Wednesday, November 29, 2006

What Makes Me Rightwing

On Sunday I was watching the Vikings game with my Uncle and Aunt and she asked me a question, what makes me Rightwing? I thought about it for a second and than spent the next half an hour chatting her ear off informing her of the things that I believed.

I first and foremost believe in the infinite greatness of this country and those who serve it, irregardless of if they serve in the military or as a fireman or police officer, they are all valuable and do a great service for this country.

I firmly believe in small government and lower taxes, but unfortunately President Bush and fellow Republicans have not been so good at smaller government, although they have come through on the lower taxes part.

I firmly believe in a strong national defense as a way to keep the peace because I have always believed that the best way to keep the peace is to prepare for war.

We must continually train and retrain our troops as new weapons and tactics come along and we travel to different climates and regions to wage war against the enemies of this country.

I believe that we cannot continue to allow rouge countries with madmen’s at the helm to threaten us, our allies and our interests, to do so would only encourage others to take advantage of that weakness.

I believe that abortion is most forms to be ethically and morally wrong, I do believe that in certain extreme cases such as rape and medical emergencies that abortion should be allowed.

I believe that we as a decent society have the obligation to help others who do not have the ability to throw off evil dictators and obtain freedom for themselves.

I believe that the outrageous minority groups such as the fema-nazi’s and extreme gay rights groups and their ilk have entirely too much power and have been forcing their radical agenda down the throats of our innocent children in the schools.

Even the ultra insane ACLU has gotten into the act with its little war on Christmas which has gotten to the point where kids cannot sing Christmas songs in school anymore and they can’t even play Christmas music because it might offend some minority.

I also firmly believe in the institution of Marriage and I believe it is worth protecting and that a marriage between a man and women is the only real marriage in my view.

I absolutely believe that liberals/progressives/Democrats have undermined this country and have sided with its enemies, its quite clear when our enemies such as Bin Laden recite the Democrat talking points as their views and agree with our Democrats about a total withdrawal.

I will continue to call Democrats and liberals traitors until the actually show this country that they are not its enemy, but a friend and someone who can be counted on to support our troops and their mission.

You cannot support our troops if you do not support their mission, its crystal clear to me that the left does not fully support our armed forces and it’s a shame, all you ever hear is the Democrat leadership call our troops stupid and uneducated and it makes me sick!

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