Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Iran plans 'firm response' to sanctions

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Like I'm scared of what Iran can do.

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Lord Brown Mouse said...

We have let India, Pakistan and North Korea have nuclear weapons and done nothing to punish them. (Israel quite rightly has them becuase they live in the deb of wild dogs called the middle east - and will only have themselves to rely on one day)

Iraq and Afghanistan - that didnt nuclear weapons - were (quite rightly) invaded.

But the clear message at present to any third rate nation, is to aquire nuclear weapons to gain immunity from outside interference.

I believe we should have looked at North Korea's and Iran's nuclear intentions and actions as nuclear aggression in its own right and responded accordingly.

We will not of course do anything - and it is only once the liberals are crying that there is no longer a Seoul, Tehran, New Delhi or Jalalabad that they will have to admit that they should have been tougher about the spread of nuclear weapons after all.

It may even be the destruction of a city like London, Berlin or Paris that makes people realise how we have let this all run out of control.

People seem to want to take the short term easy decisions, over the tougher decisions that will lead to a safer world in the long term.