Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Ira vs. Hezbollah/Hamas Round 4

It’s been awhile since I have wrote on this subject, but I felt compelled to do so with the continued killing and utter chaos caused by Hezbollah and Hamas.

It also happens to be some of the most popular posts that I have done so far and I still have something to say on the subject.

There are still some of you who class the IRA with those towel head savages in the Middle East, remember this in no way whatsoever is an endorsement of the IRA, who have killed many in their own right.

While I agree with the IRA in what they are fighting for, there can be no excuse, at all to kill mass innocents, people who conduct such activities should be brought to justice and put to death.

The biggest difference is that the IRA last July laid down its weapons and made permanent their 1997 cease-fire agreement and then proceeded to back that commitment by handing its weapons stockpiles to disarmament chiefs.

Compare that with the savages of Hezbollah in Lebanon whose leader Hassan Nasrallah has openly and defiantly said that they will not disarm as per the United Nations agreement to stop the fighting with Israel.

Hezbollah does not want peace and they have no interests of becoming a solely political entity, they are a proxy of Iran and used to disrupt the region as Iran sees fit, trying to spread their influence over neighboring countries.

Hamas is still killing people brutally on a regular basis in Gaza and their outright refusal to work with rival faction Fatah and to recognize Israel is causing the slow death of many of its people innocent or not.

The governments of Britain and Ireland plan on releasing a report Wednesday widely expected to confirm that the Irish Republican Army is no longer a threat to Northern Ireland, a finding they hope will help revive a Catholic-Protestant administration that has been stalled.

While I also wish for a free and united Ireland I do not believe killing innocent people is the best way to achieve this goal, which is why I have been eager to see what Sinn Fein, the IRA linked party that represents most of the Catholic minority in Northern Ireland, can do to achieve this through political ends.

When those savages in the Middle East show that they are capable of peace and keeping their word than maybe, just maybe the world and myself will have a different opinion.

The world has seen the violence in the Middle East everyday carried out by people who have no respect for life and no respect for anything other than overwhelming force.

While many of you have said the IRA is just as bad or worse than Hezbollah and Hamas ask yourself this, when was the last time you saw the IRA beheading an innocent person while chanting for god and than post it on the internet?

Or when do you see crazy Irish guys strapping bombs to themselves and blowing up schools, buses, ice cream parlors and markets killing themselves and anyone else unlucky enough to be there.

You don’t and that’s my point.


LoveMyTanker said...

VERY good points!!!!

UNCLE MAC said...

HA! You crazy Irish...both the IRA and UDF using guns and bombs. If you took the Scottish approach, all you'd need is James Bond.

Cheers Bro,
Uncle Mac

Longstreet said...

Terry, you are correct. There really is no comparision between the IRA and those Islamofacists. One difference is glaring... the IRA was not interested in taking over the world!

Debbie said...

I have not posted on the IRA, I don't feel that I know enough about them to do the subject justice. This is a good post and a lot to think about. Thanks for sharing it.

I will mention it in my next post.

Butch said...

Good points! The IRA did not want to force-feed thier religion on the world...

Douglas V. Gibbs said...

The IRA, though not excused, fought for religious rights. Islam fights for religious domination.

Wha Wadna Fecht for Charlie said...

Hilarious. I have never read anything so funny in years!

Your blog is called ‘Rightwing Guy’ but you sing the praises of a Marxist terror group with links to other extreme left-wing terror groups around the world. Adams has just come back from visiting Hamas / Hezbollah, the IRA has trained Columbian FARC terrorists, and the links with ETA are well documented.

A few points you raised:-

“There are still some of you who class the IRA with those towel head savages in the Middle East” - 1989: Nivruti Mahesh Islania, age 6 months, daughter of an RAF corporal, shot in the head at point-blank range by brave IRA warrior Desmond Grew, whose career was later terminated with extreme prejudice.

“Hamas is still killing people brutally on a regular basis” – and so are Sinn Fein/IRA. They are now called Continuity IRA or Real IRA or Dissident Republicans. Local news – “Dissident republicans had been preparing a major attack, police warned yesterday after finding a partially assembled 250lb fertiliser bomb in a breakers' yard in Northern Ireland. The discovery of such a large device comes after a warning from the Independent Monitoring Commission that small breakaway groups such as the Real IRA and Continuity IRA continue to pose a threat to the security forces. Four men, aged between 22 and 46, were arrested under the Terrorism Act, three in the scrapyard near the Antrim Road in Lurgan.” (20/04/06)

“While I also wish for a free and united Ireland…which is why I have been eager to see what Sinn Fein, the IRA linked party that represents most of the Catholic minority in Northern Ireland, can do to achieve this through political ends.” – so the minority of the population has the say over the majority? That’s an odd form of democracy! Perhaps you will consider giving Mexico a say in the running of Texas, California, Arizona and New Mexico to keep the Mexicans happy? Or maybe Cuba can have a say in running Florida?

This if from last years Life and Times survey of NI – “Do you think the long-term policy for Northern Ireland should be for it to remain part of the United Kingdom;” 58% agreed, “or, to reunify with the rest of Ireland;” only 23% agreed. 7% wanted an Independent State and 12% gave other answers. Of those who responded, 25% of Catholics wish to remain part of the UK.

“Or when do you see crazy Irish guys strapping bombs to themselves and blowing up schools, buses, ice cream parlours and markets killing themselves and anyone else unlucky enough to be there.” - The Remembrance Day Bomb in Enniskillen on 08/11/87. The bombing took place at the town's war memorial during a Remembrance Sunday commemoration for those killed during both World Wars. Eleven people were killed in the bombing. One further person was to die after spending 13 years in a coma. 63 people were injured. In reaction to the bombing, Bono paused during a concert in the US to denounce the violence and the Irish-Americans supporting it with an ignorant romanticism.

