Monday, October 16, 2006

The Battle Of Ideas

If I was stupid and didn’t pay attention to what’s being said and done, than maybe the constant drum of the drive by media might make me doubt what I believe and who I believe is best to run this country.

Fortunately for me and those of you who come and visit my page on a regular basis I am not that stupid and I will not fall victim to the propaganda of the left.

All the media has been covering for the past two weeks or so has been the Foley scandal, which I believe merited some major press, but I also believe that they have beat this subject to death and prolonged it in the hopes of overthrowing the GOP majority in congress.

They continue to drone on about the page scandal, but inexplicitly have forgotten the battle of ideas which is so fundamentally important to this country and its political future.

In my own experience in talking with liberals is that they try and shy away from the ideas put forth and engage in attacks against you and the politicians they disagree with, but what they don’t do is give ideas to make things better or to improve upon the situation.

The Democrats say that they are the party that represents the poor and those who are underprivileged and try to cast the Republicans as the party of the wealthy whites, but it’s a funny fact that the richest people in Congress and in the Senate are Democrats.

I myself have been what most people consider poor all my life and I have been a conservative all my life.

I am still baffled at why the Democrats continue to beat the drums of the Mark Foley scandal while a killer is serving in the ranks of the Democrats in the Senate, anyone heard of the drunken fat ass Ted Kennedy.

Do the Democrats believe in tax cuts? No of course not, they say they do, but Nancy Pelosi herself has said that she plans to roll back the tax cuts that President has enacted within the first hundred hours if the Democrats win a majority.

I have enough problems paying for myself and the many bills I have, let alone having to pay more in taxes because the Democrats want to give more social programs to the poor and those who wish to live off the system and the charity of the Democrats hoping to gain votes.

I believe that this country is heading in the right direction, there are a few things I disagree with, but it’s nothing compared to what Nancy Pelosi and her ilk have in store for us if they are to win in less than a month.

That should scare any sane person into action.


Anonymous said...

Here, here!

Douglas V. Gibbs said...

They say they won't raise taxes, but it is a lie, and they will create hidden taxes. Tax and spend, cut and run. Sums them up, don't it?

john ryan said...

The right wing has turned into the party of whinners to whiners

a.k.a. Blandly Urbane said...

First off: "In my own experience in talking with liberals...." WOW, you've done that? How does something like that even begin? Can you hear yourself speak when "talking with liberals?"

As far as San Fran Nan is concerned, she says she loves tax cuts; so I don't know where you get off saying she's not (please ignore her voting record before you respond).

I hear you regarding your income bracket; logic and reality can make sense if you pay attention.

"Battle of Ideas?" Any idea based upon lies and misinformation can never be an idea worth use. The Left is angry because it believes itself - wouldn't you be angry too if what they said was fact?

Rightwing Guy said...

Nanct Pelosi loves tax cuts huh? that funny her record doesnt support that at all. I want lower taxes, I don't want the gov to take more of my money for social programs to help out lazy ass people. I believe in personal responsibility.