Friday, November 24, 2006

Could the partitioning of Iraq be the answer?

Could the partitioning of Iraq be the answer? It may not seem like it, but this might be the easiest way to end the violence and major military involvement on our part and bring this military endeavor to an end.

Not everywhere in Iraq is there unchecked violence and slaughter; in the Kurdish north they have been spared the deaths that have plagued the capitol Baghdad and the surrounding communities.

The Kurds have been our great allies in Iraq and pretty much our only friends; they allowed us to just walk through the north of Iraq during our invasion and aided us in the fight as the Kurdish Peshmerga, Iraq’s only reliable indigenous military force worked with our Special Forces to take control.

Kurdistan in the north is effectively independent from Iraq as a whole and the Iraqi Army is more or less barred from the region, in fact even the Iraqi flag is prohibited.

The Kurdish people voted nearly unanimously for independence in an informal referendum in January 2005 which the Drive-by Media has largely ignored and actually hold our military in high regards.

Since the Kurds in the north are already operating autonomous from Iraq it would not be that hard to than separate the rest of the country into a Sunni section in the middle and a Shiite section in the south.

The Bush administration in the past has opposed this prospect, but they still regard the north as largely independent and splitting the country as to taboo, but with the growing violence between the Sunni’s and Shiite’s, President Bush might be pushed into that situation regardless of if he wants to or not.

Of course the plan of action in the short term most likely will be the increase of troops to help control Baghdad because the theory is, that if you can get the capitol under control and keep the violence to a minimum than the rest of the country will follow suit.

I believe that if the increase in troops fails to bring the violence under control than a partitioning of Iraq is probably the only other thing possible to help quell the violence.

We would not be able to withdraw all of our troops as we would need to leave some in the Kurdish north to ease the tensions with Turkey and to also provide a rapid reactionary force if local government were not able to hold firm and to also make sure that Al-Qaida is not able to set up shop in Iraq.

Time will tell of course, but the options are running thin and something needs to happen and it needs to happen soon.

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