Monday, November 13, 2006

John Murtha A Traitor To Us All

He has been for sometime shooting off at the mouth, making a complete embarrassment of himself, the uniform that he used to wear and to the United Sates as a whole.

Just because he wore the uniform longer than me and because he served, people will try and tell me that I have no place to talk down or negatively criticize him for any of his actions.

It is one of the major points in the Democratic playbook, sending out people they believe cannot receive that criticism because they believe the people are above it and that they are beyond reproach.

“I think the American public was way ahead of me when I first spoke out.

The president kept talking about the last election being a mandate for him to go forward in Iraq. Well, this election was the opposite.

This election was for -- to redeploy the troops in my plan, which is the opposite of his plan, as soon as practicable out of Iraq. Now, what can we do? One of the things we can do is say to him look, Mr. President, there has to be a change.

We have to work out something. And I think that the first step is that you hold somebody accountable. All right, you fired the secretary of defense. But that's not a change in policy. I was disappointed in what the new secretary designate said.

I was disappointed in what the president said.

It's the same old policy,” John Murtha said in an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer.

Asked wither the Rumsfeld resignation was enough John Murtha said, “Well, it looked like the speech was written by the White House.

It said this is still a fight -- the center of the fight on terrorism is in Iraq. That's not the centerpiece of terrorism.

We're mixed in a civil war in Iraq and the problem we have is our troops are targets because we've become the occupiers. They keep saying the same thing over and over again and they keep talking about how it's an open-ended policy, even though they say it's not.

We have -- what we have to do is give a deadline to the Iraqis. We have to work this out so that the president accepts this deadline so the Iraqis accept responsibility. We have to hold them accountable. We have to have hearings.

We have to decide, OK, folks, sit down here and tell us what went wrong. Tell us all the mistakes that you have made. And there's no question about it. The reason the military lost confidence in this secretary is because he didn't listen to them.

One thing about Gates -- and I've known him for years. When he was CIA director I was the chairman of the committee. He will listen to people. He will listen to the military. And then the other thing that the secretary didn't do is go to the White House and fight for the appropriations that the military needs in order to get themselves back in good shape.

So we've got a new secretary. That's a little bit of a start. But we need a change in the policy and we need to force the president, work with the president but force him...”

John Murtha has been calling our soldiers “cold-blooded killers” and has been saying they are to stressed that’s why they are going around killing innocent people, he is openly advocating a complete withdrawal from Iraq which would signal to our enemies that we are weak and are not willing to fight for something.

I do not see him helping to try and make the situation any better, all he is doing is insulting the very men and women who are fighting all across this world, it’s funny that the Media always calls him a “War Hawk”, I find this funny because he is nothing of the sort, more like a Chicken Hawk.

He is openly and truthfully advocating for retreat, what kind of coward is he? These brave soldiers are fighting and dying on the ground and he is trying to tell them that its worth nothing, that the soldiers dead died for nothing.

In that same interview John Murtha said, “The first thing we'll do absolutely is subpoena power, if we need to. Now, most of the time administrations are cooperative, so we don't need to subpoena. But we'll put them under oath and we'll ask them what happened.

Why did we go into Iraq with insufficient forces?

Why did we go into Iraq with inadequate body armor, with inadequate Humvees?

We want to make -- find out who's responsible for the mistakes that were made.

Why don't we have an exit strategy?

Then the next thing we'll do is make sure the troops get funded. There's no question about that -- we're going to fund the troops.

Now, most of the Democrats, Wolf, voted against this war because they didn't trust this president. I voted for it because I felt like we gave the president a club.

I made a mistake. Now, most of the Democrats, though, are voting for the appropriations for the war because they believe very strongly that we have to support the troops out in the field. So it's not a matter of cutting off money, it's a matter of reassessing, reassigning money.

The other thing we have to do, we have to get this war money in the base budget. We can't keep putting out supplementals. We've got to say to them be realistic when you propose a budget for us. We want a base budget which takes care of short-term and long-term.

We need to rehabilitate equipment. We need to take care of -- the Army was in desperate shape, almost running out of money, not paying their utility bills. We don't have an active reserve that could be deployed if they needed to, in an area, to prevent war.”

If we do not finish the job we started than all of the soldiers who have already died did so in vain, we cannot stab our troops in the backs the way the Democrats did during the Vietnam War, we must support them fully until their job is done.

Americans seem to think that things can always be taken care of, of that everything should be nice and easy and quick, well it’s not going to be easy and it sure isn’t going to be quick, but in either case the American people must show the world that we have the resolve to see our brave troops to the very bitter end.

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