Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Retreat Is Not An Option

Apparently we are the problem and all the Democrats and liberals are correct because there is still violence in Iraq and it has to be our fault because according to the Dems and libs it’s always our fault no matter the problem, but either way retreat is not an option.

Of course they have been saying this for quite some time and it never fails to enrage me as our troops are trying to secure this country and train its soldiers so they can defend themselves and all the left can do is attack them and call them killers.

All you have to do is look to John Kerry, John Murtha and Charlie Rangel to see what the Democrats really think about our brave boys fighting overseas as they have time and time again insulted our troops and questioned their intelligence.

Soon enough I will be able to fulfill my dream of serving in the military. I am obsessed with Military history and have a very extensive collection of documentaries (over 1000’s hours on DVD) and hope one day to be a military historian and serving in that military to me is of the utmost importance.

To those who ask why I am not over there I will tell you now, I was in the Army and volunteered when I was 18 and was sent to Ft. Leonard Wood for basic training, I was subsequently discharged as the doctors on base thought I had asthma after a couple of months, but at least I had the balls to try unlike you cowardly lefties.

Now for those of you who think you know everything I am on schedule to enter the Navy as I will be joining at the end of next fall, after my child is born and my upcoming wedding next August is concluded.

For any of you who try and discredit what I have to say know this, my family has given more to the service of this country than you could ever dream as members of my family have fought in every war this country has faced back to the beginning of this country as members of my family came over on the Mayflower and helped start this country.

I have friends and family fighting now and soon enough I will be doing my part and it disgusts me that you disrespect their memory and honor, but those of you who criticize me what have you done for your country except dishonor the fallen soldiers in this war with talk of retreat.

Retreat is not an option even though the left is pushing for nothing else, we cannot turn to Iran and Syria for help as the left would like as they are the ones who continually send weapons, money and materials for IED’s which are constantly being used to kill our troops and innocent Iraqi people.

Even Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Tuesday accused the United States of destabilizing Iraq through hired terrorists and former members of Saddam’s regime, which I find myself quite amusing.

"Those (the Americans) who plotted against Iraq, and whose plans have not materialized, are intent on destabilizing the situation. Their agents on the ground are terrorists, the excommunicated and former Baathists," the television quoted Khamenei as saying.

If these are the type of people the left would like us to get help from than we might as well just hand over our country to the Muslim hordes and start oppressing all of our women and treat them like shit, like the Muslims do.

What greater disgrace could befall this country than being beaten by smelly savages in bed sheets who for the most part don’t even have running water?

We are the United States of America and we should act like it!

Those of you who decry me will most likely be the first ones beheaded by these savages as they are less tolerant of other ideas and views than anyone on this earth, but you would rather side with them, that is fine with me because I could never go against my country as I actually believe it IS the greatest country in the world.

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