Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Only Sane Choice

For the past few weeks I like many of you have been bombarded with ads telling us what to think, what to feel and who to vote for in a never-ending stream of commercials and radio ads.

I already knew who I was going to be voting for way before I heard all these ads, scandal and any other skeleton the Democrats bring out before the election to try and persuade the voters to elect them by any means necessary.

The Democrats are so anxious and have been foretelling their victory for quite some time and have promised endless investigations of the President in hopes of impeaching him and impeding and course of action that he tries to take with his nationally and international policies.

If this happens we will become stagnant and we will not be able to move forward and take care of the issues that are truly important to each and everyone of us.

We all want to keep this country and the people who live in it safe and it is we who have a responsibility to elect those who are going to be best in achieving this goal.

I believe the Democrats have shown in the past their inability to deal with problems of magnitude and they have said nothing that convinces me that they have changed on iota.

I also know that the Democrats have been hiding Nancy Pelosi the past week or so, I’m sure it is to shield her from the scrutiny that would surely come given the outrageousness of her in defendable voting record ranging from her inane and extremely liberal social policies to her voting against the creation of the Department of Homeland Security and this is the women who would be third inline to the Presidency.

I believe that if the Democrats win at all it will only be either the House or the Senate, I do not see them carrying both of them, that they will constantly attack the President for the remainder of his term and seriously put this country at risk by not giving our country anyone at the helm because he would be so busy having to fight of the liberal attack dogs.

I guarantee that if the Democrats carry both the House and Senate that they will try and cram gay marriage down our throats and than into our children’s minds through the liberal school system, not to mention that a retreat in disgrace from Iraq would soon be on the horizon.

I do not, and will never agree 100% with what the Republicans do and have done, that’s just the way it is in politics, there are so many different people they represent they are never able to please everyone all the time, but that does not mean that I will not vote for them just because they have not done everything I want.

The flip side to that is that the Democrats hardly if ever do anything that makes sense to me and proves to me that they are able to effectively run this country in the serious and dangerous times that we now live.

I will be voting a straight Republican ticket on November 7th and I advise all sane people who value the things that make this country great to do the same.


jarhead john said...

God help us all if they carry both houses. They'll bust the southern border wide open, grant citizenship to every criminal that has hopped across it, and embrace the muslim nutjobs that are preaching the same "death to America" BS that's being preached by them everywhere.

Their socialist agenda will be further shoved down our throats.....dark days ahead.

Dumb Ox said...

I'm with you. Tune in later tonight for Part II of my three part series on "Why this election matters"...

Part I is here:

A taste of Part II:

It will probably take a Democrat to get the war on terror going in the ruthless way that is probably necessary for awhile--it's what Democrats do best, AND they would have the media in their pockets. All the Moslem "feminists" and crackpot professors would be shut up finally if Democrats were running the show.

BUT, BUT, BUT, there is NO DEMOCRAT on the horizon who can be trusted with the awesome power and responsibility that goes with the U.S. government in these times!


Keep up the great work, RWG!

Rightwing Guy said...

Thank you my friend, I also worry for all of us if they carry both the House and Senate.

lilfeathers2000 said...

I cringe at the thought of the Dems and their screaming ranting and damn hearings. They piss off more money investigating nothing we could make a huge dent in the national debt.

Tom said...

It sort of reminds me of Joseph McCarthy.. Ya'll actually think that Democrats (who are Americans by the way) are actively trying to destroy this nation at all costs, as if they are communist sleeper agents from the Soviet era - planted here 40 years ago to ruin the nation by getting elected to Congress.

The paranoia is bizzare.

For the record.. the Democrats controlled Congress for 40 years prior to 1994 election, and the country did just fine.

Rightwing Guy said...

These are very different times in which we live.