Thursday, October 26, 2006

Don't Forget The Times In Which We Live

The times we live in are very dangerous, as I’m sure that most sane and logical people already realize and comprehend, but there are those of you who do not understand that the world is not a happy go lucky place and that there are people out there who want to do harm to us directly and indirectly.

These people advertise themselves daily to the world and make it very easy for reporters and newspaper editors, but yet they continue to drone on about all aspects of the Presidents national and international policies and almost completely neglect the threats made everyday by Iran and North Korea.

I am sick and tired of the liberal media trying to tell the country that the Republicans are just hyping the threat to our country in the hopes of scaring the country into voting for them.

They have used their agents such as the ACLU to attack our countries foundations, the schools, the courts and any other avenue in which they feel they have the ability to gut this country and inhibit its actions.

As far as I am concerned the ACLU is one part of the greater problem that we now face here in this country.

They will of the people has been overridden by the liberal courts way to many times to list here and they feel that they are able to make up new laws and legislate from the bench all they want because they feel invulnerable.

We can fight back, it won’t be easy as they have tightened their stranglehold on the schools and the courts, but it is one that we can and must win if we wish to survive the onslaught of the Islamo-Fascists who wish nothing more than to behead every single one of us.

We are only taking our enemies at their words, they have said repeatedly that they want to kill as many of us as possible, why does the left continue to ignore what they have to say.

The left already wants to run away from our enemies in Iraq, hell many of the Democrats running in Congress and in the Senate have been running on that very platform.

We cannot allow them to cut the legs from out from underneath our brave troops who are on the front lines fighting these savages everyday while we all enjoy the comfort of our own homes.

The leader of Iran himself has said that he wants to “wipe Israel off the map”, and has said that he doesn’t mind losing half of Iran if he able to deliver one nuclear weapon against the state of Israel.

If Iran attacks Israel with a nuclear weapon you can expect a full retaliation from the United States, George Bush has supported Israel more than most and would have no problem coming to their defense if need be.

We cannot go blindly into the future with the Democrats constantly attacking our Presidents ability to wage war and to keep this country safe with its constant dribble of classified leaks to the newspapers.

Now a midget in a crappy little country is threatening our allies and ourselves by setting off nuclear explosions and threatening to start his very own war to reclaim South Korea and make it one again one state under the midget’s rule.

I see clearly the threats that surround us and I will not cave to the drum of the overly bias media or the distorted television ads that try to depict Republicans and Satan’s 2nd coming.

Don’t fall victim to their negativism, they think the people are stupid and are not able to make up their own minds, that they need to be told what to do, this is not the case, the American people are much smarter than the liberal left like to believe and I believe that it will show come Nov. 7th.

We must preserve our way of life, our culture and they very way that we conduct ourselves everyday from attacks from those people whose only goal is to ascend to power in just a short few weeks.

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