Monday, November 27, 2006

Freedom Is Not Free

Most Americans take it for granted everyday and millions of people around the world yearn for it, but is fighting for the freedom of others worth the money, the blood and the tears? I think so.

While I have an underlying suspicion that many Democrats and liberals would say no to that question, I do believe that the overwhelming majority of Americans would have a different answer.

This country has been fighting for freedom from its inception and continued this tradition in Cuba fighting the Spanish and freeing the Cuban people.

Our troops have been on the front line of the fight for freedom as they went to France in 1917 to fight the onslaught of German troops and to protect the freedom of Europe.

They again went into Europe in the 1940’s to combat the evil Nazi Germany led by Hitler and into the South Pacific to fight the vaunted Japanese Military.

Than under the banner of the United Nations our troops went into South Korea to face the onslaught from the juggernaut Army of Communist North Korea and battled them and the Chinese to a very frustrating draw.

Vietnam was the next battlefield where our troops laid down their lives for the cause of freedom, but that war was hindered by mismanagement from Washington and non-action against the North Vietnam and was ultimately undermined by the Democrats cutting funding for the war effort.

Which is quite odd considering that in every major battle, including the Tet offensive, our troops devastated the Vietcong and the North Vietnam Army in battle after battle.

Next in line is the first Gulf War in 1990 as tyrannical dictator Saddam Hussein invaded the oil-rich country of Kuwait and our country led a coalition to force the removal of Saddam by military force and that’s exactly what they did.

In 2003 George W. Bush had to once again invade the country of Iraq and remove the hated and murderous Saddam Hussein from power believing that he was obtaining and producing biological and chemicals weapons, which he had used in the past and at the same time free the oppressed people of Iraq.

While it is no question that this fight is not easy, the importance cannot be overlooked and the enemy we now face is unlike anything we have ever fought or encountered.

It is extremely vital and important for the world that we succeed in the war in Iraq and any of our future fights that might take place against North Korea and Iran.

I believe fighting for freedom is a worthy and noble cause and I applaud and commend all those who undertake this burden for they are the truly in our country and we owe them everything.

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