your Grandchildren may even end up speaking Spainish.

This is what we on the left like to call, racism.

In other words, the Mexican "invasion" will ruin the racial purity of the United States, right? Seig!!!11

Rightwing Guy said...

For one I blew out my acl in my right knee and have been working on that and it's pretty good, also when i was younger I got in legal trouble and have had that to deal with. Soon that will no longer an problem, and I have already inquired on this trust me.

Rightwing Guy said...

I dont support the IRA dumbass

Tom said...

I see.. that really shouldn't be a problem as the Army has drastically lowered their recruiting standards, so you're a shoe in. Still.. might be a bit sticky if it was a felony. I'm assuming this was a physical crime, such as a burglary, or an assault.

I dont support the IRA dumbass

Didn't say you did. I merely humiliated your argument that somehow the IRA was "classier", which I have to admit is one of the most retarded things I've read in a while.. Congrats on that one..

But I do enjoy being called a "dumbass" by the 85'ers.. (which is sort of my pet name for those hovering near that I.Q.).. I have a BA and MS in mathematics and computer science respectively from Northern Arizona University, and SMU.

Yes.. I'm a liberal intellectual elitist prick.. because I can..

Rightwing Guy said...

sorry to ruin your day, and i'm sorry my grammer is not up to your elitist prick standards, but my IQ is 140, there are some very very smart people in my family. I personaly study military history, it is one of my great passions, in fact Im watching one of over 80 dvds I have regarding military history as I write this.

I'm glad you have those pieces of paper, but those dont make you happy in life. You will never understand thats why you are an elitist prick

Anonymous said...

The Hispanics are illegal invaders - invaders who do not have the decency to fight before they invade.

The Northern Europeans settled the USA, Canada, Australia and NZ and made a success of them.

The Hispanics had the other two thirds of America and fucked them up.
Little democracy
Fast population growth
Lack of human rights
Failing economies
High crime

Instead of leaving the bit of America they fucked up - and then taking these ills to the North, they should be made to suffer the consequences of their actions.

If you want lots of kids - you suffer for it!

America has the right to block these illegal immigrants - or any other immigrants for that matter. If that is the democratic choice of the people, then that is their legitimate decision.

America should realise that it is great because it is founded on the customs and traditions of the people of Northern Europe and not Latin America, Asia, Africa or any where else.

Tom. I am sure if it was millions of illegal white immigrants pushing themselves onto the indigenous poeples of some ethically population island you would have a totally different view.

We have the same problem in the UK with the incoming Muslims.

Anonymous said...

I agree with much of what you say. Israel is a key ally of the West in the Middle East and they have suffered from continuous terrorist attacks from Hamas & Hezbollah for years - despite withdrawing from the Gaza Strip and Southern Lebanon.

A conclusive military offensive against these groups could make a difference. The trouble with Israel though, is that they have many Arabs and Palestinians living within their borders and while this is the case there will always be trouble.

Israel should withdraw all Israeli settlers from the West Bank and the Arab/Palestinian population in Israel should be relocated to the West bank and other areas outside the Israeli borders.

This would result in a 'neater' solution and result in an eradication of terror attacks within Israel, and any from outside could be classed as clear acts of war and dealt with in the appropriate way - unrestrained retaliation.

After World War II several millions of Germans were forced out of the Eastern side of Germany and the borders redrawn. It resulted in with most Geramns living in Germany and Polish in Poland and Ukrainians in Ukraine, and avoided the problems of large minority populations being left in these countries. The result - peace for 60 years!

How long will it be before the USA, UK and Israel are forced to go into action against Syria and Iran. This is ultimately the correct course of action to take so that we avoid a nuclear Iran.

Tom said...

140? LOL

Okay 85.. if you say so.. but only 4% of the population in the world has a 140+ I.Q. Somehow, I'm just not getting that vibe from you.

I've read some of your posts here, reading some military history books does not really count I'm afraid to say. Then again, I.Q., really doesn't have much to do with knowledge so much as reasoning and critical thinking skills.

