Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Military Draft Is Not Needed

Congressman Rangel must really hate this country and pity our troops, for his actions and comments show that he does not truly believe this country can win via the military and for some reason he wants to bring back the draft which would do far more damage than even Bill Clinton could muster in his 8 years.

An all volunteer Military, like the one we have, is the best possible way to keep this country safe and protected from the scum of the world and we would never even have to think about the draft if we didn’t have so many soldiers stationed in Europe.

Maybe if the European countries such as France and Germany raised their own armies to protect their countries we would not have to have our troops protecting our allies who are extremely ungrateful.

The mantra from the liberals and Democrats is that only the poor and stupid join the military because every person who joins has no other options and they also say that it is always the minorities who are fighting which is one of the biggest lies I have heard.

On the other hand Congressman Rangel spews the lefts mantra,” Anyone that will tell you that the affluent are enlisting are just not telling the truth. So, whether this becomes a bill or not, the debate will prove that they are enlisting and recruiting in areas of the highest unemployment. And that is whether it's the inner cities or whether it's the rural areas.

And, so, that's a fact. And if you take a look at the war dead and the wounded you will see they neither come from well-known cities or towns you never heard of in the south and the west and those are the facts. And so whoever challenges those are 100 percent wrong.”

Now this guy says that the poor have no alternative but to join the military which is not true, but it kind of sounds like the same crap we heard from John Kerry about how the uneducated get stuck in Iraq, our Military is not full of idiots, Rangel would not be able to do 1/16th of the things that our brave troops do every single day.

Rangel goes on to say, “There's no question in my mind that this president and this administration would never have invaded Iraq , especially on the flimsy evidence that was presented to the Congress, if indeed we had a draft and members of Congress and the administration thought that their kids, from their communities, would be placed in harm's way.”

There are members of Congress whose family and children have volunteered to serve our country and it is a shame that Rangel would just spit on them and show such disrespect.

While many soldiers decide that going into the military is a career choice because of the training and experience that you are able to receive, with training the people get in the military they are able to use that when they get out to better there lives.

Nothing is stronger than the heart of a volunteer for they generally want to be there and they want to fight, but if you reinstated the draft you would have mass protests and the vast majority of people don’t think we need the draft anyways.

If we stopped protecting Europe we would have all the soldiers that we needed and that is a fact, besides there is a much better way.

We have over 10 million illegals here; they need to be dealt with so we tell them if they serve they will be granted citizenship which would solve the problem in a heartbeat.

I believe what Rangel has said and done is a direct slap in the face to every brave American who signed on the dotted line to protect this country, the last thing they need is to deal with some Congressman who holds them in contempt and pity.

I do not pity these people one bit because it was their choice to join the military, in fact I gre4atly admire them, they were not forced to do so and that makes all the difference, but who I do pity is Congressman Rangel because he will have a lot of explaining to do the next time he talks to one of those poor uneducated American serviceman who have no better option than to join the Military.

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