Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Great Political Divide

The differences between us are unmistakable on just about every important issue of the day, than there are a few issues where the line in the sand is not as clear and unmistakable as one would like.

Abortion is just as good as any issue to start with as it clearly demonstrates the clear-cut distinct differences between the two major political parties regarding this touchy and often taboo subject.

It is my opinion that most conservatives have come to the general consensus that life begins at inception and that the killing of such an innocent life would be immoral and inherently wrong.

We also believe that saving these innocent lives to be a truly worthy goal and one as of now that remains unfinished and will remain unfinished if the Democrats have their way.

Democrats and liberals on the other hand believe that a woman has a right to abortion on demand and to destroy innocent life just because some liberal judges made up some silly law that didn’t exist before saying that they can do whatever they want to their bodies, of course the guys are getting screwed, but why would the fema-nazi’s care about that.

Democrats are very capable and willing to keep the people of this country feeling like constant victims so that they are able to take advantage of them, but at the same try and paint the Republicans as “Evil White Elitists”, who care less about the underprivileged few.

You would have to be blind not to see the hypocrisy the Democrats posses when dealing with minorities, most notably when dealing with black people.

This may not be very PC, but I will not use the tern “African-American” unless they are actually from Africa, otherwise they are just a plain and simple American like everyone else.

The only way I would use that term is if everyone started calling me and all Irish people Irish-Americans and so on, but don’t act to soon as this is very unlikely to happen in the near future.

Even top Democratic leadership in the form of Howard Dean has referred to the Republican Party as the party of “Rich White Men” this only goes to reinforce the insecurities that have been pounded into the heads of the minorities over the years by the left side of the isle.

I find it quite peculiar that everyone forgets and glosses over the fact that it was the Republicans under Abraham Lincoln that freed the slaves and that it was the Democratic Party that objected that action the whole way, they even fought until the Civil Rights Movement hoping to keep the black people subjugated and segregated.

The utter hypocrisy of the Democratic Party and of the liberals knows no bounds, and that my friend is an extreme understatement.

The Democrats also try and cast the Republicans as the party of big oil and big business, but of course don’t disclose the fact that the richest people in the House and Senate are in fact Democrats with many, including prominent liberals such as Ted Kennedy, owning large amounts of Oil and other natural gas investments.

The truth is that the richest women in the Senate is the ultra-liberal Nancy Pelosi who has been MIA, or missing in action for you uneducated, for quite some time, maybe there is a reason that they are scared and decided to put her behind closed doors until after the election.

My very humble guess would be that the Democrats want to shield her and themselves the embarrassment of having to defend her outrageous voting record, which is undeniably against the values of this country.

This is a woman who, if the Democrats are right, will be 3rd in line to the Presidency of the United States behind Vice President Dick Cheney, this is a very scary thought.

We already know that the Democrats plan to launch investigation after investigation into the actions of President Bush, his administration and its handling of the Iraq war, not to mention our foreign policy.

The Democrats would have all you stupid Americans believe that our country goes around torturing people all over the world, that the Bush administration is listening into your phone calls invading your privacy and controlling the prices of oil so that Bush and all his friends make millions of dollars.

This country has not had an attack on our soil over the past 5yrs, people can say what they will about the reasons, but I believe that it is not mistake and it isn’t because of lack of effort on behalf of the terrorists as we have uncovered and foiled many different plots.

On the issue of immigration the two parties could not be farther apart, with conservatives pushing for a real enforcement of the border and the laws that are already on the books as we speak.

The Democrats of course have other ideas and welcome the idea of amnesty for illegals and if not amnesty a small insignificant fine and then get to jump in front of the line, which I believe is nothing but a slap in the face to all the people that came here the legal way.

I believe immigration is an important part of our country as it has been shaped over the years by many different cultural backgrounds, what I have a problem with is that these people are coming into this country and spitting on the laws of this country and the process by which so many people have come into this country legally.

I understand the desire to want to provide for your family and try to make a better life, but when you think about the amount of energy they use trying to get into this country that could be better spent trying to improve and enhance their own country so they wouldn’t have to flea in the first place.

I will state now that I believe that if you are unable to vote in English that you shouldn’t be voting in the first place as you have failed to Americanize yourself in any fashion, even in the littlest form of learning the basic language of the country you are living in.

If I moved to another country and its main language was not English, I would not expect them to go out of their way so that it was easier for me. I would expect that I would have to learn the language on my own and not get pampered by the government.

This is the United States of America my friends and we speak English, so if you want to live her you better learn it, otherwise you can get the fuck out!

Vote how you want my friends, but I believe we must achieve victory in Iraq and I believe in lower taxes, as such today when I go to the ballot box I will be voting for the party of victory, Republican.


lordbrownmouse said...

Whats your view on global warming.

Douglas V. Gibbs said...

The differences are as clear as the differences between liberty, and Marxism.

WomanHonorThyself said...

Amen amen amen hun!...now lets get out there an vote!

Tom said...

You actually compared the party of Lincoln to the current Republican party? LOL

But I agree with you that women have no right to control their own bodies. In fact, they should be sex slaves... then if they should happen to get pregnant (out of wedlock I might add), we all know the clump of cells is a human being with all the rights of a normal American...

In fact, each sperm is sacred because that's a potential life as well, and each time you dump one on a tissue whilst sitting in front of your computer looking at images of said female sex slaves, an angel dies.

Oh.. and just for the record.. that "amnesty for illegals" thing.. that's George Bush's plan.. just so you know..

Rightwing Guy said...

It's nice to know that Tom wants abortion on demand and as a form of birth control.

Oh and Bush wants a worker program, republicans want a sealed border, its' the Dems who want amnesty!

Lord Brown Mouse said...

Once illegal, always illegal (including descendants) is the only policy to follow. Those immigrants from Mexico and the rest of Latin America should be refused entry or returned immediately. The problem with the world today, is that these illegal migrants are not being made to pay the price for their irresponsibly fast growing populations, and just take the problem and dump it on the West - along with the resulting increased crime, disease, over crowding and the resulting ecological pressures on the enviroment. They also need to face their corrupt and weak rulers and make their own countries improve.
In many cases, the same migrants then go on to plant bombs on subways (london) and trains (madrid) and fly into tower blocks (New York).

As for abortion: I believe that it is the womans right to choose what she wants to do with her own body. She can take into consideration the moral arguments when she makes that choice, and anyone is free to make those arguments - but it is her choice.


Lord Brown Mouse said...

Right wing Guy...Go and see that chat feature on Toms Neurosis site and get it onto yours, its great.