Friday, October 06, 2006

Many conspirators seen behind Foley scandal

Get The Story At Yahoo News.

Those insane liberals are behind it all.


Tom said...

LOL.. the insane liberals caused a Republican congressman to have IM sex with under-age pages?

Ohhh k!

Rightwing Guy said...

hmm thats intresting, when they had sex he was 18 but who really cares about the truth right?

Tom said...

Not an 18 year old.. but a 16 year old... otherwise there would be no legal investigation.

It's rather ironic that Foley was instrumental in creating the electronic predation law that he may end up being prosecuted with.

Still, it boggles the imagination that this can be twisted to blame Democrats. I find the drama very amusing.. Heck, it's the Republicans that are flinging the most poo at Denny.. not the Democrats. We want Hastert to stay through the election - it helps our prospects.

But hey.. did you see the latest Dukestir news? He's blaming his troubles (being in prison and all) on the reporter who exposed him. Ya.. damn reporters uncovering scandals are the ones to blame..