Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Will More Troops End This Conflict In Iraq?

Will more troops end this conflict in Iraq? Well Presidential hopeful John McCain believes that about 20,000 more troops would help end the violence and take control of the capitol city of Baghdad, which it turn would help ease the violence in other problem providences as well.

While most Democrats are riding high from their election victory and overwhelming numbers of them support a “phased withdrawal” to begin in the next 4-6 months, John McCain has been out calling for more troops, he unlike the Democrats wants to win this war.

The Democrats continue to talk about all the violence that comes out of Iraq, but it’s kind of funny that they fail to mention that there were 16,692 murders last year in our own country which works out to be 1,391 a month.

That’s not even as bad as the rape statistic because there where 93,934 rapes last year working out to be 7,827 rapes a month, but of course you never hear about this because the Democrats are so concerned with the plight of the average Iraqi person, but they can even mention all of the Americans who suffer.

The Democrats would rather have us restore Saddam to power because at least he was able to keep that country from killing itself and people were not dying in the fashion they are now.

This is of course false considering the Saddam was torturing people left and right and even had buildings set up for it, but you never heard about it, that’s the difference between now and than.

"I believe victory is still attainable," Arizona Republican John McCain says. "But without additional combat forces we will not win this war."

Obviously the troop level in the country has yet to be able to stabilize the Capitol and the Anbar province which are the two main problem areas in Iraq.

"As troubling as it is, I can ask a young Marine to go back to Iraq," he said last week. "What I cannot do is ask him to return to Iraq, to risk life and limb, so that we might delay our defeat for a few months or a year. That is more to ask than patriotism requires.

"It would be immoral, and I could not do it," the former Vietnam prisoner of war added.

Don’t forget that McCain was in the service the last time the politicians cut the legs out from underneath our troops and we lost the Vietnam War because of it.

There are roughly about 140,000 soldiers in Iraq as we speak and I am completely in favor of sending in more troops, but not if they are just going to have to retreat after the Democrats try and cut and run.

General Abizaid has not called for more troops, but has said that 20,000 extra troops would help in quelling violence, but that number of extra soldiers could not be sustained indefinitely as we have many other military obligations.

We must unleash the full might of our military and not fight such a PC war, if we were able to use our military might in its full effectiveness than this fight would have been over with some time ago, but we are saddled with reporters imbedded with our troops.

Those reporters are only causing deaths among our men because they have to think twice about their actions because the camera is there.

There have been plenty of instances where the reporter’s film was used against our troops and that is only hindering us and our ability to fight this enemy.

They should give the Generals in Iraq the extra troops they need, than stand back and let the military do what it does best, kill people and blow shit up.

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