Friday, November 10, 2006

German neo-Nazis attack Jewish memorial

Get The Story At Yahoo News.

Simply disgusting.

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Lord Brown Mouse said...

Believe these stories at your peril.

I have noticed that the rise in attacks on Jewish Cemetaries in many European countries is portrayed as caused by 'white skinheads', when the actual perpetrators are young radicalised muslims.

The media in Europe and the West is very politacally correct and use stories like this to push their own agendas.

Another example of such pc use of the news involves AIDS. In the UK, for many years the gay community accounted for over 50% of all new cases of HIV/AIDS. A couple of years ago this changed, so that over 50% of new cases could be attributed to heterosexuals.

The media loved this opportunity to push the pc line, but they failed to mention that the change in figures was purely down to the large number of HIV/AIDS carrying African immigrants that had come into the country.

On a similar vein - think of those stories puched by the media regarding the low number of blacks in various corporate positions and their lack of opportunities etc etc, but they rarely talk about the unproportionate involvement of blacks in violent crime, and in the UK - their lack of representation in the armed forces that defend our liberties.

In my mind, the aftermath of New Orleans gave a clear view of what a black America would be like, without the rest of the population present to provide a veneer of civilisation - they took advantage of the situation to loot, rob and rape. If the same disaster had hit a similar 'whiter' city like Seattle we would have seen a completely different aftermath.