Neo-Con Tastic said...

Nice extensive post. Well written and I agree with you.

I'm making no excuses for the IRA nor am I supporting their actions however, they cannot be grouped with Islamofascism.

Islamofascism is a cancer that will kill society if it isn't stopped.

W. Hoving said...

The IRA is/was just as evil in it's actions, as are the Hamas and Hezbollah in theirs. It doesn't matter how a terrorist kills an innocent person, it matters that they do kill innocent persons. That makes them just as bad, no matter what their goals are.

Rightwing Guy said...

I tend to disagree

Wha Wadna Fecht for Charlie said...

So terrorist apologist, elaborate on “I tend to disagree.”

What you are saying is if I had been killed serving my country in Iraq or Afghanistan, or I am murdered by Muslim terrorists while taking a train in London or Madrid you would sympathise with my family. However, if I am killed in my own house by Sinn Fein/IRA, CIRA, RIRA or any other irish republican group because of my religion or nationality, then that is OK with you.

Funny how you are so keen on terrorism when it was 3000 miles away, but when it happens in your own country it is a different story. It is hypocritical to pick and choose which terror groups you like and dislike and then claim to be involved in a “war on terror”.

Have you ever been to Northern Ireland?

W. Hoving said...

"I tend to disagree"
Well, I respect that, but give me some arguments to keep the discussion going.

jarhead john said...

Hmmmm, could've sworn that he clearly stated that he wasn't endorsing the IRA (RWG). I guess someone (rhymes with Wha Wadna Fecht for Charlie said... ) missed that part. The difference is still clear: muslim nutjobs want to take over the world, and readily admit it. The IRA wants an independent and free Ireland. While their methods are disgusting (terrorists are terrorists), their goals are vastly different. I guess pointing that out makes me a "terrorist apologist" as well.

Rightwing Guy said...

John I don't think I could have said it any better, I never and will never endorse the actions of the IRA, the only thing I'm saying is that there is a difference between them all.

W. Hoving said...

So, do you agree with me when I say IRA, Hamas and Hezbollah are/were equally evil in their actions? Because, that's what I was trying to say with my earlier post.
I agree they are different in their goals.

Rightwing Guy said...

They may be as evil in their actions but they themselves are not as evil as those muslims savages

Tom said...

I see you are still not in the military battling, with manly vigor, the muslim savages.

By the way.. have I mentioned that I know Jim Kolbe (he dated a friend of mine)? Just say the word and I'll ask him to pull a string and you'll be in Iraq in a matter of a few months.

Tom said...


Allrighty then..

Anonymous said...

so thats what you call us now... i am not surprised
we captured israeli soldiers to free lebanese prisinors in israel. the have been in prison for 23 years you dum morons.
They deserve to be freed.
Their crime was resisiting when israel invaded us in 82... wow thats a crime.
And we don't fight for iran... Stop watching CNN that much... listen to our side of the story..
Shit heads...
get a life and stop bugging us

Rightwing Guy said...

A towelhead terrorist on my page, I must be moving up in the world.

Mairtin O'Byrne said...

As an Irish person I am impressed with your Interest and knowledge of the Northern Ireland situation. But remember all we were doing was fighting for our countrys freedom don't forget George Washington and Jefferson were also described by the British media of the time as a terrorists. Thoughout the conflict the US heard only one side of the story because of the Section 31 rule Sinn feins opinion not allowed to be broadcast and as a result you guys were bombarded with stories of the IRA's evil deeds when nothing was told of the crimes committed and covered up by the British army. With the exception of Bloody Sunday and only because there was cameras present.

But having said all that to-day we no longer look at the English as our enemies but rather with a growing respect and as an ally in the new War, you know the one I mean !!

PS: Tell the Anonymous arsehole "dum" is spelled "D u m b" by people with an IQ over 50

Rightwing Guy said...

Thank you so much. I have been waiting for you to comment for sometime and am very glad for your support. It's one of my hobbies, learning about the Irish civil war and whats going on in Northern Ireland.
One of my heroes is "The Big Fellow" Michael Collins, I'm sure most people don't even know who he is but I know you do.
I myself am not from Ireland, but my family is from the Cork area.
Please email me I look forward to talking to you!

Mairtin O'Byrne said...

Just a quick note regarding the post from W. Hoving and Wha Wadna Fecht for Charlie above: I have noticed the way "The Provisional IRA" an the "continunity IRA/real IRA" have been used in the same sentence with Sinn fein the only group Sinn Fein has ever had a influence with was the Provisional IRA. Who have held their ceasefire since 1997 and through who's consilitory actions have insured Ireland is past its Bad Days of which I admit they played their part. The CIRA and RIRA have no support from Sinn Fein or any of the rational thinking nationalist north or south. They have no mandate whatsoever and had been warned to cease their actions or severe repercussions would be vented on them by The PIRA. How do you think the fertiliser Bomb was discovered and the four RIRA men were arrested. These men don't represent us. We have chosen the Ballot box and thats it.

Finally in regard to the "so the minority of the population has the say over the majority?" post It's true the Catholics are the minority regarding Protestants but there are alot of other people beside catholics and Prodtestants in northern Ireland and to most none catholics Sinn Fein are the only ones listening to them as the DUP (Democratic Unionist party)and the (Ulster Uinionist Party)and their supporters have proved very anti anybody who isn't Protestant or indeed anyone who doesn't wear an orange sash.

So hopefully in time we can get our land back the democratic way.