Saturday, October 28, 2006

Webb: Democrats will provide Iraq remedy

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Where is it? They have yet to unviel anything but cut and run.

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Tom said...

Yes, of course.. damn cut and runners.. We all know that staying in Iraq means winning, and leaving means losing.. so we have to stay in Iraq permanently, even if the Iraqis no longer want us there.

We need to bring back the draft.. and start with the Bush twins.. They spend way too much time getting bombed out of their minds at parties and flirting with boys. One of them might even conceive out of wedlock, and that would make James Dobson very unhappy.

In fact.. I just thought of a good idea.. see.. we keep track of the voting on Nov. 7, and we look at the families of each person that voted for a Republican, and if they have a family member, or are themselves, between the ages of say, 18 and 30, they automatically get drafted and sent off to basic.

Make sure everyone knows that's going to happen before the election.

Think about it.. it's brilliant. People know that if they oppose "cut and run", all they do is vote Republican and then they get to fight the enemy in Iraq themselves, or send their kids.

It's good for America, and it's good for the military..