Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Disrespect Of The Democrats

Respect, it’s a word that means many things to many different people, but it seems that the people who now call themselves Democrats have no respect for anything or anyone who does not share their extreme views.

You know the type of people I am talking about, the liberals who cannot challenge you on the issues of the day, but yet they try and attack you personally as if that’s going to save them.

You see this everyday on the daily pundit T.V. shows on cable where they constantly say how stupid the President is and that he lives in a bubble and how they would be able to run the country more effectively.

The only problem with that is that they always seem to forget to tell you exactly how they plan to achieve these goals, this is not a new habit, but one that has gone on for quite some time and the pattern is there for everyone to see.

The Democrats constantly attack the apparatus that we use to find and detect our enemy who is trying to sneak into this country and kill more innocent American lives.

They leak classified information in the hopes of cutting the legs out from our President, undermining his ability to run this country and manage a war, you do not see the Republicans applauding the death of the Patriot Act as some democrats have been known to do, nor do they vote to give a bill of rights to terrorists who are hell bent on killing us all.

They have already laid out the groundwork for their next loss, saying it will be a conspiracy perpetrated by the dastardly and maniacal Karl Rove.

In the words of President Bush,” I understand people here in Washington have already determined the outcome of the elections. As I said in my press conference the other day, I've seen it before where people start measuring the drapes in their new offices before the vote has been counted -- in other words, they're taking the people's vote for granted.”

He also went on to say,” All I can tell you is what I see: I see enthusiasm amongst Republicans, I see candidates who are saying, vote for me, I will work to make sure America doesn't get attacked again. And I'm seeing candidates saying, I understand that if we run up your taxes like the Democrats do, it's going to hurt this economy, and so we'll keep your taxes low.”

They have given every reason why they might loss, faulty voting machines, people disenfranchised, Karl Rove, and so on, but it’s curious that Nancy Pelosi has not been heard from, why are they hiding her?

Most likely it is to hide the fact that she has repeatedly voted to raise taxes, she voted against the creation of the Dept of Homeland Security and she will also open up the way for extreme liberal Congressional Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.) to have all the room necessary to conduct endless investigations into the war in Iraq and the impeachment of the President during a time of war.

Now, I well know that the Republicans are not perfect, far from it, but when you look at what the Democrats say, such as, “We need to have a dialogue with the enemy, and resolve this peacefully”, and these are terrorists who cut of innocent people’s heads.

You cannot talk to people who want to cut your damn head off, when will you people come to this very simple and rationally conclusion?

They want you to bow to Islam not make peace and play nice, one thing you Democrats, when showing respect you must also show it to the enemy and respect the fact that they want to kill you.

To get respect, you must show respect, this is a simple lesson that the Democrats have yet to learn, but hopefully with time and a few more defeats they can come to the same conclusion.


jarhead john said...

"To get respect, you must show respect, this is a simple lesson that the Democrats have yet to learn, but hopefully with time and a few more defeats they can come to the same conclusion."

Don't count on it. We ARE talking about the Democrats right? You know, the party of no real solutions, simple finger pointing and blame dodging? Nancy "we need these people here" Pelosi is a worthless bag of meat that should be deported to France (where she would undoubtedly fit in just fine). Heck, if she was to be deported there after the elctions, she wouldn't have to wait very long for it to become a muslim majority there. That would bring her great joy, since she seems to be their champion.

Sage said...

Ted Rall, a writer that TexasFred loathes said in an editorial recently:
We have every reason to expect nothing from the Dems. Nothing is exactly what they gave us the last time we put them in charge. If the polls are correct, we're going to vote for them anyway. One more time: the triumph of hope over experience.
He and you are right, they don't have anything to put forth except for venomous rhetoric against anyone not of their ideology.

Douglas V. Gibbs said...

Respect is not the issue. They don't know what that word means. The left simply believes that the people are stupid and if they throw out enough negativity against the right, they will win. They believe the polls that they have doctored, and they believe that since they have a hold on Hollyweird, it's all wrapped up, because people (in their eyes) look up to those kooks that make money pretending for a living. Forget the fact that the Bible Belt was alienated by their Godlessness, and now the South is covered with red states. Forget the fact that by calling the illegals the new Civil Rights Movement they have aliented the African-Americans who see such statements and actions as a slap in the face. Forget the fact that by cutting-and-running and condemning Israel for attacking Hezbollah and Hamas the left has alienated the Jewish voters as well. Who needs them, they think. This has gone beyond respect, or the lack thereof. These damn Marxists thinks they have a revolution brewing. They think that they have it all wrapped up because they've convinced everybody to hate Bush. Besides, if they don't win now, they will eventually, because while we are fighting them on this front, they are indoctrinating our children in the schools and on television. MTV and Comedy Central is the greatest tool they could ever dream of, and it's working.

Tom Cleland said...

I may be able to explain how a fellow Christian can adopt a liberal worldview:


Tom said...

Wow.. regular episode of Rush Limbaugh going on here..

Of course I could rebutt every point, but that really wouldn't matter because the Kool-Aid is so tasty, eh?

The fact remains that the approval ratings for Congress (Republican Congress that is) is in the 20's, and the President's is in the 30's.. and has been for ages.

By way of comparison, Clinton's rating was in the 70's AFTER he was impeached. That's how much Bush disgusts Americans - except the Kool-Aid crowd who would jump off the cliff if he asked.

9 more days.. it's going to be funny as hell, and no doubt I will be around to gloat.

Anonymous said...

I agree.
When my son went into the militery in 2003, I converted into a Republican from an Independant. The reason was due to too much talk on the Democratic and Independant side and not enough detailed information on how to resolve it. Im in Chicago and I see these people demostrating and speaking their peace on the corners but not making any sense. Also, if you don't agree with them they have a tendacy to downgrade you and what you believe in. So many signs that say how bad of a president we have but nothing about what took place before he was our president. Let's review the Clinton years and then we'll talk politics.

MrsBlackSix said...

Can't wait to read your take on the Kerry comments! :) Looking forward to it.