Monday, October 23, 2006

Rumsfeld Must Face The Truth

I have for a long time now resisted the calls by the liberal media and the overly biased members of the Democratic Party in calling for the resignation of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, but I think that time may have come.

Now to those of you who are thinking,” has the liberal media got to him to?” the answer would be an emphatic no, but what I have seen over the past 3 years has convinced me that we need someone else to stand up and lead this fight, because I believe the fight is a worthy one and one we cannot fail in being victorious.

I fully supported him in his new doctrine that he tried to implement in Iraq, a light mobile force with overwhelming firepower and less manpower, and it worked to topple the regime of Saddam Hussein, but that’s about all its done from what I can see.

I know the troops come back and say we are doing good work over there, and I believe them and I believe that we are doing good work; unfortunately the extremely biased liberal media refuses to show the good deeds of our soldiers on the ground and instead focus solely on the deaths and on the negative aspects of the war in Iraq and it’s completely unfair to those who they claim to be reporting for.

This however does not excuse Donald Rumsfeld in his actions and the fact that he has been fighting a Politically Correct war, which has caused this conflict to drag on much longer than I believe is necessary, I also believe it is time for Donald Rumsfeld to step aside and let someone who in a Patton-like fashion could crush these terrorists in a very un-pc way.

What Rumsfeld is doing, fighting a pc war, is costing more young brave American lives than needs to be lost; we have the capability to level anyplace we want in a finger snap, our Air Force is second to none, which is why we should be unleashing its full fury on our enemies and give them their wish to go on a magic carpet ride.

He has even know mention Amnesty for terrorists fighting against the Iraqi government, which is the same as our troops on the ground as far as I am concerned.

He wants to give amnesty to these terrorists, but at the same time he is unfairly prosecuting our brave troops fighting on the ground based on the word of our enemy who at the same time is trying to cut their heads off, if for no other reason he should step down for this one.

We have the most powerful Military in the world and he refuses to unleash the dogs of war and end this conflict in a timely fashion and with the least amount of American deaths as possible.

We know who is heading these large violent anti-American militias and we know where their strongholds are, but he refuses to attack and destroy these locations and personnel because he doesn’t want casualties and deaths to be broadcasted and is afraid to take real risks, which I believe is the biggest sign that the leadership must change, as it applies to Donald Rumsfeld.

I did not come to this conclusion lightly, but after 3 years I do not have the confidence that he can win this war for us and someone else needs to be brought in to bring this war to a swift and victorious conclusion.

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Gayle said...

You said "I did not come to this conclusion lightly, but after 3 years I do not have the confidence that he can win this war for us and someone else needs to be brought in to bring this war to a swift and victorious conclusion."

But who would that be? Do we still have any Pattons? As a Republican blogger I am feeling the frustration too, believe me! I simply don't know what the answer is, or if anyone replacing Rumsfeld would be any stronger regarding Iraq.

You do make a good point, there's no disagreement from this quarter, but I believe before I jump on this bandwagon I'll wait until after the November election. I'm busy trying to convince Republicans who think by not voting they will somehow "get even" for being disappointed. Not voting is simply going to result in jumping from the frying pan into the fire. I don't want to do anything to upset the old applecart.