Monday, October 30, 2006

Saddam's defense lawyer walks out

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Who cares?

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Lord Brown Mouse said...

He deserves a fair trial.

I have always said that Saddam could have happily kept power for another 20 years if he hadn't tried to face down the US/UK.

He certainly knew how to rule the country and keep control. He was an expert at keeping that 'pack of dogs' under control using any means necessary.

When he committed those 'crimes' he was just doing what he had to do to keep in power - like all other dictators, kings and emporers from all time.

He had the authority to rule his country as he wished, and despite being tough I hold nothing against him for killing rebelling shias, sunnis and kurds as required.

Despite all this, his execution will send out a clear message of what may happen if you defy the West.