Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Not The Democrats Way

I find it completely amazing that some Democrats still don’t get the idea that we are at war and that Iraq is only one front of that greater war on those savage towel heads.

Osama himself believes we are a paper tiger because of the actions of the previous administration and how they did not have the testicular fortitude to do what is necessary to win and kill Osama.

Rep. Mark Kennedy from MN, on Iraq: "This is the number one issue in this race, and there are stark differences between my opponent, Ms. Klobuchar, and myself. She says it's a distraction. I think that it is one of the central fronts in the war on terror. Osama bin Laden and Zarqawi says as well. She has set out a specific timetable for bringing our troops home that would tell the terrorists when they can take over an oil-rich country as a sanctuary for terrorists. And I believe we ought to be bringing our troops home as soon as we can after we're sure the terrorists can't win. And she's also come out against a bill funding body armor for our troops that a majority of Democrats join me in supporting. We have no higher priority than to support our troops in time of war, and we have to win this war on terror."

He has is exactly right which is one of the reasons I will be voting for him and a GOP ticket straight down the line.

The Democrats continually drone on about how we need “a change of course in Iraq”, but the only thing I hear is that we need to leave or we need to set a timetable, or as John Murtha has been championing, that we must redeploy our forces outside of Iraq so if there is a problem we can come right back in.

None of these options are acceptable in any way and one of them would do great harm to us, but that doesn’t stop the Democrats.

The Democrats already believe they will win and that’s that, they have been trying to suppress the votes of the right by trying to tell everyone that it’s already said and done and they thought the Mark Foley scandal would make the religious right not vote for the GOP, what they have done is reinforce these people’s decision to vote for people who claim to be a party of all people but than circulate a list of gay Republicans hoping that it will hurt there chances.

From what everyone says it’s going to be Hillary as the Democrat presidential nominee and I couldn’t be happier, because if that’s all the Democrats have, than they are even worse off than I thought.

If you ever heard her talk before than you know she sounds like someone is taking their fingernails and scratching a damn chalkboard, she does not inspire when she talks and that is something that John Kerry didn’t have either and it cost him.

To those of you who come here and try and tell me that the Democrats have a better way, than explain it to me please, what do the Democrats believe in? What is their platform?

I do know that they believe in death (abortion), they believe in higher taxes for social programs, for people who don’t take personal responsible for themselves and they are trying to force the gay agenda down the throats of the schools in the hopes of brainwashing the children of this country.

I for one will be sending my kids to private schools when the time comes, and I will teach them that the proper way to raise a family is with a father and a mother.

I also know that the Democrats have opposed voter ID’s wherever they are brought up, they say it is discriminating against the poor, which is a total crock of shit.

In Arizona where this law was blocked by a insane liberal judge, they even said they would pay for the ID of those who could not get one, but that’s not good enough for the ACLU and Jesse Jackson, they want the ability to have mass voter fraud.

Everyday I see the Democrats attacking our President, our troops and our very way of life, telling us who and what we must accept, this is a free country and there are certain lifestyles I disagree with and that I will think are normal and I will not teach my kids that those actions normal.

If you want higher taxes, amnesty for illegal aliens and a retreat on the war on terror than by all means vote for the Democrats, but I will not be.


Debbie said...

Good article and I will include a mention in my post today.

Rightwing Guy said...

thank you.

LoveMyTanker said...

Well said as always. Above stated reasons: This is why we homeschool our children and make a choice to "brainwash" them in reality and the right wing way! LOL

In truth, we just don't agree with most things that are cramed down students throats in the public arena (that have nothing to do with academics) and our children WILL learn to take responsibility for themselves and their actions and they will be taught to be free thinkers, not be mediocre and not lean left!

Hopefully it works, but it can't workout any worse than throwing them to the left, oops, I meant wolves! :)

Rightwing Guy said...

I will alow posts that don't attack me personally and only deal with what I write.

Douglas V. Gibbs said...

Getting to our children is an agenda put forth by the "enlightened ones" and now the liberal left thinks that that is their agenda.

Rightwing Guy said...

Liberals I tell ya.