Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Israel will not strike Iran nuclear plants: US official

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To bad it would be nice to see some fun explosions.

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Lord Brown Mouse said...

Weakness in our dealings with North Korea and Iran is already leading to Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey, Saudi and other Arab nations to push towards Nuclear programs of their own, and who could blame them. (The Sunday Times 5/11/06)

The World's weakness and lack of action in dealing with the spread of nuclear weapons to date and the 'rewards' given to those that do develop nuclear programmes encourages their spread.

We must see the development of nuclear weapons as an act of nuclear aggression and respond in kind.

Otherwise, we should not complain when we see nuclear war between Japan/US and N Korea, Iran and Israel, Pakistan and India. It may even be nuclear war between Turkey, Saudi and Iran in the future.

But I think it is only such a war that will make people wake up! Can I just go on record in advance to say "I told you so!"