Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Is Al Qaeda setting up shop in Kashmir?

SRINAGAR, INDIAN KASHMIR - Last Wednesday, barely 18 hours after the railway blasts in Mumbai (Bombay) that claimed some 200 lives, a mysterious caller phoned up local journalist Rashid Rahi to praise the attacks and to proclaim the arrival of a new militant group, Jammu and Kashmir Al Qaeda.

With its call for Indian Muslims to join the struggle for "complete liberation and dominance of the religion of Islam," the caller hinted darkly of a heightened confrontation with America's chief ally in South Asia, India.

"I'm Abu al-Hadeed, spokesperson of Al Qaeda Jammu and Kashmir and Abu Abdur Rehman Ansari is our chief commander here," the caller said, according to Mr. Rahi's report. "Soon we will make public our organizational structure and motives."

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I do not have a hard time believing that they are doing so. They wish to kill all free people of all nations that do not uphold a strict Islamic Rule. Well they can kiss my ass. India will not sit by and let it's people be killed, of this you can be assured.

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jarhead john said...

I wonder if this has anything to do with the timing of our "warming up" of our relations with India.