Saturday, November 18, 2006

Do The Democrats Really Offer Anything After Election Victory

One day after the election, the Mark Foley scandal was washed away from the headlines and was buried beneath the stories of the great Democratic victory and gone where every issue that the Democrats had been pounding away with, do these stories no longer have any relevant content?

This last week has been all about positioning for power in Washington with the Republicans showing far greater unity than the Democrats who have been plagued by some severe infighting over the post now held by Steny Hoyer.

In this battle, Now Speaker of The House Nancy Pelosi backed the ethically questionable John Murtha and in the ensuing battle lost out this time to saner minds, allowing us all to take a big sigh of relief.

Asked what he would bring to the table if he were elected President, 2004 Vice Presidential nominee John Edwards said,” I hope two things, a basic understanding of what America's role in the world is. How we should lead. I've spent an awful lot of time over the last few years traveling around the world, meeting with world leaders, speaking to other people around the world. What the structure of a real vision for America's leadership is. Not just dependent on raw power, but recognizing our need to have moral authority. To engage in big issues that really matter, issues like the genocide in Sudan, the spread of HIV Aids, global poverty. So that we can deal with the crisis when they occur, for example, North Korea testing a nuclear weapons. That, I think is important, enormously important.

Second, I think I understand because of my own life experience, the kind of struggles that most ordinary Americans are going through right now. And what needs to be done to give them an opportunity, a real chance. I feel like, Wolf, the country is really hungry for inspiration. This war in Iraq which you've covered so beautifully.”

Nowhere in that statement did John Edwards mention that we must crush our enemies and further the fight and the War on Terror.

He fails to properly acknowledge the severity of the fight we are now in and does a disservice to all the men and women who now wear the uniform of the United States of America.

I am already dreading what Nancy Pelosi is going to try and accomplish let alone what might have been had John Murtha been elected to the seat of power next to the Ultra-lib herself.

When John Edwards was asked about a withdrawal from Iraq he said, “I wouldn't set an exact timetable. If I were president today, what I would do is make a significant withdrawal now. What I've been suggesting is about 40,000 troops. Make it clear we're going to leave. And then I would say to my military leadership, I want our combat troops out of Iraq in somewhere around 12 to 18 months. I'd pay some attention to what they said and give me a plan for accomplishing that. Then I would engage with both the Iraqi leadership and with the leadership of other countries in the region to get them involved in trying to stabilize Iraq.”

We all know exactly what that means, retreating with our tails between our legs from an enemy who wears dirty bed sheets and does not even have the honor to face our brave troops head on in battle and reveal their faces.

It is very clear to me that the Democrats offer nothing new than they always have, appeasing the enemy while trying to weaken this countries very ability to wage war by undermining the support here at home.

The mainstream media pounds a ultra negative message about everything going on in Iraq at all times, you hardly ever hear of the many positive things that are in fact occurring all over that country which tend to go unreported everyday.

We must not let our country come complacent with the Democrats now in the driver’s seat we must forge ahead with a bold agenda that will end this war and make the world understand that we will not back down no matter the odds.

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