However, formulating coherent thoughts does have a lot to do with knowledge. Typical on the right wing is the idea that someone like, oh I don't know, Bill O'Reilley has a more learned opinion of middle east issues than say.. Juan Cole, who just happens to be a long time scholar.

I'm not really here to say "I'm smarter than you" anyway..

Tom. I am sure if it was millions of illegal white immigrants pushing themselves onto the indigenous poeples of some ethically population island you would have a totally different view.

Wonder why ya'll keep ascribing points of view to me, when I said no such thing. Is that how right wingers argue? Comment on the substance of my argument maybe, or maybe I can just argue like you do.

Annoymous' solution is "final". Hordes of Mexicans are invading. The Muslims are taking over the U.K. White people are not breeding fast enough to keep up with the Asian and brown people's population.. therefore, the world is in peril because white people made all the good things in the world and life as we know it would come to an end if the white man was no longer the majority in the United States..

Therefore - we must gas them all!!!1

Did I come close to stating your position correctly Mr. Annoymous?

Really.. this debating method of making up some bullshit ludicrist point of view, and then ascribing it to me is silly.

In the world of debate, we call that a straw man argument.

Please click the link, learn what that means.. and stop doing it.

Lord Brown Mouse said...

Tom - would you have a different view then or not?

Rightwing Guy said...


Lord Brown Mouse said...
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Lord Brown Mouse said...


Picture the scene.

You live in a house.

Next door lives a Somalian/Mexican/Pakistani/Jamaican (delete as required).

You look after your house. Get married and have 3 kids - as that what you can afford. You educate them. Cloth them. Look after the house and property. Ensure repairs are carried out and the kids are disciplined.

The neighbour - lets say somalian - has 10 kids, can't afford food for the kids because he has so many. After a few years his house is falling down, sanitation is damaged, kids unruly and fighting each other. On top of that none of them can read.

Then mr somlian decides to make a break for a better life.

He decides - lets move next door and live with Tom.

Lets have a better life at Tom's house.

Would you be happy for them to move in? Seriously...

Tom said...

I live in Texas.. There are trailer parks full of white, uneducated, low income breeders.. that do nothing to improve the condition of society. I don't want to live next to them either. But hey.. they pray to Jayzus don't they?

In south Dallas, you'll find conditions I wouldn't want a dog to live in. That's why I live in the norther burbs.. they might be black, but they pray to Jayzus as well, so it's all good.

It's not a race thing, call it a class thing maybe (doubt it), or more like, it's a societal issue. Everyone's got their problems..

In fact, I work with people from all over the world.. exceptionally bright and well educated. I suspect their contribution to society is far beyond most of yours.

So - I'm not so concerned about the Somli with 10 kids because I don't think I've ever seen one. I am, however, concerned about the white trash with 10 kids.. or the black family with 10 kids.. or hispanic.. race has absolutely nothing to do with it...

Lord Brown Mouse said...

Tom - I dont think whites are superior to any other race. And thats the point, we are not naturally always going to have wealth and power on the Wests side.

Just like when you have kids. You look after your kids and not any one elses. You look after your own because they carry your genes. It doesn't mean you think they are better than any other kids - but they are YOUR priority. I just want to look after the race that carries more of my genes. It's natural.

There are white, yellow and black genius's and white, yellow and black idiots/trash. But the white ones are distant family, and we need to look after each other.

Zimbabwe prooves once we dont have the power the other races quickly turn against us. Thats not a surprise, its just one big competition to see who comes out on top.


Tom said...

Well, you're the definition of a racist..

There's no rational debate here.. just red necks and racists.

Do us all a favor.. I hear Bush is sending more troops to Baghdad.. please sign up for the military, and support natural selection.

I'll bow out now..

Lord Brown Mouse said...


Like I said , you believe in free speech, discussion and democracy until someone says something you strongly disagree with.

You're in good company - people like Stalin and Hitler has similar positions.